It's been like, I don't know, two weeks or a month since T.I.'s personal assistant Philant Johnson was shot and killed in Cincinatti. I've yet to hear anything about the police finding any suspects, or even pursuing any leads, so I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up yet another unsolved hip-hop murder.

At the time, it was suggested that the incident was in retaliation for someone in TI's camp throwing money in people's faces - a tradition in Atlanta known as making it rain. This made enough sense to me since, after all, TI and his crew are from Atlanta. But DJ Drama, who came thisclose to being shot at himself (whew!) was very adamant that no one from either T.I.'s or Young Joc's camp threw any money at anyone.

At first I was rather skeptical, but now I'm tempted to believe him, since you'd think something like that would be easy to prove using security footage. Also, I'd have to check on this, but I'm not sure whether or not weed carriers are even allowed to make it rain. At the very least, I would imagine something like that would have to come out of his own cut, and obviously he's going to need that money for retirement.

Or he would have.

So if whoever it was who killed Philant Johnson didn't do so because Big Phil was making it rain, then why did they do it. I mean, it's not like he was hit by a stray bullet in a club. They made it a point to chase T.I.'s entourage down the highway and unload on their van. Surely, T.I. or someone must have done something to offend them. But T.I. hasn't said or done anything to offend anyone recently, has he?

Well, now that you mention it, there was that thing with the Mexicans. You see, on April 14th, a good three weeks before the incident in Cincinatti, T.I. gave an interview to the Associated Press, in which he had the following to say about illegal immigrants:

"If they came here illegally, man, they might need to, you know... It seems rough, and cruel, and harsh; but to be fair to everybody, the people who trying to get over here the right way, I think they might need to be put back over there so they can, you know, find a way to get over here the right way."

In the following weeks, T.I.'s comments would cause quite the stir, as evidenced by comments on my own site and a forum for militant hispanic reconquistadores called Absent evidence of any other offendings actions or remarks on behalf of T.I. or anyone in his entourage, I can't help but think that these latinazis must somehow be involved. At the very least, I think the authorities would have to pursue this as a possibility.


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