I’m Slow On The Blog Tip

So yeah I’ve been kinda slow on the blog tip. I been slightly busy as you can prolly assume. From Hot 97 Summer Jam, to a European promo tour (UK, Paris, Berlin, Muich), a huge Boost Mobile Event (Rock Corp), ATL Birthday Bash (the South’s equivalent to Summer Jam), various other huge radio concerts with T.I., working on numerous mixtapes, 2 Radio shows every Fri (Shade 45) and Saturday (Hot 107.9fm), closing out our AMG label deal (announcement coming soon), The BET Awards, A djaying mini promo tour (Tampa, Montreal, Dallas) Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I gotta leave for Japan in two days for two weeks……
And I didn’t even mention working on my album which is full time in itself.
I gotta whole nother blog about that comin later….

So plain and simple, I hustle….

After many years of grindin I finally consider myself “on”, which I guess is a industry term for making it. Still I am a fan of the game and never stop challenging myself or working.

Tuesday nite after the BET Awards, I attented an Atlantic Recs Dinner Afterparty. Bunch of industry folks in the room, Kevin Liles, Jamie Fox, Tip, Puff, etc.
When I was leavin Puff pulled me to the side and said “I been meaning to tell you, from one hustler to another……you are on to something. I don’t know what the future holds for you but its big…..”

From somebody who was born and raised on this music and never really considered a plan b, that was quite an accomplishment to hear from a boss, “from one hustler to another”

I’m still a fan of the game and I would think that there’s a whole lotta industry people in the game just like me. If somebody woulda told me in 94 that I would be where I’m at…….wow!!!

I just came back from a music conferance in Texas. As you all know, it’s a million muthafuckas tryna get on… I tell niggas all day, u gotta love it or leave it alone… Hard work and dedication can get anyone to the top. Its that easy.

Anyway, I’m off to Japan, the album is comin out great, I’m very excited about the future, and to all my fans, I promise I’m just gettin warmed up.

And to the haters…..
Let the hate begin (oh and thanx for the inspiration. )


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  • Anon

    gayest blog ever

  • The ON1E

    stop sucking your own dick….this post was pretty much a “man i’m so fucking cool” announcement.

  • why

    keep it up drama..like i puff said “from one hustler to another…” love it or leave it alone…
    @the one…dont’ hate..work harder…:-)

  • http://hypebeast.com/lupefiasco 2chéLupe

    ^^jealousy is a female trait

  • BlackBoy

    wow DJ Drama, you’re AWESOME. Like, totally RAD!!!!

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    yay for gangsta grillz. keep us updated.


  • M

    want a cookie?

  • Cabbe

    “I’m Slow On The Blog Tip”

    kinda hard to even call this selfpromoting crap a blog

  • http://www.myspace.com/beatsbythebones Bones (daddy)

    Yeah drama came off like he was sucking his own dick, but by the time you get to that point in your career….i think it’s a well-deserved act of felatio… no brokeback

  • http://itsbeentime.blogspirit.com Tego

    I didn’t know Drama actually had haters.

    I saw him on Popworld (a show on Channel 4 in England) the other day and I was shocked. T.I was doing ‘Why You Wanna’ and not for a second did it cross my mind that Drama would be his DJ. Then T.I said “Mr Gangsta Grillz himself” I bet 99.999% of the people watching knew what he was saying but it was good to see.

    I have a lot of respect for Drama. It’s pretty impossible not to.

  • Bugs


  • lone1

    Ha ha ha…good shit yo…kudos for your accomplishments…must feel good…but you will never ever feel complete until you have a lone 1 track on one of your mixtapes…I’ll hook you up…just shoot me an E-Mail.

  • qwrqwrqrw

    Stop blogging. You wack.

  • Blaq Thought

    Keep doing your thing Drama. If you don’t know it you giving niggas hope. I keep writing rhymes, keep making beats, keep making CDs, keep blogging on blogs (by the way – MD/VA/DC check me out on http://www.MDhater.blogspot.com) and keep keeping on ’til I’m successful.

  • Brainiac

    Yeah it is weird. I really enjoy most of the Gangsta Griilz tapes, but if you listen to Drama its like e has this odd persacusion complex. exmple. “They told us we couldnt do this, that we couldnt run this shit, they told my man yo gotti that he wasnt the really king of memphis”

    Fam, someone is actually telling you that you cant cobble together some album tracks and some freestyles. Is someone literally kicking your computer over while you download instrumentals and two track ab liva freestyle. Im not hating im just saying. Although, when do we get the following.

    Gilli the Kid GG
    Frank Nitti gg
    Major Figgas reunion gg
    Scarface Legends Series
    Pimp gg
    Willie the Kid – gg “Yeah he next up”

    *gg- gangsta grillz tape

  • breakdown

    Niggas is going to hate. He’s the one, he change the mixtape game in the south.

  • john cochran

    We all know you that nigga, but next time talk about something besides yourself.

  • Tyler Durden

    Yo Drama man fuck what these niggas is sayin…You livin your dream and im sure thats sayin alot more than what these internet cyber-thugs are doin…You damn right you should be proud of yaself..you made it

  • Joe

    Drama, congratulations and all on your recent successes, but could you please tell all of us here WHAT THE FUCK IT IS YOU DO? I’m still confused as to why some random dude who doesn’t scratch, mix, or produce is becoming famous. If I could get big-name rappers to spit over old beats that I picked out, I could sell a shitload of mixtapes too, brah.

  • I Fux

    another ball massager blog, this reminds me of a great qoute from Carmelo Anthony at the Espy awards a couple years back when he was like “last but definetly not least I want to thank myself cuz without myself I couldnt have accomplished this achievement” Dj Drama once again comes threw with absolutely nothing to say

  • bxconnect

    i aint mad at ya drama get that guap.but being that you dj for t.i. whats yout whole take on that luda track”war with the god”?keep it real drama .damn did i just type keep it real?but really drama whats your take on that track.im not tryin to get you on some jada and green lantern shit.just wanted to know your opinion.

  • Ogeezy

    I call you a whiteboy Dram but you doing your thang. Keep it Gangsta. You still my favorite whiteboy.

  • http://myspace.com/fullagrime shabazz

    yo i like this. that was good inspiration talk. I am coming right behind you with infinite hustle ent. myspace.com/fullagrime! Check out Dutch Dinero: the pulse of the Midwest!


    Weak!!! wake me up when U write sumthin worth readin.

  • Jo Van Gogh

    Damn, why are so many niggas on the internet strict haters ?

    Niggas are mad because Drama doesn’t update like Bol ( ummm Drama has a real job )

    Ya’ll niggas need to outside once in awhile and go smell some pussy or something like that…

    All this hating in a dark room in your basements isn’t good for you…

  • DocZeus

    Aren’t you white? How can you get away with the “n-bomb” then? Or are you like Paul Wall and secretly hoping that you can pass for hispanic?

  • http://www.myspace.com/specialopsbez B-EZ

    Maybe u shuld threaten to quit cuz of BOL again.That shit was amusing. This my friend…is not.

  • Trips

    drama was on popworld hahaha damn wish id seen that

    yeah i didnt expect him to have haters, dude drops nothing but heat


    Yeah it is weird. I really enjoy most of the Gangsta Griilz tapes, but if you listen to Drama its like e has this odd persacusion complex. exmple. “They told us we couldnt do this, that we couldnt run this shit, they told my man yo gotti that he wasnt the really king of memphis”

    Fam, someone is actually telling you that you cant cobble together some album tracks and some freestyles. Is someone literally kicking your computer over while you download instrumentals and two track ab liva freestyle. Im not hating im just saying. Although, when do we get the following.

    Gilli the Kid GG
    Major Figgas reunion gg
    Scarface Legends Series
    Pimp C gg
    Willie the Kid – gg “Yeah he next up”

    *gg- gangsta grillz tape

  • Playa=50=

    yo drama have good mixtapes, like wayne. but he is looking UGLY man. do sth. your white and put that “N” word. ohhhhh
    yo drama how many cash you get per month??? tell me

  • I Am A Hater

    Ayo, Drama you from Philly….so why do show so much love to the South? Are you a bandwagon DJ? That just jumps on whats hot?

  • The Dza

    I guess this is more of a diary than a blog.

  • deirezbitch

    I like both the dedications and ti mixtapes u did but i dont like this blog its basically about nothing

  • deirezbitch

    oh and dj drama if your white u do not need to be saying “niggaz” u honky

  • deirezbitch

    Do not try to be someting ur not


    some of you idiots hate just to hate if you reading this cats blog you reading this blog to get his opinion an to find out whats going on in this dudes career.self promotion is how you make it in the biz faggots an so what if he white that really means his hustle is tight. get off your hating ass an do the same.keep doing your thing drama you get much love from the ATL.ya bastards

  • scottyo


  • http://www.facebook.com DEDICATION


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