Noz, you big dummy

It’s hard not to view Jay-Z’s decision to perform Reasonable Doubt in its entirety at New York’s fabled Radio City Music Hall as a tacit admission that it’s his only good album. Never mind the fact that this summer marks the album’s 10th anniversary. How many people do you think would really pay to see Jay do Volume 3 in its entirety?

It’s not so much that every other album that Jay-Z recorded was bad, but they all contained varying degrees of suckitude – trendy production styles, ill-advised pop attempts, guest appearances, and what have you. Now that he’s been out of the game for a couple of years, Reasonable Doubt is the only one I’m ever compelled to listen to in its entirety.

Without further ado, here’s a list of Jay-Z albums I put together in order from best to worst.

Reasonable Doubt. Sure, it ain’t no Ready to Die or Illmatic, but it’s as close as Jay-Z’s gonna come anyway. I can’t really say that I’m mad at it.

In My Lifetime Vol. 1. This could’ve been even better than Reasonable Doubt if it wasn’t for that damn P. Diddy. “Who You Wit” is like hip-hop’s “Under My Thumb.” I take my hat off to it.

Volume II: Hard Knock Life. Jay-Z’s Life After Death, except that it’s only one disc. I notice people don’t mention it as much even though it’s his best-selling album.

The Dynasty: Roc La Familia.
I like it a little better than The Blueprint even though none of the songs are that good. This is the kind of ignorant shit Jay-Z was born to make.

The Blueprint. Overrated as shit, even though some of it’s really good. Definitely not the second best album to come out this decade. Fucking hipsters.

The Black Album. The Black Album is what Blueprint 2 would be like if it was that much shorter. The fact that it’s his “retirement” album may provide a certain degree of gravitas for the kind of people who can find gravitas in a Jay-Z album.

Blueprint 2: The Gift That’s a Curse. Jay-Z’s ill-advised attempt at making a Life After Death or a All Eyez on Me. I suppose at least Mariah Carey’s not on it.

Vol. 3: A New Level of Pandering.
Honestly, I have no idea what Noz sees in this album. Some real abortions on this disc.

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  • khal

    damn son, you got blueprint under the dynasty? that’s harsh! only thing i can tolerate off of the dynasty is that “you, me, him & her” track, even if bleek stinks it up and amil spits like 4 bars lol


    i think HARD KNOCK LIFE was his best album dudes overlook it to much. he was at his prime…




    You know what no Disrespect but are you stupid all you did is diss Jay on this Fucking Blog. You know Blueprint IS A FUCKING CLASSIC ALBUM.

    The Dynasty: Roc La Familia. I like it a little better than The Blueprint even though none of the songs are that good. This is the kind of ignorant shit Jay-Z was born to make.

    That was Ingorant as shit. GOD I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE DISSING JAY. Ill tell you why because he’s a legend in the game and you want to go against that. WTF.




    1) HARD KNOCK LIFE(EVERY TRACK IS FIRE-frm the intro to reservoir dogs to money aint a thing)

    2) REASONABLE DOUBT (96 Jay. his flow was ahead of its time)

    3) THE BLACK ALBUM(yes i think its betta than blueprint)

    4)THE BLUEPRINT(good but overrated)





  • Brendan

    I don’t think it’s his best, but i love Vol 3 as well. “So Ghetto,” “Do It Again” and “Dope Man” are all classic Jay (So Ghetto was the last good thing Primo produced, imo). “Snoopy Track”, “Come & Get Me” “It’s Hot” and “Big Pimpin” show Timbaland at his peak. With the exception of Big pimpin, theyre all completely slept on. Then again, Vol 2 is my favorite Jay album, so my opinion probably isnt the most popular when it comes to Jay.



  • khal

    @CAMRUNFRMRUCKER: bob marley of rap? slow down a lil mite… jay has gotten recognition while being alive, and it’s grown since his RETIREMENT… bob got recognition while being alive, and it’s grown since his DEATH!

    i don’t get how anyone dissed Jay… no one said he outright sucked, i mean we all know some of those albums were hit or miss (even though I agree that Hard Knock Life was very well done. Loads of hot material on it.

    Now if he said Jay was doodoo on a stick and all of the album swere trash, that’s dissing… but nigga Bol said he fucking LIKED SOME OF THE TRACKS! Where’s the hate in that? Then you guys say the bloggers are dickriding on Jay and others? It looks like it might be the other way around…

  • Morgan Cole

    Whenever someone tells me that The Blueprint is Jay Z’s best album I immediately lose respect for them.

  • suckitmarshall

    Vol.3 was fire, get the fuck outta here. All that Timbaland shit was incredible. So was most of the Rockwilder shit. There are basically 2 wack songs, the one with Mariah and the one with Amil. That’s it. You ate paint chips as a child, clearly. Have fun with that.

  • Rey


    I can’t even force myself to buy Volume 3, and I actually bought a copy of The Best of Both Worlds (the first one–nhjic). Reason why? The “boom ticky ticky” song, “Do it again.” I usually cringe when Bol (hey–wasn’t that the guy in “Night Court”? Did I stumble onto something or am I just really slow?) refers to songs as “abortions”, but that’s exactly what it was. “You know my wrist is frostbit minus two degrees.”–Nuff Said.

    “The Blueprint” was fucking classic and should be hailed as such for one excellent reason: Late 1998 til fall 2001 was the fucking dark ages of production. Assholes like Timbaland, Mannie Fresh, and Swizz Beatz were pumping out nothing but that casio bounce synth shit that Flock of Seagulls wouldn’t even fuck with. (nullus)When “The Blueprint” came out it brought back a more musical sound that didn’t make me want to shoot myself. It didn’t hurt that Jay was really on some shit lyrically.

    “Reasonable Doubt” sounds way more dated than “Ready to Die” or “Illmatic” and that’s why aside from “Can’t Knock the Hustle” and “Ain’t no nigga”, I can’t make it through it.

    Vol. 2 was ruined cuz Jay was way the fuck off beat, and The Blueprint 2 was awful cuz for some dammed reason Jay-Z likes the utter horseshit The Neptunes (don’t get me started) come out with.

    The Black Album had like 8 good songs and a bunch of *ahem* “Meh” songs cuz Jay wanted to talk gun shit. I can suspend disbelief, but a few hundred million dollars pretty much guarantees that you’re not gonna “clap” at anyone. *insert dick chaney joke here* (no cam’ron)

    Vol. 1 was okay I guess. Jay blames Puff for turning him on (damm, no homo again) to the blingy rap, but anyone who saw Hov rockin’ that ugly ass Versace shirt in the “Ain’t No..” video knew that shit was coming eventually.

    So yeah, that’s my $2 worth of opinions.

    Also: Jay-Z’s fucking adlibs are STILL better than anything from G-Unit, DipSet, or any southern rappers not named Outkast or Ludacris.

    Thank you, that is all.

    ~~We now return you to your regularly scheduled bad grammar & spelling~~

  • Omar

    Shit, Blueprint is better than Reasonable Doubt. People saying it’s overrated just don’t know music. Shit was so historic the twin towers fell the same day!

  • Therapist

    ut they all contained varying degrees of suckitude – trendy production styles, ill-advised pop attempts, guest appearances, and what have you.

    yes man…

    especially volume 2 and 3… the production is so dated, to that hi hat heavy (think Jermaine Dupri), chingly sounding era…

  • d rock

    BOL, leave it to you to find a way to start of sounding smart but end up looking real dumb.

    Blueprint is a classic period. His flow was at his peak right there. You rather listen to him talk about what girls like with puffy or have him wearing shiny suits with foxy brown.

    I think you try hard to sound like a fucking idiot. why o god why ???

  • suckitmarshall

    It may’ve sold out the ass, but get off Hard Knock Life’s dick, broski. Vol.2 was cool, but really, Da Ranjahz were on that album (therefore limiting it to ‘okay’ status). Also, he made a song called “Money Cash Hoes”? I don’t give a fuck that it’s materialistic and degrading to women, but cotdamn, it’s just redundant. Money and Cash? WTF? Also, the beat to the aformentioned track sounds like a cat was dropped on a Triton keyboard.

    And Vol.1 also had some shit, no doubt. In fact some of his best material. But it also had “Sunshine” and “I Know What Girls Like”, possibly his most shameful musical compositions.

  • Spirit of Truth

    My vote is for Volume 2 due to the content and significance. It really turned the world on to Jay and brought him into the mainstream, without losing his “core audience” (whoever that was at the time?). This took him from Def Jam b-lister to the top priority almost overnight…If you remember it dropped on the same day as Aquemini and The Love Movement. Imagine that ever happening again…Only in the 90’s.

  • Rey

    “Broski”, lol

  • Rey

    I remember the 90s.. There’s only been like 10 good albums that came out since 2000..

  • john cochran

    Personally, I think Vol.1 was the best flow wise, and The blueprint was the best Production wise. The black album, Blueprint two and Vol. 3 were garbage. Jay is top 5 D O A flow wise, but not album making wise, cause none of it can touch illmatic, cuban links, or supreme clientele.

  • tphoskin

    I don’t know, if you combine the bootleg & retail version on Vol. 3, it’s pretty fierce. I’ll Do Anything, Is That Your B- (feat. Missy & Twista) were on Beans and Bleek’s album respectively. Another Do You Believe verse (longest i think), and take out that ridiculous 2 minute pause before Jigga my nigga comes on and then that song about diamonds.

    I agree that reasonable doubt is his best album, but the full version of Vol 3 is my next favorite.

  • youngdelta69

    I guess since i’m such a fan of jay’s music i’ll give y’all some light, even tho each opinion is credible if u actually listened to the albums. but here iz my respectful veiws on the king of NY!
    List in Order:

    Reasonable Doubt: obviously classic, any thing else iz hatin. if u can’t get wit the D’evils, 22 two’s, or friend or foe then u jus don’t like rap at it’s best.

    Blueprint: Classic singles, trend setting, and everyone on this blog can’t front like they didn’t participate in a convo about who is better jay or nas!

    Vol. 1: couple reasons this is number three, who u wit iz jus fuckin bananas. friend foe 98, was better than the first one, u must love me had me like damn son put his shit out there and not on no braggin shit but on some human shit!!!

    Blueprint 2: niggas prolly won’t get this album till jay drops another 6. i mean it pretty much changed the face of hip hop, only reason niggas ain’t embrace it iz cuz he went way left wit it, niggas ain’t expect that. till this day dudes will still say the curse was better than the gift, which jus lets me know u don’t listen to music u jus skim through it. Blueprint 2 most under rated battle track of all time.

    Black album: production was effy, and y he picked the lucifer beat over last call boggles my mind!! but he had some classic joints on there, i mean allure alone iz one of the greatest songs ever made.(my opinion)

    Vol. 3 and Dynasty: these 2 tie only cuz vol. 3 iz funner(not a word) to listen to. but dynasty has the one joint bout him in jail, his abortion, and other shit. then the dad song where seigl admits to sniffing. those was def. classic.

    Vol. 2: last and least, don’t get me wrong i love this album cuz “its like that y’all” iz jay jus flexin on niggas. but dudes best selling album iz always they worst ex. KING. alot a filler tracks and foxy brown at her worst.

  • youngdelta69

    also bol man for someone who gets paid for this u suck!!!!!! i mean its obvious u haven’t listened to sons music!!!! u should never comment on rap music again, that was prolly the worse list ever!!!! i wouldn’t be suprised if u lost ur job for this one. But excellent way to get niggas talkin.

  • outda954

    Blueprint under the Dynasty!? Crazy nigga, Blueprint is my favrotie Jay album.

  • BlackBoy

    …the first time I heard “Money, Cash, Hoes” I went nuts (nullus)…

  • B-Dub

    Reasonable Doubt is alright but it ain’t no classic. I don’t think I ever heard anybody say that shit was a classic back then. I thinks it’s Jay-Z consistency and marketing like that album was crazy. I’ll listen to illmatic, ready to die, Built only 4 cuban links, the infamous and even 2Pacs me against the world before I would listen to reasonable doubt. The rest of his catalog is aight. Hard knock Life Vol 2 is when I started thinking okay maybe he is nice cause B.I.G. was dead and he liked Jay for some reason (Brooklyn). But when Vol.3 came out I tuned out again cause it was bullshit. Reasonable doubt sounded like 1 big lie when I heard it. Cause if he was selling so much weight and successful at it why he got no priors or anything before music his street cred never really gets questioned like other niggaz. He the same person that said too much west coast dick licking on 2 22′s and jumped on the west and south dick next album. Then had the nerve to say new york been soft since snoop crushed the buildings. Jay-Z sucks most of his music has know substance for me and when it does it still not that great.

  • 2chéLupe

    I think alot of you so called hiphoppers need to go buy vol 1.– you all claim that you know good music but you cant hear how masterful that nigga jay was on that shit. I agree that shit had some wack beats when u listen to it now bcuz most of the beat on that album are dated, but Jay killed that shit. I guess Jay was right–bcuz right after vol.1 he dumbed his lyrics and im mad that deaf niggas dictate what should be put out

  • khal

    I think the reason Blueprint is a classic is because from front to back it’s a more complete LP. The others, whether it’s Hard Knock Life or Black Album, they weren’t nearly as cohesive as Blueprint was. Jay was in a different zone, where he really just set it off on anything. Not that he wasn’t doing that before, but I think he was in his stride on that one.

  • prodigynius

    Reasonable Doubt is Jay’s best album ever, nuff said. if all of his albums were of that caliber, he would probably be my fav. rapper alive but Nas holds that spot. the shit that jay says in reasonable doubt is bananas and sounds like some shit that nas would say but hey don’t listen to me cuz i still think that Nas’ The Lost Tapes is his second cd ever behind Illmatic. BY the way, the easist way to decide what is a classic album is to look at the rap that followed afterwords from other rappers and count how many allusions or down right biting they do and what albums it comes from. Illmatic, Life after death, ready to die, and Reasonable doubt are the most bit albums of all time. pac isn’t in there cuz people didn’t necessarily bite his lyrics, just shit he would say in interviews and shit.

  • Rome

    Blue print is jay’s best album in my opinion. I thought that was excepted as a fact, I guess not.

    Take-over is widely considered (mostly by people who haven’t heard ether) to be the best dis record of all time, and even though it’s not it’s still historic.

    Renegade is one of my favorite songs of all time. impressive production and amazing lyrics by jay and em.

    Song cry is THE ONLY love song by a rapper I listen to EVER.

    Aint no love, all I need, never change, and blue print are all songs I could put on repeat all day.

    Hola Hovito, jigga that nigga aren’t great songs but they aren’t bad songs either.

    I used to like girls,girls girls ’til the radio got ahold of it.

  • Rome

    I can’t beleive I forgot about U don’t Know the best production on the record. to this day it’s hard to find a mixtape without that beat on it. my second favorite song on the record.

  • Dneroda1

    Here it is:
    2)Reasonable Doubt
    3)Vol.2…Hard Knock Life
    4)The Black Album
    5)Vol.3…Life and Times
    7)Blueprint 2
    8)Vol.1…Out my right mind
    Listen people listennnnn!

  • eauhellzgnaw

    anybody who doesn’t list reasonable doubt as jay’s best album is deaf or retarded. but the dynasty is his worst album, with vol 2 a close 2nd. Vol 3 isn’t that good, but it has a few gems.

    rome, “renegade” one of your favorite songs? i feel sorry for your mother.

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  • Tray

    I agree with almost everything he said… except Blueprint should be a little higher.

  • 82nd St. U-City huSTLa

    Jay ethered Nas on that Blueprint 2 joint! I’m not going 2 even discuss best album to worst album because all them shits was dope. Niggas be dissin’ Volume 1, but that’s the same disc with “A Million and 1 ?s”,”Where I’m From”, and “Rap Game/Crack Game”. Niggas can’t tell me they wasn’t feelin’ that album. “Lucky Me” was #7!!! Use your brain! Suckitmarshall u just dumb as fuck. U said the song with Mariah Carey was wack. How did that happen:”Far be it from me 2 ? Allah’s wisdom/Could’ve got lost n the system ‘stead I’m embarked wit’ the rhythm/I dodged prison, came out unscathed from car collisions/I know I must be part of some mission…”. Then u said “Money, Cash, Hoes” beat was wack. For 1: ya’ boy Busta passed that beat up. 2: Jay killed that shit(the remix too). I could go on 4ever supporting my point about each album, but u niggas not even worthy of my convo. A lot of u niggas didn’t start listening 2 Jay until after Volume 2 anyway. I could tell the stunters by y’all comments….Blueprint 2 is a top 5 diss track…ever:”I been real all my life, they confuse it wit’ conceit/Since I will not lose they try 2 help ‘em cheat/But I will not lose 4 even n defeat/It’s a valuable lesson learned, so it evens it up for me…”. Come on y’all, this nigga’s worst album is better than a gang of niggas best shit. Y even put ‘em n an order. Jay’s catalogue is classic…

  • The Critic

    Byron is a loser, he has no idea what a good album is. Jay has carved out the best rap career ever and computer thugs like yourself need to shut the fuck up and find a real job like cut my grass and for the record it pays $25. For the record here are the best Jay Z albums.

    1. Reasonable Doubt
    2. The Blueprint
    3. Vol 1. In my Lifetime
    4. Vol 2. Hard Knock Album
    5. The Black Album
    6. Vol 3. The Life and Times of S.Carter
    7. Dynasty Roc La Famila
    8. The Gift and the Curse

  • gluvnast

    blueprint is not overrated, well to some extent it’s not, even though there are a few that claim it the greatest thing since breathing air, but that arguement can be said as well with reasonable doubt…

    blueprint IS however a classic and jay-z’s best album,the reasons way are simple…a combination of quality, cohesiveness, impact & influence…no album out of jay-z catalogue had all those qualities all at once except for blueprint

    examples….when you have an album that’s not overloaded with unneccessary collaborations (almost all of his other albums, including reasonable doubt, was overloaded with guest appearences…blueprint just had eminem and renegades is something else), an album that blew up kanye west and just blaze, an album that sparked the trend of doing sped up soul sampling, LITERALLY ended careers of mobb deep, and made jayo felony’s not even get lifted off ground zero…as well as sparked the most talked about, debated on hiphop battle EVER against nas….and showcased jay-z in one of his most personal and reflective (aside from the black album)…you have to admit it to be his best album as well as a classic….it shouldn’t leave any room…it’s definately the most IMPACTFUL album of this decade…niggaz are STILL trying to do sped up soul samples and that shit’s played out….

    reasonable doubt maybe his 2nd best album, and it’s only a people’s favorite because they grew up on this record..alot of y’all 20 year olds were only ten or whutever…so that whole decade y’all grew up on jay-z…that’s all y’all know, or experience, y’all may have KNOW OF other rappers before, but y’all never experienced those eras those rappers are from, so y’all don’t have a full spectrum of whut this hiphop culture is about….

    here’s the thing for me and alot of guys that are in their 30′s think about reasonable doubt…it came two weeks before it was written came out and BOTH were the same type of albums which were biting off of the cuban linx album, or whut nas would say “the purple tape” and “ready to die” was a combination of those albums…as a matter of fact, that was mainstream east coast rap was about back then…i mean you had junior mafia doing those records in ’95…you have niggaz rocking armani and drinking cristal well before jay-z advertised it on that album…so there wasn’t anything special about this album, nothing impactful, nothing influenced at all about it…plus it had MAKINGS of a classic during the 1st half of the album, but wore down after “can i live” with the exception of the last joint…but in truth, “it was written” WAS the better album which basically was the same type of album “reasonable doubt” was….

    the only reason it’s deem so high up there is before today’s generation grew up on jay-z and whut his status is today, and that’s the album that started it all….

    but in the year of ’96 where you had an endless amount fo memorable albums…it was bottled down in the middle…

  • DJ Larry Akambe

    The Blueprint was the first Jay-Z album I bought and since the first rotation, I’ve only played it maybe 2 times. Reasonable Doubt, however, gets played at least once a month. Hard Knock Life II is next on the list, I really like the song, “Money, Cash, Hoes.” I really like hoes, too.

  • cghost

    GULVNAST is the reason we need more old heads doing blogs. ’96 was a good year indeed……….. Bol take note
    Didn’t Ghostface’s “IronMan” album come out that year?

  • atruhead

    Vol. 3 had a few weak beats, but lyrically it’s amongst his best

  • khal

    the Blueprint didn’t spark the sped-up vocal sample trend, it exploited it… RZA was doing that back when the Wu first came out. They just took his style and put diff. drums under it.

  • gluvnast


    thanks..yea ironman came out that year
    as well as

    the score
    de la soul’s stakes is high
    CNN’s war report
    mobb deeps hell on earth
    rass kass’ soul on ice
    UGK best album thru word of mouth “ridin’ dirty”

    geto boys ressurrection
    westwide connection’s debut “bow down”
    lil kim’s hardcore

    the high school high soundtrack
    the sunset park soundtrack
    the AIDS soundtrack

    the click’s game related album
    the OGC’s debut from the bootcamp click

    alot MORE shit…those were just off the top of the dome…’96 was the last GREAT year in regards of hiphop music

    we overlooked it at the time because everyone was too consumed into the biggie and pac beef

  • gluvnast

    @khal…RZA didn’t popularize it, he just one of the pioneers of…while he was doing it, nobody just automatically tried to follow his lead…

    but when kanye and just blaze did it with a mainstream appeal, then everybody off the woodwork followed…

    another history note…RZA actually got it from PRINCE PAUL…prince paul fathered that technique, and is rza’s biggest inspiration…as said from the “wu-manual” because they were labelmates…

    and if you don’t believe me that prince paul fathered that technique, then you need to go listen to “3 feet high and rising”

  • Jettison

    This is my take on the list.

    1. Reasonable Doubt
    - I can listen to this album from top to bottom. Almost the whole thing is full of classic. D’Evils, Can’t Knock the Hustle, Can I Live, Dead Presidents 2, Regrets, 22 Twos. And I don’t know if anyone’s ever done the back and forth like Jay and Big, not even Jada and P or Nas and AZ. Though, I wish Jay put on the original Dead Presidents or In My Lifetime on as a bonus track instead of the one he used with Bleek. This shit has saved me so many times in my life. Dude was hungry even though he’s spending money from ’88.

    2. Blueprint
    - He put Just Blaze and Kanye on and it was amazing. Think about what he did with kids on the come up. This album has it all. Flow, anger, introspective Jay, and it’s got it’s hard and it’s soulful points. Nice.

    3. The Black Album
    - This is the whole package Jay. The Jay that knows where he came from and where he’s been and where he’s going. Change Clothes was shit and I wasn’t feeling Justify My Thug as much, but most of the other shit is hot. What More Can I Say, December 4th, Encore, 99 Problems and Allure are classics. Lucifer was on some whole other shit, and it worked. Shit is a classic.

    4. Volume 2
    - More commercial than I’d like, but almost every track is hot. Didn’t this shit get like 6 singles out of the motherfucker? That’s unheard of, son. I don’t know about the Bleek intro, Jay’s been on the retirement tip for too long, but it’s a nice album. Pretty close to a classic, son.

    5. The Dynasty
    - This shit was nice. I would have taken off that Bleek song. I’ll never feel that song with Snoop on it. The intro is sick. The songs with Jay and Bleek are all sick too. I would have put that Anything track from Beanie’s first album on there. Where Have You Been is the story of my life, son, and Beans was crying on that shit. I love Beans and I respect the shit out of dude for that. Some missteps take away from the album, but it’s hot.

    6. Volume 1
    - This shit is good, but you need to take those club dancing joints off it and it’s a classic. Where I’m From is some of the hardest shit Jay ever spit. He told us he was taking over the city and he did. He told stories on You Must Love Me. Rap Game/Crack Game was nice. Streets is Watching is crazy. I’m still loving the Friend or Foe shit and Imaginary Player is nice too. And the intro is nice too. Just take the club joints out, B, and this shit is nice. Crawford knows his shit.

    7. Blueprint2
    - This should be the worst album, just because of the filler, but I’m thinking if this shit was cut down and rearranged it would be a classic. The singles were weak. A Dream was hot. The Watcher 2, Hovi Baby, All Around the World, Diamonds is Forever, Guns & Roses, U Don’t Know remix, Meet the Parents–the hottest shit on the album, Some How Some Way, Blueprint 2, A Ballad for the Fallen Soldier, and maybe one other one would have made a classic. Jay just got too ambitious. If dude had the followthrough he does now with the presidency, the 40/40s, the Nets, and killing Dame’s career, maybe he could have pulled off the double-disc, but he didn’t. Cut this motherfucker down to size, play with the arrangement and it’s hot. And why the fuck wasn’t Guess Who’s Back on it? Jay owned that track.

    8. Volume 3
    - Slept on for sure. The intro and outro are nice and cinematic. The Timbo joints are nice. I’m not feeling the Mariah joint. Jigga My Nigga should have been on the album, not as a bonus track. Dope Man is nice, but maybe a little overproduction. Amil is garbage. Pop 4 Roc was alright. So Ghetto was bouncy. Not liking NYMP as much, but There’s Been a Murder was alright. First time he got killed, the next was on that 99 Problems video, even though he said he’d commit suicide to kill you again on Threats. Good album, but take out some of those pop joints and add a banger and it’s nice.

    All these albums were good or had the ability to be, just some missteps were made in putting them together. Jay definitely reached the radio, but some of his pop joints were just shit. Should have been left on the floor. Dude needs to put out a Lost Tapes album or some shit, because I know he has one.

  • Jettison

    For the Dynasty, I meant the songs with Jay and Beans. Not Bleek.

  • Brick Man

    i don’t know about jay-z…….lets chat about southern rappers…….outkast, bun b maybe……..check out southern hip-hop’s home

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    I pretty much agree more or less with Bol on this one.

    It’s funny cause I literally was just talking bout all these same albums a week ago.
    I was telling my peeps how
    I thought Vol.3 shouldn’t even be included in his discography cause of how garbage it is.
    It’s a complete tragedy!!

    All the rest are solid albums with “Reasonable Doubt” being the best but I could care less where they rank other than that.

  • gluvnast

    if i had my say, really jay-z biggest downfall was incohesive production with too many guest appearences…

    by default i always consider dangermouse’s “the grey album” the best album out of the jay-z catalogue, because it made the black album 10 times better, along with it gave a better “feel” to the whole “retirement” thing…it put more meaning to it…along with it being one of the most innovative pieces of work of any hiphop album

  • Amier Starr

    Ummm, all of you need get off Jay’s dick. The fact that we are sitting around debating which of his albums are his best is a clear sign that the man made a huge mark. Do you think anyone will be sitting around analyzing Bol’s greatsest blogs in 10 years, na, cause you ain’t put in dat kinda work, stop hatin on a nigga who did. I’m not a Jay-Z stan, but I ain’t a hater, and Bol, you sound like a real hater right now.

    Would people pay to see Jay perform V.3? According to Jay’s bank account, people would pay to see him fart, even if it was silent. Let’s not forget, that V.3 had “Big Pimping”, “Do it Again”, “Jigga My Nigga” (bonus) and “Girl’s Best Friend” (bonus). I know those 4 tracks alone would get the show jumping pretty quickly. I’m not a fan of “Girl’s Best Friend” but women are, and they are the ones that scream the loudest at concerts stupid.

    Then you want to hate on the Blueprint? Why? You call it overrated, but it’s still better than the best effort sum rappers have ever put out. And I would like you to name a hip hop album that was released in 2006 that can stand next to it. We could use another Blueprint right now.

    And you clearly are clueless ranking in my Lifetime V.1 as his 2nd best. Even Jay will tell you he’s not that proud of that record. Most of that album is pandering. Cum on, how do you explain “The City” f. Blackstreet, or that bullshit cut with Puff & Kim?

    Reasonable Doubt is Jay’s ONLY good album? Can you really say that with a straight face. You reviewed every album, but Reasonable Doubt is the only good one…so I guess it’s the only one you own right? Jay is the only rap artist who can consistantly push platinum, and it ain’t cause he put out Reasonable Doubt 1st.

    Come one dude, get off his dick, stop scrutinizing every little thing the dude does. When he’s gone he’s a shoe in for G.O.A.T. Get over it and go write a rhyme or a book or something instead of hating on a blackman dat’s doin it.

  • Kornphlake

    wow bol, you got 40 whole responses from going at Jay. Maybe you should write some more ignorant $hit to get a response. The last couple of posts have been alright, I knew it was time for you to right some real dumb $hit.

  • GOD

    7. BLUEPRINT 2


  • sATaLyte

    can you mf’s really sit down and listen to the Black Album and admit that that should even be on a top ten list anywhere?

    Nice beats whatever, but rappin? Subpar. And agreeing with that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t like Jay-Z.

    The list was right, Reasonable Doubt number one, In my lifetime number two, everything else after kind of falls evenly in that they are all halfway decent.

    Black album, nice beats.

  • Da King J-Hosa

    fuck jay-z i only like two songs from that nigga i have never like jay-z had respect for him as a artist till he tried to remake a classic “Tupac” song with that 96 bonnie and clyde bullshit…he aint the best rapper of all time “PAC”is.

  • Dneroda1

    this mf here could sit and listen to the black album and say it deserves to be on a top 10 list..better than most rapper’s best

  • haha@suckamore

    whats gonna happen for BKs finest. please dont tell me bleek gonna do BIGs lines





    sATaLyte Says:

    June 15th, 2006 at 1:08 pm
    can you mf’s really sit down and listen to the Black Album and admit that that should even be on a top ten list anywhere?

    Nice beats whatever, but rappin? Subpar.


    Put that knife in ya, take a little bit of life from ya
    Am I frightenin ya? Shall I continue?
    I put the gun to ya, I let it sing you a song
    I let it hum to ya, the other one sing along
    Now it’s a duet, and you wet, when you check out
    the technique from the 2 tecs and I don’t need two lips
    To blow this like a trumpet you dumb shit



    OMG, I can’t belive this shit. Jay was voted as the GREATEST rapper EVER, how you gonna diss him. There is no actual “greatest rapper ever”, eveyone has an opinion and yours is garbage. If Vol 3 is a bad album then Hip Hop is screwed becuase I haven’t heard anything lately thats much better than that. Go suck on Camron’s dick you habitual hater.

  • JML5150

    I recognize a good (not necessaraly classic) album by the passion, pain, and plain emotion put forth by the MC. Resonanble Doubt is a reflection of a hustler, and he made is believeable but not being too “super nigga” and showing a little vunerablity, but in the midst of all the garbage at the time it was a unpolished diamond. Vol 1 slipped up cause he tried to get his commercial songs (Sunshine is arguably the worst song in his catalog), but has some great cuts like,Imaginary Player (one of my favs) and Where I’m From. Vol.2 He got his his songs just right to crossover but still appeal to most of his core audience. Vol.3′s was 60/40 garbage/bangers. Dynasty was the same. Blueprint was a all around banger begining to end. Blueprint 2 should have been ONE DISC, or a mixtape, or just straight scrapped the masters burned and the ashes scattered, that was Jay’s “Nastrodamus”. The Black Album let me down at first listen I expected more but it grew on me. I think most love it so much cause they got instant JDS (Jay deficiency syndrome) cause dude was “retiring”, it’s more like a hiatus, like waiting for new Sopranos episodes, don’t believe the hype.

  • bob

    Only a fuckin idiot would out vol. 1 over black album and blueprint. I pretty much convinced that you are like 50. You just say shit to get ppl riled up. None of your blogs are your actual opinions. You probably just sit in you cubicle and think of ways to piss ppl off. Sohh is a better site. They have something new everyday. Whereas half your damn roster of bloggers dont even write shit. Sickawhore writes about anything negative toward Jay-Z and ppl around him. He ‘s a worse stan then Cam’ron. Elliot Wilson just leaves songs. For someone who talks all that shit in his magazine, he sure dont have much to say in his blogs. And you just think up shit to make ppl mad. Worst blogs ever.

  • Da King J-Hosa

    yall all need to stop bitchin yall actin like a bunch of females…thats this niggaz opinion of what he thinks of the albums….so stop yalls bitch ass crying…dumb motherfuckers

  • prodigynius

    kno’s version of the black album, “The white album” is the best version. the beats sound like some shit kanye would keep for himself. the album sounds like it was supposed t be released but shelved for some reason. Kno vs. Jay-Z the White Album.


    Fuck bol, fuck the da king j-hosa, fuck cristal, fuck most of the other columnist, fuck camron, fuck dipset, fuck internet gangsters, fuck haters… fuck all yall, get a grip bitch!

  • who want what?

    The first 10 tracks on Reasonable Doubt are classic
    but the second half of the album, I could live without
    ever hearing again

  • loc718

    yo why niggaz are still hatin after it’s undeniable that jay-z for one never made a wack album two reasonable doudtand the blueprint are both classics and vol. 3 life and times of shawn carter is one of his best album but was his most underrated album. u don’t get 2 jay-z’s level talikn bout him like he’s an average rapper when he is the best in rap history(yes even over biggie, and pac)i’ll quote one of hova’s versus that fits what u are…a hatet”muthafuckas say that i’m foolish I only talk about jewelz/do u fools listen 2 music or do u just skim through it/….. RENEGADE f. EMINEM of THE BLUEPRINT album jay-z best rapper ever brooklyn stand the fuck up!

  • ace

    yall dudes is wildin hard as hell if u think blueprint isnt a fuckin classic hands down…the only song that i thought really didnt need to be on the album was all i need and it was still hot…come on how the hell can u put the dynasty befor blueprint or even blueprint 2…if u ask me,dynastey was his weakest album…and reasonable doubt to me was when jays flow was at his best…but the songs didnt have concepts like the black album…

    1.blueprint album
    3.reasonable doubt and the curse
    5.hard knock and times my life times
    8.the dynasty

  • jonjon–23

    I only listen to Jay on the radio because he never really gave me a reason to want to spend cake on his album.

  • JSUN

    Jay-Z’s best album is The Black Album………

  • John

    Yo fuck jay-z i got the first album but the rest is garage maybe if he take a song like me him you and put it with 1900 hustler maybe he have two tough tracks but the dude is weak in my book he shitz on his artist he let cam trash him the only thing that person did good was sign nas(thegod) he gon fuck that up like he did X dirty beans fuck state property just beanes dame cam Man its just so much too say negativatly BUT WHAT MORE CAN I SAY alot!

  • Tha Blueprint

    Bol …. u sucks de balls

  • wahala

    I agree with the fact that volume 1 could have been better than resonable doubt. It had you must love me, street’s is watching, friend or foe part 2,where i’m a million and 1 questions, imaginary players. These are all classics i do believe that this album was really slept on.

  • DUB

    Reasonable doubt is one of the illest albums ever, la familia was the worst bullshit in the history of bad Jay decisions ( if not for Kanye it would have been total ass ) every thing in the middle was still the best shit of those summers, and will make a hell of a legacy. The black album, I really think you need to take a pair of headphones and take that to the lab you are sadly mistaken, you can listen to the acapella version of that shit!!!! AND FINALLY!! If you werent born before 1980 shut up about hip hop you’ve really never heard it your hearing the shit that came from it!!!!!!!! “If you can’t feel that ya whole perspective is wack”

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  • pop a poppa

    this just cements the fact that Bol
    has no clue as to what the fuck good
    hip-hop music is and why he hates on all rappers.

  • Kast

    Reasonable Doubt is just as good as Ready to Die and Illmatic and I’m saying that as a fan of Jay-z, Big and Nas . People just love hating Jay which is stupid.
    Blueprint is a classic and Vol 3 was a good cd and one of his darkest excluding a few songs. Vol 2 is hot but the worse Jay album would have to be Blueprint 2 and both of the R Kelly duet joints.

  • Matt

    Who in the hell made u an expert in hip-hop? I dont know if ur ears are clogged or if u cant appreciate good music but the blueprint is a classic no matter how u spin it. Your own magazine tried to pick it apart by downing “Hola Hovito” the albums weakest song but still couldn’t detract from the great production and lyrical value of a classic. Just because jays lyrics take a little more listening to than others to appreciate dont thro dirt on the reigning king of new york.

  • Scholes

    What’s raps top ten albums

  • K.

    Blueprint was the truth and it was so fukin soulful its a bonified classic that and reasonable doubt are in rolling stones 500 greatest albums of all time and got five mics in the source when it meant something really before benzino took over and everthing aint really bad but name me another rapper that sold out the garden and held it down for 8 summers like him or not he’s one of the greatest aint nothing u can do about it so when they have tv shown on mtv or bet on the greatest mc’s of all time if u gonna hate better change the channel because if his not no.1 he is in the top 5 or top ten but he is there on the list there is nothing that any hater of jay-z including dipset can do about it.

  • Clammy Claude

    and the verses on the blueprint were supposedly spit in like two days or somethin…

  • K.T.

    Gotta agree with the list…first time…FIRST, I saw J marked correctly…REALLY NOT THAT GOOD – its easy to LOOK GREAT when you and your 11 closest work associates can CONTROL 80% of public major presentation…

  • ghetto gov

    im way late on this one but i i agree with most of what he said but heres my list
    1 reasonable doubt slept on raw rap flows
    2 black album just blaze had some tight joints and he had his 2 of his best videos tell me 99 problems wasnt hot?
    3 dynasty because this was really a collabo album and beans spit enough to make up for bleek this is the peak of his career too b4 he got ethered
    4the blueprint 2 not includin the gift” hes got some bars on here and tha too little too late nas diss was fire excludin the first verse
    5everything from 97-99 this shit is all average as hell offbeat flown and shit but vol 3 get this nod for premo dre timbo bringin heat
    6blueprint because its so overrated yall need to thank kanye for that all his videos were whack as hell and lastly ether