What’s eating Clifford Smith now? It seems his verbal assault against the media continues to burn like a forest fire. In a recent interview with Status Ain’t Hood. Method took it back to what he feels was the beginning of his fall from media darling to Wu-Tang whipping boy:

I read an interview where you said that you felt like the media programmed people to underestimate you.
I think it started a lot with that ego trip shit; ego trip had said some sideways shit about me way back when, something about being a underachiever or some shit like that.

Here what Meth is referring to:
From ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists (a.k.a. The best literary work ever created about hip-hop):

Mr. Potential Underachiever Award: Method Man
Wu-Tang’s most charismatic industry party bumrusher has skills, respect and more female fans than the Blackstreet Usher Boys. He’s also got two enjoyable, commercially-proven albums that still, unfortunately, only hint at his true artistic capabilities. Meth appears best off when keeping it Stapleton Projects grimy (as “Bring The Pain” and “Dangerous Ground” demonstrate) and staving off “Judgement Day’s” runaway Trans Euro-Express. Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged.

That’s right we saw it cumin’ like PMD. Notice it says potential. Sorry Meth, your artistic output that followed the 1999 printing of this book proved us right. Look, we like your new song with the Lauryn Hill sample, but this obsession you now have with the media is gettin’ tired. Speaking to media to shit on other media? Wendy Williams this, ego trip that… Just put out some hot music and you’ll get your props. Please let all the other bullshit stop. Enough already.