I think this Blender-gate, Chris Norris Swayze article thing is hella corny. Didn't The Sauce try that stunt a few years back with The Black Widow. We got enough fake rappers to be making up fake rappers.

Hip-Hop Is Dead. Now that's original! You signed to Hova and that's all you can come up with? I never read the book or will ever see the movie but I think dude should call his shit Da Nasir Code.

It really is surprising that the Def Jam prez chose to swagger jack Rick Ross' style on his Killa Cam comeback.

Kanye and Pharrell together have about as much musical chemistry as that incredible Birdman/Puffy song a few years back.

If you're really gonna call the song "Grammy Family," I think Common should replace Consequence. At least he's been nominated before.

Think you can safely add M.O.P., Olivia and Spider Loc to the never coming out with an album on G-Unit list. Don't tell Curtis I said it.

Another incredible Lil Wayne mixtape street album has dropped. I see why he's your favorite rapper's favorite rapper and why us critics are supposed to be keep shouting his praises.

Maybe I was right about this whole ATLiens thing. But please don't rub it in Fresh's face. I like shawty and all but her 'Kast obsession scares the shit out of me.

I saw the world's most hated radio jock the other day whippin' whippin' real hard through Midtown Manhattan. I think Star was rockin' the same outfit he had on at his perp walk. Dude shouted my name real loud, I hit him with the peace sign and he sped off. He had that look like "Yeah muthafucka, tell a friend. I ain't hiding. I'm out on these streets." Anyway holla atcha boy Hater, me thinks it's time for another feature.

Just got the new Busta album and I think this Nas collabo is different than the one on the mixtapes. Just the first listen but you can tell Dre busted his ass on the production tip; I haven't heard him rap yet though. And there's a lot of Q-Tip on this muthafucka. Them niggas have made a lot of songs together.

I love when chumps like the Hamburger Helper think they're shittin' on XXL by bigging up The Ave and Mass Appeal. What fools like this fail to realize is we're one and the same. The Ave's big boss Anslem Samuel is my Music Editor. Mass Appeal's big boss Brendan Frederick is my Senior Online Editor. Dudes who wanna stack chips and maintain integrity know how to break bread with a nigga—a yellow nigga.