1. Mr. Media Darling a.k.a. ?uestlove is already making excuses and runnin' his jibs to the press. Yeah, the Wu-Gambinos stiffed you—join the club. Get over it okayboy and go find D'angelo or some shit. He needs your help.

2. The show's DJ Just Blaze is distracted at rehearsals 'cause of his overdue video game column. I'm a demanding editor, fuckers. Can you believe this guy continues to find the time to break bread with us rap germalists? No wonder we can't get a Saigon album.

3. Deaf or not, Foxy will insist on goin' out on stage and she's simply a hot mess.

4. I don't see Mr. Carter swallowing his pride for a "Bring It On" reunion. Duck Sauce will be there but we want Jaz-O. C'mon Hov, you got one more kiss-and-make-up session in ya. The nigga was your mentor.

5. Biggie's dead and gone and I don't think I'm gonna excited about a bunch of rowdy fans chanting "Shoot your daughter in the calf muscle."

6. No Dame.

7. No Biggs.

8. I've seen the King of Rap and the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul together several times. The thrill is gone.

9. The Garden show was so fuckin' picture perfect there's no place to go but down.

P.S. Anyways. I got the fingers crossed. I'll be in the front row with my pom-poms and some popcorn. Break a leg, Hov. Fuck it, hop up on your good foot.