The Pastor really got it on that one. Ha! Yeah those lines are old but who knew Hov was still stacking paper helping his fellow artists. I’m not talking about spittin’ 16s for his Def Jam soldiers like Rick Ross (“Hustlin’ (Remix)”) or his ladyfriend Beyonce (“Déjà Vu”), I’m talking about lending his unwritten words on the low.


I was thumbing through a Billboard and I noticed that in the credits for the Mary J Blige single one S.C. Carter is listed. Now I don’t hear a Hova sample in the Rodney Jerkins produced song “Enough Cryin’” so that must mean Jay is the man behind Mary J Blige’s rap here. Shit, isn’t her rappin’ alter ego called Brook-Lyn? Get it? Didn’t the Giuseppe high heels and Marc Jacob bag lines give it away? I, for one, feel duped. Shame on you, Shawn.

Now I don’t know if the Prez is writing all her bars (He’s not listed in the other song that features Brook on the Breakthrough CD and who knows who helped the Queen out on the “Touch It (Remix)”—Papoose anyone?) All we know is that even though Jay didn’t spit on “Can’t Hide From Luv,” he damn sure didn’t shortchange Blige and was probably paid a pretty penny.

What does the future hold for still rap’s premier ghostwriter (Sorry Skillz)? Well since Dr Dre’s reportedly providing a few beats for Carter’s comeback CD, I would assume that the favor would be returned. Look out for Detox.

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  • skrilla


  • Sonny Cheeba


  • Sonny Cheeba

    but yeah jay- handles his bizness mannnn

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  • Belize


  • steve

    i thought any true “rap nerd” had figured this one out. i guess youre dumbing shit down for those behind, i hope YN-the original rap nerd isnt just picking this up. didnt really wana believe it at 1st cause the verse is ass, or maybe thats just an r&b legend trying to rap. tyrese, no!!!

  • Alevyn

    Mary said when she new jointed in on 106 (yes i saw that) that the verse was writin by Hov for Foxy but she didnt sound right on the record so Mary decided 2 rap it, and it just so happened it came out right. So this news is old 2 me.

  • khal

    dont you think it’d be odd if mjb came out spitting that fire, though? most people don’t get what most ghostwriters do…

    for example, jay wrote what dre spit on that “still dre” track… all the lo-los and shit… dre didnt sound like the illest out there, he just sounded like he got really jazzed off the beat and came correct. ghostwriters dont write the illest verses for their checkwriters, they just make them sound hot for that song. hate if you want, but mjb sounds dope with that verse on that track. end of.

  • pop a poppa

    dre does that shit all the time
    you could make the case that dre has never written any of his own rhymes…
    with ice cube during the n.w.a. days, snoop in the chronic days, and eminem in the late ’90s he didn’t really have a need to do shit with a pen and a pad
    i’ve also heard that a lot of dre’s tracks have been produced by other people as well
    the dude does have an immaculate rep tho…
    so thats why nobody minds givin’ up their shit to him
    and as far as jigga…
    i haven’t really heard an outstanding verse from him in a while…
    that deja vu was some throwaway bars and hustlin’ was straight…
    hopefully he’ll put out the album with his usual jewelz and dre’ll drop detox

  • Enlightened

    WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS MENTION DRE HAVING GHOST WRITERS? The man never claimed to be an MC. He’ll tell you this. The only time that’s bogus is when you don’t do ANYTHING ELSE MUSICALLY (like Puffy) then you need to sit the hell down.
    But my man does make a point on that taking credit for other people’s beats shit. NOW THAT’S BOGUS. It’s been revealed that he’s taken credit for plenty of beats from Daz all the way up to Scott Storch. Now talk about that nigga for that, but not the ghost-writing part.
    Remember on the 2001 credits, the entire CD just says CO-PRODUCED BY MEL MAN. HMMMMMM, how much is actually him. Did y’all ever notice that the beats on that CD don’t really sound like anything Dre did before or after that?

  • exo

    Mary’s already admitted this on 106 & Park. Foxy was supposed to lay the verse, but I think she couldn’t hear the beat or something.

  • dj madwax

    *sigh* the old dre doesnt really produce argument again??

    and how could that kid mention all of dre’s ghost writers and not give cred to the greatest mc who never had a chance to really shine, the D.O to the mutha fuckin C? who was instrumental in NWA and the Chronic?

    if Dre doesnt really produce all those hits, how come you never here from any of the other dudes who supposedly produced his shit?

    ok scott storch made it… but none of his beats sound dope like when he was working with dre… so who really did the majority of the work on the dre/scott collabs?

    y’all fuckers is some hater ass bitches

  • UnFaded Disciple

    Bol (Bryan Crawford):
    Fuck whoever it was who mentioned it in the comments the other day. They were just speculating. I’m the first person who found out for sure.
    (In the comments of my post the other day about P. Diddy, someone mentioned the lyrics of Cassie’s hit single “Me & U” are all about giving a guy a blow job.

    UnFaded Disciple Says:

    July 26th, 2006 at 6:10 pm
    OMFG…I was the first person to say Cassie was giving head on that comment section. I knew b4 you did Bol no joke, you better put my name somewhere in ya next post mayne!!!

    UnFaded Disciple Says:

    July 12th, 2006 at 7:11 am
    ahhaha Have yall seen that one unrelease video with Cassie? She actually sings about giving dudes head…



  • Belize

    Anyway u look at it..its STILL D.R.E.



  • screw music nigga


  • Enlightened

    DJ MADWAX, (let me school you – if you don’t want to read a long, informative, detailed explanation – skip this)

    Are you really a DJ? Do you really know anything about music?
    Well, what Dr. Dre does ALL THE TIME is something called “MIX”. Nobody said he didn’t make ANY of his beats. Of course I’m sure he MANUALLY PRODUCES some. But PRODUCING and MIXING are 2 different things. What makes Dre the GREATEST PRODUCER of all time – is his ear.
    It’s being able to take a set of kicks, snares/claps, hi hats, strings, keys, horns, samples and any other sounds – and decide the volume/how many bars should it play?/ should it have any effects on it like a delay for instance? how should it be EQ’d? etc.
    A lot of “PRODUCERS” get credit and they don’t touch an MPC and actually program the beat, they don’t touch a keyboard. There’s collaboration with a lot of the big time producers. THE MAJORITY. That’s cool.
    THAT’S WHAT JERMAINE DUPRI MEANT WHEN HE NAME DROPPED DR. DRE AND TIMBALAND and said that nobody could do what he does, which was play everything (and Dre had Eminem and Xzibit diss the nigga). However HE WAS MISTAKEN with Timbaland because he does mostly play everthing.
    There’s a difference between what say Dupri or Timbaland or Lil’Jon does (play mostly or all of their own keyboards and drums) to doing what Dr. Dre, a lot of the other tight producers MOSTLY does, which is programming a skeleton beat and then saying, “Ay lil’ cuz come play a bassline on this,” “Ay big homie, play some keys on that and make it go like this, pa pa pa pa (humming some shit out in a melody). “Alright, tell that bitch to bring that flute over here!” “Yeah, that’s it, now let me mix this shit.”
    That’s more what Dre and a large number of the other best producers do. There’s nothing wrong with that – That doesn’t make him less of a PRODUCER, it just means that he’s brilliant for utilizing other production and input and polishing it up and making it a “Dr. Dre” PRODUCTION.
    The only issue is when the other names don’t receive credit. Then it becomes GHOSTPRODUCING. – To me that’s not the thing to do.
    I say all this because I PRODUCE, and I MIX, and I SPIT and I do my thang. Do you really DJ? I keep my bloggin and my Producin’/MCing/Entrepreneurin separate I don’t post my links on here and all that old shit – But if you want to know who I am, and get my website info and hear my shit and see if I know what I’m talkin bout nigga, you can e-mail me at and I’ll give you my offical label website, and I’ll give you my myspace page, and you can download the first single (featuring Gangsta Boo) to my new double disc droppin in October. If you a really a DJ, I NEED TO HOLLA AT YOU ABOUT BUMPIN THIS SINGLE ANYWAY.
    I ain’t saying I’m Dr. Dre or on his level as a producer, I’m a fan of that nigga and I’m one of the main niggas that be mad as hell when they try to put DJ Premier (no offense to you homie) in his class (Like when the Source did that Greatest Producer of All Time bullshit and said it was a tie – and it was supposed to be based on a fan vote. How the fuck do hundreds of thousands of votes end in a tie?…damn East Coast bias) Everybody got they opinion on shit, but I know the difference between PRODUCING and MIXING and I do both, too. But I would love for Dr. Dre (the greatest hip-hop producer of all time) to MIX some of the shit I’VE PRODUCED and I know that nigga will give that shit a whole different sound and put it on some next level. Shit I’m an MC first and foremost, but I most definitely know what I’m talkin bout player, holla back.

    Hater, never that nigga. Bitch, Oh never that nigga.

  • bones daddy

    17th, bitches

  • Paychexx


  • http://xxl

    this man talking that real tihs dr dre is the g.o.a.t. of hip hop production period and if you lames don’t know go back and check your history he produced probably the most important LP in hiphop history(straight outta compton[niggas act like you know])and produced some of the biggest names ever and i’m from the south real recognize real nigga

  • bkswagger

    yeah jay z ghostwrites rhyme by accident for rappers he doesnt even write for…they be biting his flow…

  • Tyler

    Jay Z is weak. . Only New York niggas be sweating him man. . Find a better dick 2 ride cause who cares if Jay is writing for Fort Minor. . The King of New York is dead.l . . end of story. Peep the heat at:


    DOC is best ghostwriter, he may be ghostwriting on detox. i see what ur sayin the thing about people not gettin credit for contributing to dres beats like scott storch, mike elizondo, hi-teck or whateva their names are.

    But when any of them go off to work by themselves they never sound as good as when they work with dre cause he perfects them.


    mel-man did jack after the 2001, he may have given dre a few ideas.

  • I Fux

    yes true endeed, but that jew Scott Storch is blowing up

  • Prince of the South

    I hope Elliot Wilson is looking at thus. YN youright but Mase tapped his ass too. You can’t have my nigga looking like he went out like a punk. This is what made Jay go after Mase, b/c when Mase said this he was selling 4 million off one cd and Jigga was struggling to sell.
    “All we hear is platinum that, platinum this/platinum whips, but don’t nobody got no platinum hits/ Cats know me platinum always wrapped around my wrist/ Come to the award shows quadruple platinum chicks//” -Mase dissing Jay-Z on 112′s love me-

    “When Harlem world double up we put Gs on it/ I’m pushing new 700 M.G.’s on it/ If that nigga can’t see the ice that mean my sleeve’s on it.” Mase dissing Hova.

  • Prince of the South

    Hova is one of the best that did it, but if his new album sounds like those verses he dropped on hustlin and that Beyonce song then it’s going to suck. His verse on hustlin killing most the people that’s in the game but that De ja vu song sucks, he should have left that song alone and not gotten on it with Beyonce’s tired ass. She should’ve taken some more time to make her record, now she’s making herself and Jay look bad. He couldn’t save that record, listen to him spit he sound like whatever I don’t care let me drop a few bars so she’ll shut up.

  • Enlightened

    No. Jay-Z’s verse on Hustlin’ does not kill most of the people that’s in the game – not the ones that can rap anyway. All you Jay-Z fanatics answer me this. How can you be considered the Best Rapper Alive – not to mention The G.O.A.T. (Hell No!) and you get on songs with niggas like Jeezy (more than once) and Rick Ross and have it actually be a question WHOSE VERSE WAS TIGHTER. He didn’t even outshine those niggas. It’s actually a toss up and a matter of opinion whose verse was better.
    On Biggie Duets, he was outshining half the niggas with verses he wrote 10 years ago. They’ve been knowing his verse by heart for like 10 years in some cases and still couldn’t come tighter.

  • Whut? Thee Comment

    PONAMI Says:

    July 27th, 2006 at 3:47 am
    DOC is best ghostwriter, he may be ghostwriting on detox. i see what ur sayin the thing about people not gettin credit for contributing to dres beats like scott storch, mike elizondo, hi-teck or whateva their names are.

    But when any of them go off to work by themselves they never sound as good as when they work with dre cause he perfects them.


    Mike Elizondo is always credited…and he’s not a producer he just plays keys

    dre has admitted it (i think in scratch magazine a while back) – he sits in the studio listening to his people jamming, and if they play some hot keys he’ll record it and turn it into a beat. that’s what he does..

  • khal

    yeah I think Dre is at a status where he can do that.. like it’s been said before, Dre is no monster on the mic, but he can flow. he even flips those eminem jawns, like “say what you say”… that shit was the illest! he knows his beats and can help those guys build… shit i wish i was scott storch or mike elizondo or hi tek for that matter… they EATING!

  • steppaz

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