Batty men are also liars

Not to suggest that people from different areas can have different traits, but black people of Carribbean descent have been known to be virulently homophobic. Not only do they make songs about killing gay people, but sometimes they’ll actually hunt down and attack gay people.

I think it’s part of their religion[1].

Because the hip-hop community has its share of black men of Carribbean descent, from Biggie Smalls all the way down to Eskay from Nah Right, I think the media has a tendency to paint the hip-hop community as a whole as a bunch of violent homophobes, not unlike the way the media has used Big Pun’s heroic attacks to paint rappers as wife beaters.

Buju Banton ran afoul of the teh ghey community way back in 1994 when he put out a song called “Boom Bye Bye” about killing gay people. But it didn’t really seem to catch up with him until 2004, when he was forced to cancel several shows in Europe and North America because the fudge community protested.

Obviously, at some point the fudge community got the idea that they could use their control over the media to hit Banton where it hurts. He’s still been forced to cancel certain shows as recently as the other day. Interestingly enough, the fudge community also tried to use the same tactics on me. But they had to find out I wasn’t going out like a sucker. Um, nullus.

From the story on me:

These sickening sentiments help reveal just how brave a position it is to oppose homophobia in the hip-hop world. The gay-bashing that is tolerated in hip-hop and reggae music is symptomatic of the larger struggle for visibility and acceptance of gay blacks, who now have a new ally in one of pop culture’s biggest rising stars, Kanye West.

You see how they tried to take an isolated incident involving a gay dog and use it to tie hip-hop in with homophobic reggae music? That’s how they try to get you! Meanwhile, how many gay people has Bol violently attacked? Zero.

Similarly, the fudge community is up in arms over Busta Rhymes. Not only was he forced to call a gay guy a “faggot” down in Florida, but now they’re trying to suggest that he had his kids taken away from his baby’s mother because she’s a lesbian. Meanwhile, she’s on the record as violently attacking him and has also engaged in lesbian sex with kids in the room.

As jimi izrael recently pointed out, Bussa Bus was more or less warranted in both of these instances. But, as revealed in the ill-advised Stevie Wonder collabo on the Big Bang, his family is from Jamaica or some such, so he may harbor some less-than-positive views of the teh ghey community.

Still, don’t be trying to put that shit off on hip-hop.

[1] Like tiny hispanic men who put a shoe on their women because it’s a part of their culture, I’m sure they’ll all deny this up and down in the comments section. Please, spare me. I’ve done the research. I’ve got that kind of time.

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  • 2chéLupe

    FIRST & Fifteeth …

  • 2chéLupe

    FIRST & Fifteenth … maybe i should just stick with FNF Up, haha …

    Oh yeah, good read but I find it easy to believe that you aint nothing other than Black in you Bol … i mean, you dont write slanderous homophobic pieces … instead it seems as if you are real interested in the homo lifestyle … i aint sayin’ you gay, but i do know that you write the most homo-blogs … i mean homosexual related articles, i dont know if thats a good thing, … i’m just sayin’

    LFFL-08/28(UK)& 08/29(US)
    RKF-coming soon
    OGs-in stores now

  • TJG

    **spellceck**– i hope u meant to do that

  • 2chéLupe

    Damn jo’, i’m trippin’…i guess i need to wipe my glasses off…
    G.O.A.T.= That skinny nigga on the boat
    The Future Of Hip-Hop= That skinny nigga with the glasses

    Food & Liqour 08/28 Godwilling –meant to do that … you know for the dyslexic

  • KR


  • Belize

    Bol, all ah we kno dat u da one chi-chi man since birth, fassie fi dead!!!

  • Sarutama

    I think we should be more concerned with people of caribean desecent smelling like a nauseating combination of insence, coconut milk, and ox tail.

  • john cochran

    In hip hop it’s just not cool to be gay, just like on the WB CHANNEL its not cool to be black. just leave it alone and dont talk about it.

  • Rey

    First–Rey = Straight.

    Second, B-L-A-H.

    There are gay folks in every art form, and as such, there are gay-bashers that happen to be practitioners in every art form.

    I have a lot of gay/lesbian/bi friends and it’s never made one lick of difference in how I view them, or how they view me.

    Hip-Hop gets accused all the damm time by the non-music media and other assorted buffoons of “living out the lyrics”. It’s fucking offensive.

    “Fag”, or “Faggot” is just like “Nigga” or “Nigger”.. It’s not the word, it’s the intentions and beliefs of the person using it.

    So for all you faggot niggas out there: Keep on ass fuckin’, Bol loves that shit.

    No Homo. ;-)

  • I Fux

    > I have a lot of gay/lesbian/bi friends and it’s never made one lick of difference in how I view them, or how they view me.

    Well I have a lot of black friends…..

  • I Fux

    > I have a lot of gay/lesbian/bi friends and it’s never made one lick of difference in how I view them, or how they view me.

    You are a faggot ass bitch for being affiliated with fags

  • Rey

    I am a faggot ass bitch for being affiliated with fags?


    You’re either trying way too hard to be ignorant, or succeeding way too easily at being ignorant.

    Either way, I think you’re an idiot.

  • khal

    the way that blog defended Kanye, I am certain now more than ever that Kanye really does pack the fudge.

  • gees dat dude

    fuck it joe i hate fags. and when i say fags i dont mean gay people im talkin bout the fuckin fairy mafuckas that be all loud and flamboyant and shit. do what u do behind closed doors that aint nobody buisness but yours but shit do every body have to know you a fuckin butt pirate. yall know the pussies im talkin bout the mafuckas that be pransin and switchin and sound like bitches when they talk i mean damn. that shit fuckin gets on my nerves. and I really hate them gay bitches that fuck wit bitches that look like niggas that is some of the silliest shit i ever seen shit cracks me up cause i know the hoes still want the dick i mean whats the fuckin point of fuckin wit a bitch that look like a nigga get you a fuckin nigga and some real dick not that plastic shit. lipstick lesbians is cool though like them bitches in She Hate Me them hoes was fine and they let dude knock em up the real way.

  • Barney Rubble

    Tell A friend To Tell A Friend

    This Blog is wack. People all around the world hate fags. Atleast you try unlike the other peole that write a blog a month

    Tell A friend To Tell A Friend

  • Sarutama

    ^ I’m going to do a study demonstrating the inverse relationship between the level of ignorance in an internet post and the number of punctuation marks used correctly.

    I’m sure I can get a grant for that shit.

  • youngdelta

    i thought i was the only one that recognized bol was gay!!!!!!!!! go cop that food and liquor first day to i know its goin be fire( i hope) if not i’m a have to eat like 2chelupe!

  • d.GUTTA

    “gees dat dude” was joking right??!!….no he wasnt??!!

    OMG! i give that dude the SuperIdiot award.


    i agree with gees dat dude why do they have to do it that way it’s sick. also why would a guy dress up as a girl but is gay but does not want to turn himself into a women confusing but i don’t care. i know i can not understand the gays beacuse i am not gay. also any lesbian that has penetration in there sex needs dick hahahahaha

  • Jigg

    Good post Bol, I too worked in a BGE and for the first time in my 26 years on this dirtball I seent 2 flaming jakes holding hands. WTF? My co-worker, who is trini, eyes turned in to 40. glock pistols without bullets turned and said to me “In my country they would cut their tongues through their throats” LOL

  • Omar

    Oh yeah, good read but I find it easy to believe that you aint nothing other than Black in you Bol … i mean, you dont write slanderous homophobic pieces … instead it seems as if you are real interested in the homo lifestyle … i aint sayin’ you gay, but i do know that you write the most homo-blogs … i mean homosexual related articles, i dont know if thats a good thing, … i’m just sayin’

    I ain’t sayin he’s a gay nigga but he ain’t fuckin with no straight niggas

  • DJ Main Event

    let them do them, just dont get me involved with the lifestyle. thats my take on it.
    besides, i think as a society we have bigger issues to worry about.

  • armaggedion

    since when is it not cool to be gay in hip hop? Kanye West, Pharrell-am i missing something?

  • Rome

    Kanye’s officially the gayest person with a microphone. first the gay alligator shirts, then the L.V. purses, now this. Kanye trippin’.

  • ganjacomplex

    Hahahaha fudge community. Hahahahahha.

    Do rappers really beat their wives? I mean, truthfully, do they? And are rappers homophobic because reggae artists wanna say boom bye bye to batty men?

    Can somebody answer me while I kick my wife’s anus in and fillet me a british cigarette?

  • J Ball

    Alright this Kanye’s gay stuff was funny at first but it’s getting out of hand….


    ::Rips P-Diddy picture Sinead O’Connor Style::

  • B-EZ

    I think we’re all missing the point. Bol is saying that hiphop is always associated with homophobia by fudgepackers and white media in general, when in actuality there’s very little (can hardly remember any) actual gaybashing in rap lyrics.yea, like john cochran said, its not cool to be gay in hip hop but its never explicitly stated.

  • B-EZ

    and kanye aint cool anymore.just compare his radio play for “Touch the Sky” and “Heard ‘em Say” against “Workout Plan” and “All Falls Down”. the former were definetly better songs but got half the burn.Kanyes interview with Sway will be seen,in hindsight,as not only the moment Kanye came out of the closet, but also when his commercial clout plummeted.

  • Katari

    I was at a club one time and they had these two gay men there ( they were blatantly gay, not to niggas on the down low) , and they got they assed whooped when they started dancing with each other.

  • thoreauly77

    i like it when homophobes get all homophobic because they really just want some penis in their mouths. that shit is funny and god sees you guys masturbating to gay porn. bol, youre just a silly honky that works retail and has a sharp wit. when i see comments like gees dat dude and bignat, i feel sorry for them; who the fuck is that ignorant anymore? just go out and explore yourselves guys, you’ll like it.

  • UnFaded Disciple

    I remember them rumors when they said “Kanye is secrectly gay”…Damn

    Really…I don’t “Hang” or really talk to gay people…

    As long as they don’t ass grab or flirt with a nigga…its cool

  • livinlegend85

    this idiot “BOL” likes to get cheap heat and views by usually attacking latino culture and gay asses too…i think BOL is gay if none of yall gonna say it…dat nigga gay cuhh who else is gonna wear dem cheesy glasses he got on.

  • XRAY3000

    “I have a lot of gay/lesbian/bi friends and it’s never made one *LICK of difference in how I view them, or how they view me.” Pun intended..right..??

  • Rey

    Heh, I was waiting for someone to pick up on that. —Also, 1. Kanye is awesome, and I don’t care who gives me shit about that. 2-To whoever it was that ripped the picture of Puffy: I think we all know that the TRUE destroyer of good rap music is Curtis ‘Same Hook Every Song’ Jackson.

  • bitchevil

    Bol in every culture black,white,hispanic,jamaican whatever there are and will always be someone that is gay.—in R&B Gospel,Rock & Roll,jazz,and yes Hip Hop there are gay artist and will always be dont think for 1 minute that these so called real niggas dont try and keep there shit on the downlow..stop fooling your stupid looking faggot ass!..

  • callmetheshow

    fuck faggots! faggots should burn in hell with their parents who let them become faggots! bol is on the money! faggots should die terrible deaths! this world was never meant for faggots! faggots are anomalies like roaches who jus happen to sneak their way into this world!

  • nova

    Hip-Hop niggas are full of shit. you mean to tell me that in this industry they aren’t rubbing elbows with homosexuals on the daily? Bullshit. All that “I hate fags” shit is a front, esp. w/ Busta.

    Look, I’d prefer for rappers and it’s straight listeners to just not even bother speaking on the gay issue; it’s just another perpetuation of ghetto ignorance. what motherfuckers need to realize is that it ain’t all about “up the street and around the corner” and there are other people that live and thrive on this earth other than “hip-hop niggas” and their enslaved way of thinking.

    and you best believe that if it came down to it, the gay community CAN and WILL put the smackdown (NPI) on ANY outlet or entertainer that tries to sell ignorance and hate.

    Fags are rich and powerful.

  • J Ball

    Pretty interesting responses….

    Kanye is the man, I dont give one fuc what anybody says…One listen to Crack Music shows that this man has something to say. I dont think he’s gay at all…Matter of fact I think he’s right, why are we hating on gay peeps? Sexuality is such a minimal part of what makes a person…

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    I once had a 3-way with a couple of Jamaican lesbos. They was thick, y’all! Yeah!

  • skdamc

    My thing is this:
    Who says we HAVE to accept homosexuals? Before it starts, there is NO comparison to being Black and being gay. Nobody likes anything FORCED upon them whether it be religion, politics or sexuality. let the gays have their world. It doesn’t mean I want to be a part of it. Stop forcing it down peoples’ throats!!! (No Big Tigger)

  • psycho babble baby

    Bol did his research!!! where??? did he flip through a few CDs and went tadaa Carib-folk’s homophobic. By the way Nova, it is unfair to refer to homophobic expressions as ghetto ignorance, because the US gov, Christian fundamentalists, to name a few, are homophobic on an instituional level. Your statement sounded mad classist. Coming back to that ignorant ass Bol, dude, hehehe nevermind. not worth it…


    Gay and Hip Hop just dont mix……let them stick to techno or wotever they do…..yuck!

  • Gutta

    If being a homosexual was a good thing or something a grown should not be ashamed of then, why are their so many “down low” men or entertainers that are in the closet? otherwise wouldnt people like missy,alicia keys,kanye,usher,ricky williams,jaheim,etc come out the closet??? they wont and they reason why they wont is because they know as well as other homosexual people thats its wrong…they can hide it all they want deep down they all feel its wrong in some way,which is why batty (people)are also liars, right BOL !!

  • datniggamac

    “served to work on making him look less like the kind of guy that fucks other guys in prison.” lmao!!!

  • 8thstreetdyme

    Yo, I agree with dj main event, let gays live their lives. If that’s their preference, then so be it. I mean what the fuck is the big deal. As long as they don’t try to step to u, then it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t see gay people going around bashing straight people for being straight, so why should we bash them for being gay, there are bigger issues on this earth than being gay. Come on people, have a fucking open mind. This coming from a person who is from the caribbean. God bless all of u ignorant ass people. Thou shalt not judge, that is up to God to judge them.

  • 703 Hater killer

    I can very much agree with 8THSTREETDYME, but the blog by GEES DAT DUDE, is very true and funny at the same time!

  • xjclq fnbcuv

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