Not to suggest that people from different areas can have different traits, but black people of Carribbean descent have been known to be virulently homophobic. Not only do they make songs about killing gay people, but sometimes they'll actually hunt down and attack gay people.

I think it's part of their religion[1].

Because the hip-hop community has its share of black men of Carribbean descent, from Biggie Smalls all the way down to Eskay from Nah Right, I think the media has a tendency to paint the hip-hop community as a whole as a bunch of violent homophobes, not unlike the way the media has used Big Pun's heroic attacks to paint rappers as wife beaters.

Buju Banton ran afoul of the teh ghey community way back in 1994 when he put out a song called "Boom Bye Bye" about killing gay people. But it didn't really seem to catch up with him until 2004, when he was forced to cancel several shows in Europe and North America because the fudge community protested.

Obviously, at some point the fudge community got the idea that they could use their control over the media to hit Banton where it hurts. He's still been forced to cancel certain shows as recently as the other day. Interestingly enough, the fudge community also tried to use the same tactics on me. But they had to find out I wasn't going out like a sucker. Um, nullus.

From the story on me:

These sickening sentiments help reveal just how brave a position it is to oppose homophobia in the hip-hop world. The gay-bashing that is tolerated in hip-hop and reggae music is symptomatic of the larger struggle for visibility and acceptance of gay blacks, who now have a new ally in one of pop culture’s biggest rising stars, Kanye West.

You see how they tried to take an isolated incident involving a gay dog and use it to tie hip-hop in with homophobic reggae music? That's how they try to get you! Meanwhile, how many gay people has Bol violently attacked? Zero.

Similarly, the fudge community is up in arms over Busta Rhymes. Not only was he forced to call a gay guy a "faggot" down in Florida, but now they're trying to suggest that he had his kids taken away from his baby's mother because she's a lesbian. Meanwhile, she's on the record as violently attacking him and has also engaged in lesbian sex with kids in the room.

As jimi izrael recently pointed out, Bussa Bus was more or less warranted in both of these instances. But, as revealed in the ill-advised Stevie Wonder collabo on the Big Bang, his family is from Jamaica or some such, so he may harbor some less-than-positive views of the teh ghey community.

Still, don't be trying to put that shit off on hip-hop.

[1] Like tiny hispanic men who put a shoe on their women because it's a part of their culture, I'm sure they'll all deny this up and down in the comments section. Please, spare me. I've done the research. I've got that kind of time.