Sh*t On My Mind Vol. 1

“Look at this nigga Jay frontin’ tryin’ to take my shine/I didn’t say this verbally, just had some shit on my mind.”—Memphis Bleek

Paul Wall and Chamillionaire reunion? I wouldn’t hold my breath. And the reason Paul Wall didn’t make that Houston cover a few months back was because he was busy shooting a segment for the XXL DVD. What’s more important than that?

I don’t know how y’all feel but I never bought this Foxy Brown is def shit. Just a gut feeling. Guess if I’m wrong I’m goin’ to hell, but oh well.

So since Oprah’s now doin’ the Ed Lover dance, I guess it’s up to Bill Cosby to prove he’s the president of the OBBFWHHHCC a.k.a. the Older Bougie Black Folks Who Hate Hip-Hop Culture Coalition. My wife hit it on the head this morning, this nigga really thought his show had the power to breed a generation of Theo Huxtables. Yup, hate it or love it, Tupac Shakur was a little more influential than Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

Why do star-studded remixes for songs like “Gettin’ Some” and “Conceited” come out way after the original song is played out. Seriously, how long are we supposed to wait to hear Jay-Z over that Rick Ross shit?

Still don’t get this Jay-Z and 50 Cent sharing Freeway thing. Feels like something fishy goin’ on. And does anyone really want a Young Chris solo album?

How come no one is talking about Mase anymore? He put out one bullshit mixtape and we want to send him back to church. Is he gonna have to go on the radio and talk reckless like Fresh to get Puff to Monty Hall with 50 Cent. Chuuuch!

LL’s G-Unit record sounds like an “In Da Club (Remix).” (Maybe Miss O should add it to her Ipod playlist.) Still it sounds better than anything on Todd Smith.

I don’t give a fuck who’s in or who’s out in Boyz N Da Hood. We want Jeezy! Snow, snow baby!

Uncle Murder scares me. Don’t tell anyone.

It’s crazy how Cam’ron hypes up his albums for so long that by the time they drop he’s got no buzz. Real heads are always disappointed ’cause we know all the songs already from the mixtapes. Still you know we’re coming back a few months later to praise what a sick genius he is. Seriously, who rhymes about havin’ the shits. It’s the movement! A bowel movement!

Who woke Marley Marl out his coma?

Sorry, Tribe: Rap reunions never, ever work. Ask Brand Nubian. Look at the Fugees. Foolery.

Joe Budden is never coming out on Def Jam. I hope I’m wrong but y’all know I’m not.

Is Redman somewhere purchasing a new refrigerator?

“Lord Give Me A Sign” is the best DMX song he’s made in a long-ass time. But that ain’t saying much.

Did that Lil Flip album ever come out? Game over? T.I. really Ja-d him.

Now that hyphy didn’t blow up as much as we thought it would, is Lil Jon gonna bring crunk back? Or are we gonna keep snappin’ our fingers like the Fonz?

There’s 3 books that need to be written about hip-hop. The Rise and Fall of The Source magazine. The history of NY’s Hot 97 and an unauthorized (that’s right, feelings must be hurt) bio of Jay-Z. I’m gonna do one of them. Just haven’t figured out which one.

Now for this breaks shit. Seriously, you geeks just don’t get it. I’ve always acknowledged that I’m a huge fan of the-breaks site. The Breakaday thing is just a chance for me to share some music from my crazy record collection. The only response you ingrates should have is thank you.

For the record: Any song I put up I own. You Preemo disciples should note I don’t even list the rap song that used it. You “snitches” in the comments section play name that tune and blow up the spot. So if the-breaks has the song already listed in the forums, I shouldn’t put it up? Nigga please. Tried that and you know what happens—it’s then added to the-breaks site by some kid named pc25.

Damned if I do. Damned if I don’t. So I won’t… stop that is. Plus the column helps me expense my fiendish music-coppin’ habit. I got to hold on to my receipt like the Isley Brothers. Eat your heart out, haters.

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  • SnitchyMcRat

    sorry elliot…

  • lee

    Yo big props to the e.i.c. you are the truth.

  • G Off

    Nice piece

  • john cochran

    Yo, I’m thinkin the same shit about free, chris, and joe, real rap. That shit true

  • Therapist

    real talk

  • darby darbouze

    How do I get a blog I got some interesting topics to talk about .
    Just e-mail me.
    And ill breakdown what I’m about.
    Peace YN.

  • Prodigy

    FINALLY YOU WRITE SOMETHING!! But yeah dun that shit about Freeway yeah i’m thinkin the same.

  • alleyeCNTower

    hilarious truths.
    yeah… Redman has a strong case for screaming Lox-like obscenities to the Def Jam suits… there’s just no excuse for such shelving.

    Tribe’s reunion may not capture the magic of them touring in 1993, but it will sure remind a lot of people how low our standards of acceptable hip hop have become… Q-Tip is the young, naive hip hopper, and the current music industry is Wrecks-N-Effect.

    Why hasn’t Cam’ron figured out that he’ll NEVER be King of nothing except Harlem stick up kid consignment crack sales when he NEVER talks about real world shit in his music? He can threaten to smack kufis until Islam attacks Manhattan, Killa Cam ain’t replacing Nasty Nas with songs like ‘Wet Wipes’, as funny as that song is. You just can’t take Cam that seriously when the same dude who used to rock pink fur is telling a label president who takes Saint Tropez vacations not to wear chancletas/sandals. Has anyone told him the DipSet movement is over?

    Is Ma$e the worst G Unit signing of them all? Can it be any worse than what just happened to Mobb Deep? Oh Gods of hip hop, please send us a savior. You already sent us an Anti-Christ, and his name is Betha.

    Elliott, you one cold cat talkin that Foxy Brown is not deaf business… is that as cold as the magazine I wrote for Pound (the Canadian equivalent to XXL – , suckas), we had year end awards… and someone’s award was:

    “Hit Song Foxy Brown Never Heard of the Year – Wait (the Whisper Song)”


    I personally liked my “Chuck D: Brothers Gonna Work It Out Award – to Jay-Z and Nasty Nas”

    Ma$e won the “Killah Priest of the Year” award, LOL

    oh, and Oprah gets her Dave Chappelle props removed for her anti-rap tirades lately… who does she think she is, Condoleeza Rice? ha ha

    a journalist from XXL writing “The Rise and the Fall of the Source”? Oh lawd, that’s TOO RICH in irony, I will gain 10 pounds from reading that. How about Reginald Dennis doing some inking? The Dennis Files are still classic me (what you know about that, other commenters? do ya schoolwork).

    and yeah… Jay-Z fronting on putting out that Black Book/Autobiography is on some scurred shit. Someone gotta draw up the Brains of the Blueprint, and pen the REAL Hustler’s Handbook, made by the illest entrepreneur in hip hop history.

    now that the Suge Knight School of Successful Extortion has been bankrupted, all eyez are on Hova.

    Elliott, you got a friend in Mindbender.
    you ever need a writer, holla.
    I have every issue of XXL. EVERY ONE. I got arrested for possessing stolen music equipment on the first day I bought the Hova with Cigars issue (but I beat the charges… NOT GUILTY Y’ALL GOT TO FEEL ME!! HA HA)

    I tried to get contact info, but there is none on here… you need more than Ms. Henley in Vancouver reppin Canada… I’m in Toronto at every event. You know hip hop started on the East Coast, went West, ran Down South… and it’s coming up North very soon. We got next, that’s my word.

    Anyways… write that history of Hot 97 too… maybe we can see the unreleased pics of the effigy that Nas was going to make when he was going to hang Jay-Z! ha ha

    for the love of hip hop,
    A. Stewart

  • P-Matik

    Big Elly Wilson,
    You iz the man for throwin up those breaks. Keep doin it.

  • khal

    yellow ass nigga, do the damn thing. keep on ya grisly. can’t wait for the next issue.

  • Iboughtabucketthatsrightabucketbitch

    Keep the breakadays comin’ fuck the haters!!!!

  • gluvnast

    There’s 3 books that need to be written about hip-hop. The Rise and Fall of The Source magazine. The history of NY’s Hot 97 and an unauthorized (that’s right, feelings must be hurt) bio of Jay-Z. I’m gonna do one of them. Just haven’t figured out which one.

    ^^^^well i believe the source ALREADY DID an autobiography on themselves on the rise and fall….interesting read

  • Mac China

    “Seriously, how long are we supposed to wait to hear Jay-Z over that Rick Ross shit?”

    Two days, apparently.

    “We want Jeezy! Snow, snow baby!”