Famous fashionista Cocoa Chanel once said that you should always remove one accessory before leaving the house.  So which rapper went out to eat with over $5 million around his neck?

Busta recently enjoyed a pricey meal at the celebrity favorite Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills dripping in ice. Trevor is definitely on his New York shit, anybody within a 5 mile radius can see that. That shit is beyond ignorant. But don’t feel bad for being approached by photographers while trying to have a nice little dinner.

Bussa Bus knows exactly what he is doing by dressing like new age version of Mr. T. Like the Ivy, Mr. Chow is a hotbed for celebs. They know by making dinner reservations, pictures of them entering and leaving the restaurant will be snapped by paparazzi who practically steak-out the joint 24/7. His outlandish jewelry and shameless self promotion almost guarantee him a spot in gossip rags. And this time nobody had to get shot. Too little too late, no?

Eminem’s comeback is supposed to jump off with his new Whoo Kid mixtape, which showcases not only his return but highlights all of Shady’s new artists. When he’s not busy in the lab, you can find him preserving his sexy by lifting weights and power walking (it works!) along with a mystery blonde. While I can’t say for sure that she is his woman, I can speculate like a muthafucka. It’s what I do people! We’ll just have to wait for him to confirm/ deny rumors or kill her off on his next album.