Yes kids, I got over 100 posts. Damn, I forgot to celebrate hitting the century mark. I know 9 out of 10 times I’m just posting beats but it’s still quite an accomplishment for a guy who didn’t even know what a blog was a year ago.

Ran into my dude Green Lantern the other day and he’s feeling the kid’s breakadays. So fall back haters.

Damn NY’s Hot 97 is running this Joe Budden Ne-Yo remix so hard, you would think Regular Joe’s album is gonna come out this year. But we all know that’s not gonna happen.

If you don’t think Jay’s droppin’ his comeback album in the 4th quarter than you don’t know shit about the hip-hop industry.

Cam has been offley quiet lately. Where you at Killa?

This Will I Am quote floatin’ around town is from an XXL article. Like the Guru said (The old guy that used to rhyme with Preemo), “You got to give the credit where it is due.”

You can’t pay me to watch Sticky Fingaz as Blade. I don’t even know what network that shit is on.

I just signed Papoose. YN Records, nigga! I does it all.

I wanna challenge Lil Romeo to a game of Horse and if I win his daddy retires from rap—for real this time.

You think Jazee Phizzle is still salty at Cee-Lo. Dude got the Baby treatment when the Goodie Man shitted on him for the Gnarles Barkley project. That shit is knocking though.

I’d give you my picks for the upcoming Ozone Awards but there’s just too many kiss-ass categories. My time is precious. Sorry JB.

What’s next BET Hip-Hop Awards? Uh-oh. Selwyn’s my man so I’ma leave that one alone.

So let me get this straight, DMX has a drug problem???

Lil Flip can flip it anyway he wants. But that album he gave to Sony was hot garbage. Ask Bfred.

Still can’t believe Chamillionaire sold all them records. Got to tip the fitted cat.

We all like that Chingy single. We’re just scared to admit it.

Looks like Luda swagger jacked Mr. St. Louis and didn’t put him on his record as originally planned. “Money Maker” sounds like a song that didn’t make the Sweat/Suit album.

You wanna see a nigga under pressure? Peep Fab in that Hip-Hop Cop Black and Blue DVD. Not a good look.

‘Pac died 10 years ago this September. Who the hell do you think I’m gonna put on my cover that month? What is you stupid?

Hip-hop ain’t dead. It just sucks. And don’t expect a Nas album no time soon.