Breaking And Entry, So Elementary


Now children, I am not suggesting that you confiscate goodies like Repo-Man Sam, because, as far as I know, following this link and downloading Jive Records’ soundtrack to Step Up is illegal and probably a sin(a)—especially considering it does not come out for another nine days or so. I am simply sharing my findings with you, as promised.

Oh yeah, there’s a Too Short single feat. Snoop Dogg and floating around as well.


P.S.— October 31st, 2006 will be Chinese New Year one way or another. Please believe me.


(a) What would Barney do?

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  • the dough

    Nice track. How many movies like this can they make with this exact same plot?

  • DJ Main Event

    a damn lot. kris good lookin.

    what else they gettin on this sdtk?

  • qwtqwrt

    yeah, i’ll pass.

  • Freddy Freeloader

    They have crap for 12 year old girls on there, the Clipse song is the only decent one on it. they shouldn’t have anything to do with that jive-ass label (Pun intended, it would only work with Richard Roundtree saying it though).

  • Freddy Freeloader

    Still, good lookin’out with the link.

  • St.Silas

    Christ is black. Revelation 1:14-15

  • Honorable

    i salute you!


    Yeah…FUK JIVE! haaaaaa

  • Che

    who’s that in the picture? eminem? and who’s the broad?

  • H-man

    looks like me on stage!!! lolol Im better lookin dan dat guy…

  • Boner Jams 03