Boycott the Economist

First of all, having reread Frederic Rouzaud’s comments in The Economist, it doesn’t even appear that he was actually dissing hip-hop in the first place. Here are his comments again, with a little more context than was provided in the original reports at AllHipHop, which has never been know for its accuracy anyway[1].

Asked if an association between Cristal and the bling lifestyle could actually hurt the brand, he replies: “That’s a good question, but what can we do? We can’t forbid people from buying it. I’m sure Dom Pérignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business.”

So you see, it’s not like he was saying, “What can we do?” in the sense that, “If there was a way we could bar you jigs from drinking our champagne, we woud.” Instead, it comes off more along the lines of, “Even if we did want to restrict our brand to a certain community, there’s no way we could.”

The comment, “I’m sure Dom Pérignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business” which was quoted widely in the press surrounding this incident – and again, out of context – comes off more so as him saying, “I bet Dom Pérignon an Krug wish rappers shouted them out more often.”

And as noted in today’s update on the issue, Rouzaud himself never actually referred to the hip-hop community’s patronage of his brand as unwanted attention. That particular characterization was actually made by Gideon Rachman, the author of the Economist piece.

Today Louis Roederer Cristal, the company that manufactures Cristal, issued a response to Jay-Z’s call for a boycott that reads:

“A house like Louis Roederer would not have existed since 1776 without being totally open and tolerant to all forms of culture and art, including the most recent musical and fashion styles, which, like hip-hop, keep us in touch with modernity.”

As I mentioned in my other post on this issue, Cristal has a pretty good reason to be concerned businesswise. That said, I wonder if they’ve actually done anything to deserve such a boycott.

Here’s the actual Economist piece in its entirety.

I’d at least encourage you to check it out if you’re considering boycotting Cristal, just to have all of the facts. Interestingly enough, Jay-Z also figures into and is featured in an illustration accompanying the article.

[1] Indeed if there’s a lesson to be learned from this, it’s that you should never believe anything you read at AllHipHop.

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  • khal

    shit the funny thing is, I’m reading all of this, and I couldn’t tell you what Cristal tastes like. I think after this weekend, I will stop caring about this whole Jay-Z/Cristal BS.

    On to Jacob the Jeweler…

  • J. Biz

    oh shit! I think I coined a new term:

    “Beef Blogging” -When two or more internet blog communities start “beefing” over topics i.e. bol vs. circa 2006

  • Sarutama

    “So you see, it’s not like he was saying, “What can we do?” in the sense that, “If there was a way we could bar you jigs from drinking our champagne, we woud.””

    Can’t XXL spring for a spell checker?

  • Kornphlake

    So was whole thing started by

  • saruhomo

    um, what exactly is spelt wrong there

  • KR

    Negro, I don’t even have money to afford that shit. Why is this relevant anyway? Wow, rich people want to boycott drinking the rich man’s drink. How does this make news in the first place? Who cares? Making two blogs about this same issue was pointless.

  • Rey

    Dude, seriously?

    Normally I’d take this opportunity to fuck with Richard Moll (bol-bull-night court..nevermind. nullus), maybe find a way to insult G-Unit or the Dip Set or 99% of rappers from the South, but I can’t even pretend to care about Cristal.

    When I do need to get my 1997 Diddy on (nullus?), I drink that $4 Andre champagne. You know why? Cuz it’s cheap, and the bottle is pretty. (no juelz santana). Otherwise, I drink blue collar domestic beer.

    99% of those “hip hop” drinks (henny, patron, kwa-va-see-eh, 43 kinds of vodka) are all kinda lousy tasting anyway. Hypno is good, but I don’t know if it’s still cool to drink that. I’ll never even try “Sizzurp” cuz I’m pretty sure that’s just some kind of odd teh ghey Dip Set Homo Love Potion. (Ha! I knew I’d get one in there–no jim jones).

    Coors Light > Cristal.

    Bol, when do I get my “Worst Rap Songs of the Last 10 Years” entry?? I better get at least a bi-line on that!! (um…no cam’ron, just in case)


  • Rey

    *ahem* Since I brought it up:

    The worst rap songs of the last 10 years would HAVE TO INCLUDE:

    My Humps, Candy Shop, Curious, Beautiful, Drop it like it’s hot, The Rain (missy), Hey Papi, Do it again, Lean with it Rock with it, Right Thurr, Santana’s Town…

    I could go on. Seriously. I could.

    (since I’m already hating: mike jones, pow-wow, the neptunes, & everyone on G-Unit can also kiss my short, fat, puerto rican ass.. no homo blah blah)

  • Gutta

    they care as long as there is a demographic otherwise they could give two shits if jay-z stopped endorsing cristal….next thing you know they’ll start lowering the prices,then they’ll really have a problem on their hands

  • Sarutama

    “um, what exactly is spelt wrong there”

    Would has an L in it.

  • hahaha

    once again hip hoppers prove they cant read, hip hop sites prove theyre always on the kneejerk lookout to talk about being persecuted even when theyre not (the boy that cried wolf anyone?) and rappers prove theyre dumb, superficial, self promoting idiots preying on the ignorance of all the above

  • eauhellzgnaw

    It could go either way. I’m actually inclined to agree; however, wouldn’t the interviewer have been able to perceive the context? The Economist isn’t usually that sloppy (or shady).

    But all of this is ridiculous. The people wasting their money on this shit are morons.

  • prodigynius

    it is obvious that allhiphop skewed the context of the interview to cause some drama

  • Sapphire

    Even if there was a slight misunderstanding with this interview it still doesn’t matter. In none of his statements does this guy say he doesn’t have a problem with his hip hop, so fuck him and the economist.

  • D Money

    “Pay us like you owe us
    For all the years you tore from us
    We can talk but money talks
    So talk more bucks”

    “H.O.V.A” off of Jay-Z’s The Blueprint

  • psycho babble baby

    Bol, I agree in that The Economist should be repremanded, but in terms of you implying that Rouzaud’s comments might have been taken out of context, NIGGA PUHLEEZ. Imagine a reporter asking a potentially racist question to any head of a company about the clientelle they are attracting and the response is “what can we do? We can’t forbid people from buying it” as opposed to “that sector of society are loyal customers and we do not discriminate” – now you wanna tell us that perhaps Rouzaud’s statements might not be so bad. You are full of shit, Bol.

  • cb

    what about jay-z boycotting rocawear for using sweat shops?

    or boycotting def jam for parent company vivendi’s grip on the world’s water supply through it’s subsidiary veolia?

    or boycotting hewlett packard for manufacturing in the slavestate of china?

    camel-z is like russell simmons – he knows how to pick a good boycott:

  • Real Talk

    Yeah, what Psycho Babble Baby said!

  • Ogeezy

    BOL you are an idiot, you know damn well the question and comment was racist but you decide to defend your massahs in your blog. HOW DID YOU GET THIS GIG?

  • psycho babble baby

    shit, I cant believe this!!!!!! I am actually agreeing with Ogeezy – somewhat. The comments and questions were not only racist, but obviously classist as well.

  • the dza

    Yeah bol. I read the article and its pretty clear that its racist. They compare Jay-Z drinking Cristal to an African dictator drinking Dom Perignon. If I was Jay I’d be real pissed right about now. Even the headliner says UNWELCOME ATTENTION. I believe Bol is just trying to go against the grain.

  • fuck blogs

    What a loser, picking an e-beef wit allhiphop, for what? I swear, any idiot with a computer can get people talking these days. The shit was racist, at minimum its a class matter, but that generally boils down to race too. You, my friend, desire attention like a fat girl.

  • st.louis mike

    1. You people aren’t to bright If you feel that Shawn Carter boycotting Cris will do anything to that company. Whoever said that they don’t want us drinking that shit anyways was absolutely correct. The minute the black masses get their hands on the shit-the real money [i.e. old white people] wont touch the shit again. And so what if dude was racist? Yea it’s fucked up but he’s old, rich, and white-wtf did you expect? Black folks kill me still getting surprised and outraged by that shit. Now I wont knock Jigga on this one because he has stood up and put money up on some notable causes, so if Jesse and Al can talk that bullshit and still get love so should Shawn. Niggaz need to quit getting ass fucked by Nike, Jacob, Cristal, Car Companies, and shut the fuck uo until they start seeing checks. Since they act like “pimps” nigga why do they keep getting hoed by corporate America?

  • st.louis mike

    too, up*

  • 5%er

    Yo D-Money, my boy Hov actually said: Pay us like u owe us/4 all the years that u hoe’d(pimped) us/We can talk but money talks/So talk more bucks…Act like DJ Khaled and Listennnnn……

  • psycho babble baby

    I dont think Bol is going against the grain nor is he mastahs slave. His views are just pretty mainstream and politically flakey.

  • prodigynius

    actually, no where in the article does rouzoad refer to minorities specifically, only the hip hop demographic so you can’t really say that Cristal is racist. Also, a lot of the questions were loaded and worded to bring about grievous amounts of psuedo-racist responses. But on the other hand, Rouzoad could have came out directly and stated that he had no problem with the hip hop community but he didn’t. Like psycho babble previously stated, his comments were classist. i don’t really view them as racist comments, just bourgeois, classist comments coming from a frenchemn representing a french company. don’t forget, the french look down on everyone no matter the pigmentation of your skin.

  • psycho babble baby

    I think where racism could apply is that although many white kids embrace hip-hop it is largely stil viewed as black expression. This is true for many hiphop heads, media, politicians, etc. When I say racist I dont mean that in your face KKK type racism. There are all kinds of racisms, from institutional to the kind that might even come across as props.

    I’m sure you did not mean all French people look down on others. From my own observations and other sources Africans (especially Algerians) are treated like shit.

    In short, I guess what I am suggesting is that often classism is also racism (eg. South Africa, etc).

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Just like a negro to blow things out of proportion. Don’t trust the French…

  • youngdelta

    bol ur corny!!!!! i think ur secretly a kkk member dog! we should boycott bol!!!!!

  • Freddy Freeloader

    “prodigynius Says: don’t forget, the french look down on everyone no matter the pigmentation of your skin.”

    You know the same thing is said about about Americans, right?

  • Freddy Freeloader

    Bol: The comment, “I’m sure Dom Pérignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business” which was quoted widely in the press surrounding this incident – and again, out of context – comes off more so as him saying, “I bet Dom Pérignon an Krug wish rappers shouted them out more often.”

    How does it come off like that? I wouldn’t read it like that at all. Well, maybe you could if you left out the previous “What can you do?”. Who’s pulling stuff out of context now?

    The interviewer implied the attention was negative and he didn’t (and still doesn’t) deny that. Obviously bourgeois bull. I’m guessin you’re defending it ’cause no matter what the general consensus is you feel you have to oppose it, which is pretty healthy in most cases but isn’t a good look right now.

    Somebody please stop Rey making digital love to Bol.

  • Sarutama

    The problem is, Bol really likes white women (as do I, no future in frontin). But what he fails to realize is that you don’t get white women by agreeing with white stand points and being “one of the good ones”. You get white women by being the most ignorant and thugged out or super concous, sandal wearing brother.

  • Tha muhfuckin Rapture

    *searches pockets for anything resembling a fuck to give*….nope, I got nothin’.

  • Blaq Thought

    In the immortal words of Rakim – “Sip the juice/i got enough to go around”. I can’t afford Cristal and if I could I don’t think I’d be pressed to drink it because I prefer hard liqour it gets you drunk quicker! Boycotting a drink I can’t buy anyway seems furtile (if not pathetic). All you fellow broke bloggers out their should ignore this trivial shit and move on to the next trivial topic – like T.I. and Tiny or Jacob the Jeweler moving keys.

  • nullus

    congratulations on your 69th column

  • Will T. Bagyou

    fuck cristal, its ritzy faggot juice…FREE JACOB AND FREE B.M.F.

  • John Hash

    Hi, according to this discussion theme i think that you might be interested in where you can find hundreds of cool girls right from your town… Just check it.

  • drexelle

    I read the article bubbles and bling and I am not sure what you were reading but he clearly has a problem with black people drinking his wine. Why do we always justify ignorant comments. Jay-z was correct he should not patronize this product. Why when people spit on us do we always think it’s raining?

  • Rey

    “Freddy Freeloader”?

    I just got insulted by someone named Freddy Fucking Freeloader?


    I’d say something back, but even I won’t make fun of retarded people.

  • Joe Momma

    Good work Bol! You’ve done an excellent commentary, as usual.

  • fred

    What about Jay Z reaction?
    why he did that?
    is it because he never had any free good from Roederer? business is business and jay-z is one of the best in business…

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