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What’s eating Clifford Smith now? It seems his verbal assault against the media continues to burn like a forest fire. In a recent interview with Status Ain’t Hood. Method took it back to what he feels was the beginning of his fall from media darling to Wu-Tang whipping boy:

I read an interview where you said that you felt like the media programmed people to underestimate you.
I think it started a lot with that ego trip shit; ego trip had said some sideways shit about me way back when, something about being a underachiever or some shit like that.

Here what Meth is referring to:
From ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists (a.k.a. The best literary work ever created about hip-hop):

Mr. Potential Underachiever Award: Method Man
Wu-Tang’s most charismatic industry party bumrusher has skills, respect and more female fans than the Blackstreet Usher Boys. He’s also got two enjoyable, commercially-proven albums that still, unfortunately, only hint at his true artistic capabilities. Meth appears best off when keeping it Stapleton Projects grimy (as “Bring The Pain” and “Dangerous Ground” demonstrate) and staving off “Judgement Day’s” runaway Trans Euro-Express. Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged.

That’s right we saw it cumin’ like PMD. Notice it says potential. Sorry Meth, your artistic output that followed the 1999 printing of this book proved us right. Look, we like your new song with the Lauryn Hill sample, but this obsession you now have with the media is gettin’ tired. Speaking to media to shit on other media? Wendy Williams this, ego trip that… Just put out some hot music and you’ll get your props. Please let all the other bullshit stop. Enough already.

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  • Rey

    Maybe he should get shot 9 times and sing…

    …or do you only pick on rappers that actually had some talent to begin with? (no offense, Meth, you know what I mean)

    Hey, Sell Out Nig, you DO know that you and XXL are to 50 the way Fox News & B. O’Reilly are to W, right?


  • Rey

    Oh yeah… First.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    that red + meth album is the tightesr cd this nigga made

  • khal

    nah Tical was his best shit.

  • Danja29

    lol @ YN’s obscure-as-hell PMD reference. And speaking of wack-ass albums, Meth has fallen short- and fell even shorter after that book came out. As it said in the book, he was an MC with the potential to make a great album, it just never happened for him.

  • B

    Meth was the blueprint for incredible rappers that put together slighty above average albums.Jadakiss, Canibus,Joe Budden…the list goes on but Meth was the first to truly disappoint.

  • John Cochran

    I agree. Make some bangers and stop complaining. Never let em see you sweat Meth.

  • gluvnast

    yea, i was with meth at 1st when he complained how the media influenced listeners in some fashion, but this obsession is getting out of hand, because unless you can back it up with your music, then all this crying to the media, while NEEDING the media to be heard is bullshit to me…

    it’s like biting the hand that’s feeds you…and making this whole “i’m a victim” thing a publicity stunt!

  • Belize


  • Sonny Cheeba

    “…I roll dolo state to state…”

    His appearance in “Belly” wasn’t disappointing, but his albums sure were…

  • Meka Soul

    >Speaking to media to shit on other media?>

    wouldn’t he be contradicting himself by doing that?

    >Hey, Sell Out Nig, you DO know that you and XXL are to 50 the way Fox News & B. O’Reilly are to W, right?>

    someone’s more than slightly miffed at xxl magazine.


    meth stop complaining about the media, step your game up nigga, bring somemore pain hadcore to the brain type shit

  • Tyler

    Meth is hot no doubt but he ain’t been comin’ wit’ heat like we all know he got in him but ‘dats like knowing a nig can score 40 but he never score no points so ‘dat shit don’t count for nothing. .and no homo but all the nigga love Meth but ‘dat don’t mean we gonna buy bullshit if he puts it out. Meth stop pointint the cause when U do there are three fingers pointing back at U. Peep the heat at:

  • Tyler

    Meth stop pointing the finger cause when U do there are 3 fingers pointing back at U . . my bad on the typeO

  • Rey

    Well, SN did put Chingy on a cover.. I think everyone should still be mad about that shit.

  • Rey

    Plus they gave Yayo’s album an XL.

    Tony Yayo.

    Stupid wavy hand dance Yayo.

    I rest my case.

  • Robbie

    Sure Mr. Mef, it’s all the media’s fault that your albums suck. Way to accept responsibility, pal.

  • pop a poppa

    so you caught some feelings about meth’s article and now you gotta write a bad blog about him?
    well YN, it appears you just proved his damn point.
    right now meth could be makin’ some real fly shit and you’d still be hatin’.

  • the dough

    I will never forgive them for the Chingy cover.

  • Rap Repo Man

    fuck that the mans entitled to his opinion. smh @ getting pissed cuz Meth made a slight reference to shit even 50 couldnt sell

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Meth needs to take his own advice and “Keep it Moving”. Put out some bangers or cease fire with all that media made me trash talk.


  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Meth needs to take his own advice and “Keep it Moving”. Put out some bangers or cease fire with all that media made me trash talk.

    NO NICCA… You made yourself trash. Once Meth started messing with them movies that niccas rap game took a hit!!


  • http://xxl dabronx

    fuck method man rae made the illest wu album


    Yeah i think some of yall forgot to review the song not talk about who is lame in the game or whatever, This track Is real talk, i can vibe to it, smoke to it and who knows, f*&^% to it. Big up to Rick, its faith in you to carry the torch for Miami, goodluck and remember remain true to YOU! not these critics……

  • Lazy

    His problem is that he’s a lazy rapper.

  • star

    the problem is u cant make a classic like tical w/o the elements that made it a classic most of all the rza if u notice all the best songs since tical were all produced by rza but for some reason meth doesnt see that or just doesnt want to admit it

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