So yeah I've been kinda slow on the blog tip. I been slightly busy as you can prolly assume. From Hot 97 Summer Jam, to a European promo tour (UK, Paris, Berlin, Muich), a huge Boost Mobile Event (Rock Corp), ATL Birthday Bash (the South's equivalent to Summer Jam), various other huge radio concerts with T.I., working on numerous mixtapes, 2 Radio shows every Fri (Shade 45) and Saturday (Hot 107.9fm), closing out our AMG label deal (announcement coming soon), The BET Awards, A djaying mini promo tour (Tampa, Montreal, Dallas) Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I gotta leave for Japan in two days for two weeks......
And I didn't even mention working on my album which is full time in itself.
I gotta whole nother blog about that comin later....

So plain and simple, I hustle....

After many years of grindin I finally consider myself "on", which I guess is a industry term for making it. Still I am a fan of the game and never stop challenging myself or working.

Tuesday nite after the BET Awards, I attented an Atlantic Recs Dinner Afterparty. Bunch of industry folks in the room, Kevin Liles, Jamie Fox, Tip, Puff, etc.
When I was leavin Puff pulled me to the side and said "I been meaning to tell you, from one hustler to are on to something. I don't know what the future holds for you but its big....."

From somebody who was born and raised on this music and never really considered a plan b, that was quite an accomplishment to hear from a boss, "from one hustler to another"

I'm still a fan of the game and I would think that there's a whole lotta industry people in the game just like me. If somebody woulda told me in 94 that I would be where I'm!!!

I just came back from a music conferance in Texas. As you all know, it's a million muthafuckas tryna get on... I tell niggas all day, u gotta love it or leave it alone... Hard work and dedication can get anyone to the top. Its that easy.

Anyway, I'm off to Japan, the album is comin out great, I'm very excited about the future, and to all my fans, I promise I'm just gettin warmed up.

And to the haters.....
Let the hate begin (oh and thanx for the inspiration. )