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  • bob

    When did this blog become about fuckin samples elliot? Damn you a lame! Write something. I know your overopinionated cocky ass has something to say.

  • Kail


  • Kail

    where ya’ll at

  • D Money

    YN,all the fucking Letters from the Editor you wrote,from the umteen copies of XXL I copped,you do need to write somethin man!I know you’re probably too busy ridin your own dick,because of the Reasonable Doubt,Jigga cover,hah!!

  • Scott

    Maya Rudolph’s mom.

  • Boston’s Finest

    This blog should be called old bangers

  • Sammy Sam

    This blog SHOULD be called “I Just Discovered Yesterday And I’m Posting As Much Neat Stuff As I Possibly Can So I Can Seem Like A True Hip-Hop Head When Really I Am A Hermaphrodite In Journalist’s Clothing”.

  • Casey

    Stop hating! This sample ish is the best part of the site!

  • Von Pea

    you waste no time!

  • The ON1E

    it cost you nothing, pay him no mind