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  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    I would attempt to listen to this tape all the way through, but that would be 50+ minutes of life I can’t get back.

    Sorry Jay Tigglesworth.

    P.S. I wonder who he got the pistachio idea from:

    I’m trying to get mine early/I can’t be seen with your girly/Continue to mash these hoes/I keep it crackin’ like pistachios


    GGGGGGGGG-UNOT!!!! HAAAAA…..Fellin u exxo….u put dat crack down..thats whats up!

  • Dr. Colossus

    I wonder why I live alone here
    I wonder why we spend these nights together
    Is this the room Ill live my life forever
    I wonder why in la
    To live and die in la
    I wonder why we waste our lives here
    When we could run away to paradise
    But I am held in some invisible vice
    And I cant get away
    To live and die in la

    That movie’s awesome!

  • David

    “To Live and Die in LA” is a classic. Its got fucking Ira from Mad About You, and the dude from CSI walking bowlegged.

  • http://what? YES

    i dont get it.

    was he trying to post “faces of LA” or whatever its called.

  • Belize

    ^^^ about slow…


    “This song dedicated 2 da fake ass niggas/ in my pockets/ theres enough cake 2 bake yall niggas/ See, I got what it takes 2 brake yall niggas/ and just like Z-ro/ I hate yall niggas/ Man, Im back on da track/ wit a fresh ass beat / Im dope/ call me crack/ and im spittin dat heat/ Im droppin dat fire/ Its burnin da streets/ da crowd gotta stand up/ cuz im burnin they seats./ If u got beef then let me know/ I got my piece/ and im lettin it blow/ u say u confused/ well im lettin u know/ its Mississippi/ and im reppin 4sho!” NOW DATS A FLOW DATS NUTS LIKE PISTACHIO!

  • jamie

    what the fuck is dis

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