Ethered by the Internets

Sometimes when a woman wants to have sex with a man really bad, she’ll make numerous veiled references to him in her blog postings. Case in point, the other day Tara Henley had a post up called Rappers vs. Internet Thugs, in which she suggest that bloggers go on the Internets with the intention of fucking with a rapper’s career. But fortunately, it’s not like a blogger can actually end a rapper’s career.

To wit:

Clearly, the Internet—be it MySpace, blogs, or discussions boards—is the best thing ever to happen to rap fans. But I have to wonder if it does rappers any good. I’m not sure if the web has the power to dead a career as of yet, but it’s got to be messing with rappers’ heads anyway.

As it turns out, this is entirely untrue – both the part about bloggers purposely fucking with rappers and the part about the Internets having the power to dead someone’s career. As a blogger, I don’t wake up in the morning thinking whose career I’m going to end today. But if I have to in order to prove a point, I will. In fact, I already have.

In a post about post-Kanye Chicago rap, infamous Village Voice blogger Tom “Southern Strategy” Breihan wonders why, given a choice, Rhymefest would opt to sign with Mick Ronson, Jr.’s Trustfund Records rather than his boy Kanye’s Good Music, a/k/a the Grammy Family.

I never really expected to care about Rhymefest. For one thing, his name is Rhymefest, and that’s about the worst, most generic rap name I’ve ever heard. For another, he had the choice to sign with either Kanye West or rich kid-turned-celebrity DJ Mark Ronson, and he chose the latter, which seems like the sort of thing you settle for if you’re fine being an also-ran for the rest of your life.

Come to find out, Rhymefest ended up on Trustfund Records because the Internets made it so that he couldn’t sign with Kanye’s label. You see, a gang I belong to, The Mindset Army spread the word that Rhymefest had been writing Kanye’s lyrics. Kanye, concerned with his own career, decided to cut all ties with Rhymefest so as to not create the appearance of impropriety.

As the LA Times (yep, that LA Times) put it:

“There was an awkward time of two months when Kanye was very angry with me and angry at ‘Fest a little bit,” Ronson says about the signing. [...]

The Mindset Army, a loosely organized coalition of hip-hop fans, even circulated an online petition urging the Grammy organization to drop West from being honored as a writer of “Jesus Walks.”

And here’s Rhymefest himself on how it feels to have your career ethered by a blogger.

“What hurt me the most was the group never contacted me,” Smith says of the incident. “Because of whatever their agenda against Kanye was, they could have hurt a business relationship, they could have hurt a friendship.

“Kanye called me up and was like, ‘Yo, what the [heck] is this?’ ” he recalls. “I was like, ‘I don’t even know who these nuts are.’ “

Does anyone know if the Rhymefest album ever came out? The article from the LA Times, which has since been taken offline, was part of the press run-up to the album’s release, late last year. There was even a video made for some song he did with Kanye that came on MTV like once and never again. I think it’s pretty safe to say his career is over.

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  • MosBang

    If the internet killed Rhymefest’s career well thank you internet.

    Is there any way the internet can take out a few other rappers? if so I will email u a hit list

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Oh, and don’t forget how the internet can “Ether” a blogger’s career as well. Just ask Mr. Irreverent. You’re walking on the tight rope, my man! Sometimes when a timid, lonely male really wants some pussy, he’ll make sexual-related comments about a girl until he realizes he has not a chance in hell at getting some. That was a humorous suggestion, though, I’m sure she wants to screw your brains out because you write sarcasm on I bet 99% of the guys looking at Tara’s picture would want to hit that (I would) and 99% of the women who see your face would want to light it on fire and then stomp it out with a track shoe. You’z fugly, my negro friend. Rhymefest’s career was over before it began–Blue Collar or White Collar–it just ain’t appealing–Besides, you posted it above–these two cats don’t even know who you nuts are! So, you’re saying that because you gave Rhymefest his credit for writing the song that this somehow ended his career? Tell me again how this is? Why would Kanye want to cut all ties, then be mad about his boy signing with another–it’s contradictory, buddy–go start working on your next blog, please, and make it better than this one…

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    The thing is, Rhymefest would not have sold more than 100,000 copies with or without Kanye.

    The man is simply not marketable. He has a stale voice to go along iwth his name, and he looks like a junkie.

    Now where I’m from, when someone like that has the ability to write hits, they become ghostwriters.

    You can’t just throw a jersey and a 5950 on any cat, have him work with a superstar producer, and expect him to sell a million records. It just isn’t that easy (or is it???).

    Also, with someone with as little buzz and hype surrounding him such as Rhymefest (pre-Kanye Grammy), you’d have to figure that any press is good press.

    So when your gang (nullus) lifted the veil from the public’s eyes about the alledged ghostwriting, it must be said that it would help Rhyme’s career rather than hurt it.

    Bottom Line: My wife doesn’t want to have sex with you, and your gang is a means to increase Rhymefest’s soundscan from 100,000 to 120,000. Good job helping this ashy bastard.

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Rhymefest is trash! I’ll give him some credit though cause that “Brand New” joint he had with Kanye was aight. Plus if he did pen “Jesus Walks” line for line then to me that speaks for itself.

    Other than that though,…… I say fuck em (nullus) the game doesn’t need em.


  • P-Matik

    Fest is gonna be at that Brooklyn Hiphop Festival again. He was there last year, he’s not a bad performer but I agree, in today’s market, you can’t just throw anyone on MTV (and “Brand New” was hot a hot track to me).

    I saw him on that Nick Cannon show too, he was jive awkward on there.

  • fresh

    Yo! When he was on Wildin’ Out (not that I watch it or anything. . .fuck it, I do sometimes) Kanye did his whole verse. So when it was his turn they cut his ass off and showed clips of next week’s episode.

    I laugh every time I see it.

  • khal

    doesn’t that nigga have a lisp?

    there were samplers of that album, but I don’t think the LP has dropped. Amazon is saying that it’s due July 11th? Yet again, it also says its due out on J Records… does Mark Ronson have some subsidiary label to J? Trustfund sounds really Jewish btw…

    And most of the Rhymefest tracks I’ve heard were kind of not OK. The Just Blaze one had a nice beat, but I could never get into dude’s flow.

    I want to know more about this Mindset Army though…

  • exo

    No fan of dude but “Dynomite (Going Postal)” is like the best Black Thought song Black Thought never made.

    But still. Album leaked some time ago and even the types who comment on this site don’t seem to care. Better looks exist.


    Dynomite > Anything Lupe Fiasco, Papoose or Saigon have yet to release or leak.

    But still.

  • Sheer

    did Kanye write Jesus Walks or not?

  • ombiant

    Rhymefest is on Allido Records/J Records. He is also performing at the boy Mark Ecko’s joint in Central Park.

    And Exo…what do you mean Lupe’s shit wasnt leaked. What internet you coming from?

  • king douche

    Wrong info again.
    Fest was signed to Mark Ronson before GOOD Music even exsisted. Bol your ranting and raving about Jesus Walks had no affect on anyone. O yea and they still walked away with the Grammy right? Go spend time trying to ruin Bun B & TI and stop focusing on good artists.

  • Kornphlake

    You & Mr. Irreverant should start your own blog site together. You could call it That pretty much describes both of you to a tee.

  • Rey

    I saw the Wild’n Out thing. That was pretty funny. That counts as getting “ethered”, right?

  • UnFaded Disciple

    RhymeFest sucks

  • exo


    “And Exo…what do you mean Lupe’s shit wasnt leaked. What internet you coming from?”

    You seem otherwise capable of grasping the English language, so I’ll regard the personal rancor reflected in your question as an honest mistake and not proof that you’re a RIF-deficient, mathematical symbol-challenged imbecile.

    It’s in the highest interest of all involved that this be the last word on this matter.

  • Bol

    Reality check time.

    The LA Times doesn’t mention your gang by name if you didn’t have shit to do with the dude’s label situation.

    I’ll have you bitches know that I didn’t pitch that story to the guy who wrote it or have anything at all to do with it otherwise.

    Rhymefest told the reporter that he had a falling out with Kanye because of the Jesus Walks incident.

  • BEsmirched


  • Motelsicks

    “(not that I watch it or anything. . .fuck it, I do sometimes)

    Kanye did his whole verse
    I laugh every time I see it.”

    I dont, i do occasionally, i look forward to everytime it is aired, i had a portable video playing device stitched into my breast plate with the clip on repeat…

    Rymefests name is a roadbump, most “fests” aren’t worth your time.. (i see you oktoberfest).. plus am i the only one thinking that a good half of the lyrics to jesus walks are stalez

    ex.”Now hear ye hear ye want to see Thee more clearly
    I know he hear me when my feet get weary
    Cuz we’re the almost nearly extinct
    We rappers are role models we rap we don’t think
    I ain’t here to argue about his facial features
    Or here to convert atheists into believers
    I’m just trying to say the way school need teachers
    The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that’s the way yall need Jesus”

    kanyayo… ‘yall’ need a new ghostwriter..
    or is ‘yall bloggers’ on some ghost spite hype,.,.,

  • LuckyMe

    The internet can be harsh in opinions, but it can’t end anyone’s career. What’s funny is, half the people sitting behind their computer screens, really wouldn’t say or do anything in front of these artist face.

    If they were to see them in the flesh. A lot of the times, the internet is a way to say stuff, that you wouldn’t say and act up without any reprocussions (because I’m sure there would be in real life).

    Anyway, as far as Rhymefest is concerned, I guess people just weern’t interested. It has nothing to do with internet jibberish.

  • Definition

    well i got Blue Collar. obviously legally…………..its not half bad anyway.

    he got Just Blaze on there too, which was surprising. he would have done Mobb Deep numbers if it was released but eh, looks like nothings happening. good riddance to be honest.

  • khal

    rhymefest is better than Papoose and Saigon now?

  • J Ball

    He’s on J Records people! Did anybody really expect this guy to do anything? J Records and Hip Hop music is like Dipset and, well…Hip Hop music.

    Point is that he’s on a wack label and his first single and video were not up to par…there’s been plenty of near signings that didnt go down and it didnt mess us folks careers….Jeezy was supposed to do his deal thru Sho Nuff and Jazze Pha and actually had the Sho Nuff logo on his early material, he shook them and did his numbers….good music wins out in the end.

    Rhymefest’s Music=Not good.

  • Rey

    “J Records and Hip Hop music is like Dipset and, well…Hip Hop music.”

    Damm.. I love a good Dip Set “Ethering”.

  • PMulls

    DipSet’s music may almost always be below par, but as LUCKYME said, there is not one person on this board that would ever step to any of those guys in person.

  • ProjectNRM

    “DipSet’s music may almost always be below par, but as LUCKYME said, there is not one person on this board that would ever step to any of those guys in person.”

    No one’s trying to fight them. People are just saying that the music ain’t that hot.

  • Rey

    I dunno.. I’m pretty sure that in a head-to-head (nullus) fight, without any “hammers”, I could definitely take Juellz. Dude is like 42 pounds.

    I could probably take Cam (nullus2), but he’d just cheat and hit me with one of those big-ass earrings his little sister lets him wear.

  • Ron Miner

    dude… you guys (mindset army) are really feeling yourself. I am Fest’s former manager and the one who was with him when we did the MARK (not mick) Ronson deal (trustfund?records). Your theory of why Fest didn’t sign with Kanye is way out of touch with reality. While I no longer represent Fest, I can assure you that not for one instance did the internet ghostwriting come up at the table. As a matter of fact, we had already done the deal with Allido 2 years before Jesus Walks even was nominated for a Grammy. If you ever want to know the real reason why Fest signed to Mark, you can ask him or email me at
    ron miner

  • pop a poppa

    everyone on here poppin’ off on Rhymefest but have ya’ll actually listened to the album? its one of the top 5 hip-hop albums to drop this year, granted not sayin’ much (but it holds its own against Ice Cube’s Laugh Now, Cry Later; T.I.’s King; DJ Khaled’s Listennn; and Busta’s Big Bang).

    Bol you are truly on some kinda power trip. i’m not sure if you actually believe the shit that you post on here or you just keep crankin’ out anything that is remotely controversial so you can attract readers (a la People, US, Star). i’m thinkin’ its the latter since it seems like you want to be the Howard Stern of the internet. sometimes ya shit can be funny but i wouldn’t get yaself all hyped up cuz i doubt anyone is influenced by all of your outsized opinions.