Eminem’s Work-Out Buddy and Busta’s Shameless Self-Promotion

Famous fashionista Cocoa Chanel once said that you should always remove one accessory before leaving the house.  So which rapper went out to eat with over $5 million around his neck?

Busta recently enjoyed a pricey meal at the celebrity favorite Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills dripping in ice. Trevor is definitely on his New York shit, anybody within a 5 mile radius can see that. That shit is beyond ignorant. But don’t feel bad for being approached by photographers while trying to have a nice little dinner.

Bussa Bus knows exactly what he is doing by dressing like new age version of Mr. T. Like the Ivy, Mr. Chow is a hotbed for celebs. They know by making dinner reservations, pictures of them entering and leaving the restaurant will be snapped by paparazzi who practically steak-out the joint 24/7. His outlandish jewelry and shameless self promotion almost guarantee him a spot in gossip rags. And this time nobody had to get shot. Too little too late, no?

Eminem’s comeback is supposed to jump off with his new Whoo Kid mixtape, which showcases not only his return but highlights all of Shady’s new artists. When he’s not busy in the lab, you can find him preserving his sexy by lifting weights and power walking (it works!) along with a mystery blonde. While I can’t say for sure that she is his woman, I can speculate like a muthafucka. It’s what I do people! We’ll just have to wait for him to confirm/ deny rumors or kill her off on his next album.

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  • Belize

    Fresh I officially want u to be my baby moms! Imagine: Ramen noodles and milk…mmmmmmmmmmm

    • JAY

      ya’ll stupid eminem has awesome music dats all i gotta say

  • Belize

    Hmmm….i expect better of u fresh

  • http://www.honorablemedia.com/blog Honorable

    yea, busta and his “NY shit” is too much. Nobody wants to see all that shit around his neck.

    I think my neck would hurt.

    It’s good to see rappers take their health seriously. LOL. (who cares? really)

  • Meka Soul

    lol @ busta’s “what chu talkin’ ’bout willis?” look on his face.

    >I think my neck would hurt.>

    but if you were on the cream & the clear like mr. rhymes, your neck prob’ly wouldn’t hurt at all.

  • Dr. Colossus

    “Please buy my album, it sucks but come on, I spent all my money on the dumb jewelry.” – BUSTER Rhymes

  • http://myspace.com/bunchbitch Yung “Cee-Eye” So Fly

    Yes indeed. There is suck thing as too much ice. The nigga looks like a fukkin fool. He has the nerve to have no neck and then put all of them chains on.

  • Prettu Young thang

    He look like that dude from I’m gonna get you sucka, who died from an over dose of gold.
    That ain’t no New York Shit ….. that’s some NIGGA shit

  • iame247

    That shit is ridiculus, he must have low self esteem or something. All I gots to say is he better stay in the safe LA neighborhoods other then that he gettin robbed for his New York Shit.

  • yes

    Does Em have a sister? They sho look related.

  • Joseph

    Damn that Busta picture reminds me of the ” Over Gold ” scene from Gonna Git You Sucka

  • Epitome

    Damn. Bussa Bus is lookin busted.

  • http://www.easterfresh.blogspot.com Easter Fresh

    Busta is the King OF NY right now…

  • bleed

    why everyone hating on busta, its not like he started this trend 2day dats the way he has always been with ice. o.k i get it, its b/cos most of you know you will never see 5mill in a 100 lifetimes let alone spend it on ice. it may be ignorance to you but its clearly not to him.

  • solitaire

    Isn’t he tired of white chicks? I KNOW he wants to date a sista!!

  • d.GUTTA

    damn busta. ur cool as hell dude!

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    she looks like a cum drinker.

    busta doing his thing with the jewelz, but that shits a lil too homo for me.

  • pop a poppa

    damn xxL all ya’ll blogs are shit lately lol first internet beefs now “power walking”? lol

    that said:

    damn slick rick is still alive and kickin’

    and that ugly bitch better not be em’s “workout partner” in the bedroom. yuck c’mon marshall… i KNOW there were better lookin’ tipdrills at that stripclub you was at the other night! lol

  • Styles

    When Em drop again everyone else better push they album back. I think he’s back hungry again, I think his verses on the d12 album will be secent, but when his new cd drop he’s going to be crack. As far as him working out that’s only going to make his comeback that much better b/c it’s been awhile since people have seen him.

  • DocZeus

    I bet dollars to dougnuts thats just Em’s personal assistant. She’s carrying like two phones and a Diet Coke for him. Oh my god, I just speculated on Em’s sex life. Ewww.

  • noz

    i dont remember busta bus having that many chains in his wooha days

  • Meka Soul

    >i dont remember busta bus having that many chains in his wooha days>

    maybe they were under those dr. seuss hats.

  • Lazurus

    I dont think its her assistant.thats his type..she’s looks like Kim.pretty…ugly.

    and Busta’s needs to trade in his jewelry cause that album is not selling shit…wooohaa!!!!!

  • papparazzzzzzzi

    that woman is Tracy McNeil (sp)… one of his managers who works for Shady Records.

  • Corn2k

    Busta iz a luuuzer. he just looks foolish. like a gay mr. T. And eminem was fat baack in the day so u know he gots to work out. as far as that bitch he is with it probly is his gyrl. she looks just like Kim, blonde ugly white trash. At least she knows the deal and is following him carrying his pager and phone like she should.

  • cos

    well ya can’t call him a wigga. em love him some WW’s.

  • Cory Sparks

    This is why being the “current” king of ny don’t mean shit nowadays….

  • http://www.thestreetspace.com Mel

    The Blonde is a Shady Records employee….the man cant even workout good lord.

  • brown125

    congratulations Fresh you got all these sheep agreeing with what you say everyday. Yall need to wake up and stop letting people influence you.

  • Hef Love

    Busta is far from Kinf og NY. You dont appoint yourself KING of NY..it given to you.That chick with Em is helps run his label.Didn’t know working out with your boss was a crime.



  • Hi My Name izz…Dezz Nutz

    Will da real SS pleaze stand da fuck up!!!

  • H-man

    Interscope it izz. One thang I learned in da streetz is if ya cant beat’em. Join’em. lolol Shady/Aftermath

  • Hi, My Name izz…Dezz Nutz

    Interscope/Shady/Aftermath. Will da real SS stand da fuck up.

  • Julia_Claudine-Devereux

    Fresh, you’re so dayum sillee! That shit around Busta’s neck looks like some shit outta the bubble gum machine. And to think this is what black folks spend their ducats on?

  • LauraCarolina

    I enjoy seeing my boy working out. Eminem has been through so much shitt this year.I cannot believe everything has occured the way it has.But Marshall Mathers is a strong-willed individual that always prevails and does’nt let anything phase him .He’s a muthafukin soldier !! Like that saying “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”

  • dirtysout’mixtapebumpa

    Y da fuck nigga look so guilty like he jus took a shit in a porta potty an someone took his picture soon as he stepped out.

  • madsoul

    ahha yack ! that bitch is ugly ! i saw her and she’s uglier than kim ! XP
    just kidding y’all

  • Weedy

    the blonde that was jogging with Em works for interscope!!

  • Maria$exy

    what is wrong with Bus-a-Bust? he is tripping with all that,

  • LittleJ

    WEEDY above me is rite…its so fuckin obvious dats a gurl dat works 4 me…she’s holdin 2 cellphones…how much more obvious is it…probably the Anger Management Tour…gurlfriend??? he just divorced…he aint gonna b dat quick especially wit shit happenin the way it is now…

  • Incognegro

    I interned at shady this summer, her name is Tracy Mcknew and she is the top A&R at shady records. but she takes care of em a lot, basically like a personal asst. so that should clear that up.