The Pastor really got it on that one. Ha! Yeah those lines are old but who knew Hov was still stacking paper helping his fellow artists. I’m not talking about spittin’ 16s for his Def Jam soldiers like Rick Ross (“Hustlin’ (Remix)”) or his ladyfriend Beyonce (“Déjà Vu”), I’m talking about lending his unwritten words on the low.


I was thumbing through a Billboard and I noticed that in the credits for the Mary J Blige single one S.C. Carter is listed. Now I don’t hear a Hova sample in the Rodney Jerkins produced song “Enough Cryin’” so that must mean Jay is the man behind Mary J Blige’s rap here. Shit, isn’t her rappin’ alter ego called Brook-Lyn? Get it? Didn’t the Giuseppe high heels and Marc Jacob bag lines give it away? I, for one, feel duped. Shame on you, Shawn.

Now I don’t know if the Prez is writing all her bars (He’s not listed in the other song that features Brook on the Breakthrough CD and who knows who helped the Queen out on the “Touch It (Remix)”—Papoose anyone?) All we know is that even though Jay didn’t spit on “Can’t Hide From Luv,” he damn sure didn’t shortchange Blige and was probably paid a pretty penny.

What does the future hold for still rap’s premier ghostwriter (Sorry Skillz)? Well since Dr Dre’s reportedly providing a few beats for Carter’s comeback CD, I would assume that the favor would be returned. Look out for Detox.