Is rap misogynistic enough?

New Rule: If black women want their complaints about misgogyny in hip-hop taken seriously, they should go on a diet.

In all of the talk about how horribly misogynistic hip-hop is, rarely do you see any discussion of the actual effects all of this misogyny is having on black women. To hear the Essence magazines of the world tell it, black women should hardly be able to walk out of their front doors without being raped or beat up.

Meanwhile, according to that noted expert on education Bill Cosby, in his recent commencement address at Spelman College, 70% of all blacks graduating from college this year are black women. Indeed, it’s black men who should worry about getting either beat up or raped, since as the Cos notes, most of them are in prison.

Furthermore, if rap music is as awful as these bitches say it is, it obviously hasn’t done much for their self-image. When a white woman is greeted with images that portray women as objects, she takes that as an opportunity to eat less and work out more, so as to fit the standard of beauty put forth by magazines, TV commercials and what have you.

Meanwhile, I don’t think I need to pull out any statistics here to illustrate the fact that black women have been doing nothing of the sort. Indeed an argument can be made that if black women were objectified more often, maybe they’d be that much more motivated to hit a treadmill or eat a salad.

And not one of those salads from Wendys that’s basically a bowl of fried chicken, either.

If anything, I wonder if hip-hop isn’t going hard enough on black women. Numerous awful rap songs have been made about the dedication and sacrifices made by black single mothers, but not a one has been made blaming black single mothers for the myriad issues currently facing the black community, and especially black men.

After all, if most black men these days are either unemployed or in jail, and most black men these days were raised by black women exclusively, I don’t think it takes a Rhodes Scholar to put one and two together.


If you haven’t already (and why would you?), check out jimbrah izrael’s excellent post on these issues, On Black Feminism, Black Female Leadership in the Black Community, and Queen Lafonda, lord of the flygirls OR Bill Cosby is a tool, and too many black women talking and not listening. Whichever title you like better.

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  • khal

    eh I don’t know if that one works, Bol. I mean, the stereotype of black and white girls is that most white girls are thin, while black girls are thicker. I don’t think eating salads will help thin out some shit that they got from they mama.

  • Belize


  • Bol

    >I don’t think eating salads will help thin out some shit that they got from they mama.

    Ah ha, but did they get if from they mama, or McDonalds?

    Black women are arguably the most venerated, untouchable group in this country. Maybe that’s the cause for so much unwarranted self-esteem and silly euphemisms such as “thick.”


    yeah, but on the other hand anorexic chicks arent good either.

    that said however, ive personally never had the unfortunate circumstance in which i was forced to bang a fat chick (or an anorexic one, for that matter), so i guess i cant really relate.

    although either way, i guess at the end of the day

    anorexic bitches > fat bitches

  • Sarutama

    No way!

    Fat bitches > anorexic bitches.

    You bang an anorexic chick you end up with bruises from all them bones hittin you.

  • Bol

    Anorexia is hardly the problem here, in either the black or white communitites.

  • Tyler Durden

    All i want for CHristmas is two fat bitches..and two bags of chips to feed to the fat bitches

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    So are you saying that rappers and black men misogynize black women because of their above average weight?

    And when said misogyny occurs, black women are to blame for not dieting? HUH?

    I am thoroughly confused…

  • Danja29

    damn, homie.

    If that’s how you feel, you might as well find you a waif named Becky and move up on the hills… *smh*

  • MosBang

    Preach, these black women get off too easy!

    Black women perpetuate this ‘competition’ with black men which is stupid. I have heard plenty college black women brag on how they are more succesful than college black men why?

    When did this become a competition? The only reason they get more jobs is because it is easier to pay a black woman less for the same job as a black man. So if u were a white man who ran a business which would u hire?

    a) a stupid black bitch who u can pay less and is happy with that cause they are ‘out-performing’ black men.

    b) a black man who makes the white man feel uneasy and demands his equal share.

  • Black LONDON

    Listen MosBang…..

    First off you need to stop with that Black Bitch Sh!t. I aint havin that.

    Black men have a lot to answer for.

    In this bullsh!t day of an age, black men (in general) are weak.

    In America many black men would rather settle for an “EASY” Latino (Ho) girl (In the WHOLE OF Europe Latino means… WHITE WITH A TAN THAT CAN SPEAK SPANISH or Portuguese, not another race), than elevate themselves and find a beautiful, powerful BLACK WOMAN.

    In the UK (over here) many black men would rather settle for an “EASY” White girl than elevate themselves and find a beautiful, powerful BLACK WOMAN.


    This because they ARE TOO SCARED of Black WOMEN…..Than we are quick to judge when we see a sista with some cracca face.

    Our ONCE POWERFUL BLACK COMMUNITY is dieing because its getting to a point where we are starting to hate eachother for every little reason….

    Calling our Sistas bitches, Hos (FOR NO REASON)

    Ive known brothas that keep saying SISTAS complain too much, that they are golddiggers etc. When those VERY SAME NIGGAS (NOT BROTHAs…never brothas) are the ones that complain too much, and would just at a chance to get with some RICH WHITE GIRL.

    Mr. Crawford, I cant say that I disagree with you BUT….my brotha surly you must understand that we as brothas have a lot to answer for.

    My brotha, I aint perfect, Ive been through my sh!t, but at 24 I feel that Ive reached an age where I can fully understand both sides.

    Crawford… You know deep down we WERE ONCE A COLLECTIVE POWERFULL RACE. NOW WE AS BROTHAS are letting our sistas down. I fully AGREE where you are coming from (so dont trip)…but sistas (the ones that are at university or trying to better themselves…in a postive way) have every right to say they are doing better.

    Bol.. We can chat bout this all bloody day. But I just can back from work and im hungry.

    Peace Bol.

    P.S (AGAIN) I respect YO’ veiw, I never like your blogs but I respect this one.

    • GrindTime

      easy on the “race” – shit, nazi…

  • Black LONDON


  • Belize


  • nOva

    Yo, Bol ain’t typically someone I agree with, but this post is on-point for several reasons.

    For one, he’s challenging us to re-evaluate the way we think about this issue by being tongue-in-cheek, to a point.

    But I would add that black men and black women both need to be held accountable. Everyone wants to point the finger and get all in their feelings without self-evaluation.

    Instead of abdicating responsibility, perhaps we should act first and cry later.

  • kyle

    bol.. i share similar views.. borrowing a line out of kurupt’s ryhmebook, fuck a bitch!!!

  • Randomname

    Damn Bol, Good post.
    Some of the realest ish you ever wrote.

  • V diddy

    ” Black women are arguably the most venerated, untouchable group in this country. Maybe that’s the cause for so much unwarranted self-esteem and silly euphemisms such as “thick.” ”

    haha that had me cracking up. I was on blackplanet the other day and i cou;dnt believe how many of the girls were so overweight, but they described themselves as thick or my favorite ” full bodied”. Bitch please, don’t get me wron i love me some true thick sistas, but i rarely see them nowadays


    Damn so YOU TOOK MY ADVICE so your trying to help now?

  • UnFaded Disciple

    lol this post is funny

    All I got to say is, blavk girls are “thick” cuz they think its sexi

    Vut your suppose to be “thick” in the ass and not the gut…wtf? Come on black women we love yall but really step ya game up and white women…quit losing weight lol

  • mathew

    you crazy boi. but on the real some of these black women are too fat. they need to hit the gym and be just right…then they wonder why they single.

  • allnice

    Bol is correct man, over weight black chicks, gold diggers, and alimony
    sharks get fire from rappers for a reason. These hip hop dudes know how these hoes operate because they sleep on you, but jump on your nutsack when things start popping. Songs back in the days were more hard on black chicks than they are now, so they don’t even need to complain about getting disrespected. Especially when they are graduating college at high rate, getting dough, and realizing their dreams while niggaz rot in prison.

    These cats need to get tougher on these hoes in songs instead of pretending like they need to be cherished or something. Until shorties start taking better care of themselves, there isn’t any need to lie and act like they deserve any respect.

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  • Combat Jack

    Bol, I think it’s safe to say you “Starred” DJ Drama and made his bitch as go away. You didn’t even have to cuss out his bitch wife or theaten to “R. Kelly” his kids. Nice!

  • Che

    if rappers put white women in their music videos, no doubt some black women would take offence. the moral being; women will always find something to bitch about, so leave them to it, in one ear out of the other.

    p.s. there’s a good reason why Einstein was an Albert rather than an Alberta.

    by the way, i have nothing against women, love them, they just talk a little too much.

  • Che

    on a tangent, mary magdalene, the most viciously ethered woman in history?

  • Yung “Cee-Eye” So Fly

    One again Bol, you are on point. I may be one of the 3 fans you have that actually like and repsect your blogs. Sometimes the label of “thick” is overused by sistas. There is nothing wrong with some curves ,but work on that stomach would ya?

  • ManFrizzLe

    Yoooo you are whack man, how did you get a blog on xxl…black men in jail can be attributed to the lack of black men at home, and therefore the lack of a role model for these young black men to look up to…to quote LB…”that’s the way his daddies and his uncles did it, so more than likely that’s the way they gonna do it”

  • Dissapointed Diva from Detroit

    I find it very interesting and disheartening that our Black brothas are so ready to blame us for the mistakes of our children. As parents, no matter what the race, all we can do is teach our children; right from wrong, how to handle themselves, the proper way to live, etc. Once they reach a certain age, it is up to them to make their own decisions about how they are going to live their lives. That’s not to say that bad parents don’t exist. However, I do not think that a bad child automatically means they had a bad parent. Alot of times it does, but let’s make these children accountable for their own actions. It’s just as if a man cheats on his woman and then blames her because she wasn’t home enough. And more than likely, he never told her he even had a problem.

    As far as overweight black women are concerned, you as a black man have no idea what is going on inside our heads. You don’t know why a woman, of any race for that matter, is overweight. Maybe she is depressed and finds her happiness in food. Maybe she is just a lazy cow. Maybe she is acting out in retaliation against society’s definition of beauty.

    You don’t know the reasons. And it’s not fair for you to judge and/or ridicule her. If she wants to be fat and kill herself, so be it. But she should not have to deal with the men of her own race telling her she’s not good enough for them. If you don’t want to be with her, keep on pushing. I’m sure that someone out there does and she will be happy with the person who accepts her for what and who she is.

    Because believe it or not, BLACK MEN ARE NOT PERFECT EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!! You all make fucked up and stupid decisions just like we do. So if you are so concerned about black women raising children and if they do such a bad job at it, why don’t you keep your dumb ass out of jail long enough to stay around for your children since you can do so much of a better job than we can.

  • alleyeCNTower

    this blog CAN’T be serious.
    there is not a woman on this planet more disrespected than the Black woman, inside and outside of hip hop culture.
    to put all the blame on any one issue is to be a total fool about real life.
    you think just because a Black woman is a single mother, that she is solely to blame for all the young Black men in gangs and in jail, or dead? These men are not exactly mama’s boys… they learn what a “man” is from all kinds of the wrong places. Then they go and fuck up their lives.

    to not be aware of how this entire society is aimed at separating and destroying the Black man and woman, then you aren’t fit to contribute any kind of solution to the problem. that’s right, it’s that real.

    do the knowledge before you start shooting targets… a lotta cats have their aim waaay off on this issue.

    SMH… this HAS to be a bitterly sarcastic joke… Black men disrespect women in ways that only the most grotesque imagination can think of, in so many songs… and both Black men AND women accept it, for the most part, every day.

    rap is outta control

  • ManFrizzLe

    For real…step your game up, man. You are a writer for a prominant publication that I trust, so I should be able to trust you. Positions like these are given to writers with great talent who have something to say and know how to say it. However, I am yet to read one meaningful, insightful, positive entry from you yet. If you’re that starved for ideas, then stop writing every single day and save your entries for other days man. Too many bloggers think that the number of times you update makes you a great blogger. Why do I have to advise you on writing, dawg?

  • mathew

    i take back what I said. respect to all black women out there!! this blog wasn’t good.

  • Michele2000

    Wow, if your argument is correct then the men idealized in hip hop should be carrying around nothing but 6 packs (and possibly a case of Aids) from stints in jail. Our community is seeing plenty of the latter but very little of the former. Since the women are all getting fat then all the men should be fit.

  • Donnella

    Do my eyes decieve me? after having born all your children, black men have the audacity to call blck women fat?!! Black men continue to blame all their inadequacies and troubles on the black women,prehaps the author himself is suffering from some weight issues when that’s no enough , he finds a white woman to do the same. The fact is, the misogny in these hateful songs are directed to women of all colours. Women have too long depended on men to be their knight in shiny amour, but now its seems these men have become our dragons. The so called Bitches of essence ore doing something men like you, the author dont have the guts enough to do, sstand up for against such common injustices and make a change for ourselves!!

  • Krittle

    I am highly upset and disheartened to see such hatred towards black women. We must stop breaking each other apart as black people and realize that both black men and women have been shaped and molded by white racist ideals since the turn of the century. It is not a one or the other issue. What you are trying to generalize can not be generalized. There are tons of issues facing the black community, but
    misogyny is extremely detrimental. Your blog in itself proves that you have sexist ideals. I would expect someone writing for such a column would have a bit more intelligence than what is put forth. The problems of black women in hip hop are not one sided- we do have responsibility of not accepting such images. But the men are not in the clear. They have the power to make powerful changes.

    And to say that we must move to make ourselves look more like the women we see in these videos, well that is just straight ignorant. It saddening to see black people being torn apart in such ways. Who the hell do I need to write to in order to get your ass to lose your job. I promote free thinking, but ignorant is not tolerable.

  • Krittle

    There is an extensive amount of research on the effects of hip hop and media on black women. I dare you look up the works of Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Patricia Hill-Collins, bell Hooks, hell, even white scholars such as Ariel Levy, and so many many more.

    Similarly, if you were to go around and discuss with women how many have been raped in their lifetime (and rape is not simply by a stranger, educate yourself on the definition of rape) I would dare say so that it is quite hard for a black woman to walk out the door and not be raped. We have been since slavery. We have been the jezebel, the sexual being since being brought here, and being the jezebel there is no way that we can be raped. Its always our fault.

    I think it is interesting who you chose to cite as someone else to check out on these issues- which is someone who is obviously affected by sexist ideals as well.

    Overall, we need to stop blaming one another. There is a multitude of problems facing the black community, and pointing fingers isnt getting us anywhere.

  • Blaq Thought

    I think Bol makes an interesting and disturbing point. There is more to it than Black women are not holding up their weight (no pun intended). We all know that alot of black men out there are just plain phucking up instead of studying, learning and getting educated so they can achieve some real success outside of sports, drugs and rap music but there is a real problem not being addressed. Children can be raised by one parent without the other parent present but if the lone parent is not functional then their creating a lopsided version of themselves and expecting the general public to “deal with” the results. You don’t build a house without the electrician or the carpenter. You need a full team to complete a proper project. I commend black women for their success despite the odds but I also blame them for some of the problems facing black men today. High pregnancy and STD rates would not be as high in the African American community is these women said NO. Close those legs. Make him wait. He can’t get you pregnant if he can’t get in. I also think single mothers should raise their sons better by finding a proper male role model for their sons to emulate. No matter what gets said, our families start and end with our women. Better or for worse!!

  • yah

    This blog is hilariously not funny. Just replace the words “rap music” with “white people” and mysogynistic” with “racist” and you would get “is white people racist enough?” The whole blog blames black women for misogyny because they aren’t thin and they don’t starve to fit into ideal that changes every 5 years, they respect themselves and they don’t compromise (wow, those are really big problems…are you crazy?). So why don’t Black people work harder to fit into the way white people want them to be? White people would love to control Black people, maybe their should be more neo-nazi white supremacy hate songs on the radio. If 75% of the Black population is broke and struggling, maybe we should bring the Klan everywhere to scare Black people back into slavery because something is not working. Does that actually make any sense? No, it’s actually wrong and fucked up.

    Do you see what’s wrong with saying that Black women should act like insecure white women and be more easily controlled? Who is that going to help? Not them. Is it going to help Black men? If you think disrespecting women is gonna help you succeed in life, it hasn’t helped so far. You want to blame single moms for fucking-up Black men? Why not just take responsibility for the kids you have? It takes two to raise a child, at least single moms are trying to do something by their kids. Black women should have to say No and close their legs? How about Black men doing the same if they know they can’t help support a family? Ever heard of a condom? Or is that too unmasculine? Black women shouldn’t have the burden of everything on their backs–they already deal with enough. It’s about time men start being real men and do more to contribute instead of proposing to try to hurt even further the women who are trying to make something of themselves.

  • e

    Rap needs Kurupt and Too Short back to have real misogynistc lyrics


    Rap is good on the misogyny part, but why do black woman complain about videos “portraying them as hoes”(i.e. BET Uncut). White woman never bitch about them being portrayed as sluts on “Girls Gone Wild.”

  • mabisa

    Is this post-irony?

  • the M

    First of all…Big ups to blak london for breakin it down so nicely!

    Second of all, if you, the author want to suggest health plans for the black community, dont suggest a misongynistic approach. You evidently lack the understanding of misogyny that WOMEN have tried to ban. The 1960′s women’s movement, black women’s liberation…etc, all that were in aims of removing mysogny from a male-driven society.

    Misogyny surrounds the digust, hostility or hatred toward black women. Women; a gender which entails, mothers, sisters, daughts, aunts etc. And you, the author, is boldly suggesting a furthering of contemptuous thought and action towards WOMEN??? How absurd! Clearly the medieval era is back with a cruel vengenace!

    Moreover, mysogynistic cultures and thought encourage violence towards womean such as rape, physical abuse, sexual, and verbal. Y ask for more violence in lyrics obviously degrading? Y teach young men to attack an overwieght blak woman? Encouraging discrimination!

    how are you helpin the blak community by suggestin hip hop instil more discriminatory lyrics? dont you realise that other societies are influenced by what you say and usually conclude that blaks and hip hop are completely riduculous in their entirety? u mite see it as entertainment…but most socieities can only understand the hip hop culture thru the music and music with a mysogynistic title leaves little to conclude but a savage mind. Do u not recall white america regarding black men as sexual savages? Making chants about this? the outrage? And, you, boldly suggest something of the same course…to women of the same colour, the same history, the same struggles? And y? becuase you feel that the health of the black women and the course they are leading is, in your view, overwieght and lack the knowledge to raise children. In a breath, I can only say, “How dare you?!”

  • 703 haterkiller

    maybe those women who make comments about hip-hop being too mysogynistic probably dont listen to hip-hop that much. They act like hip-hop artists have never put out songs glorifying women. they act like there are no evil women in the hood.and in the hood,is where artists get the fuel 4 the fire that they say is directed to all women-but it is not. surely not all women are hoez,slutz,rollerz,etc.But all women do not come from the hood that they come from!!!

  • 703 haterkiller

    There’s nothing wrong with black women having a little weight on them. But when it comes 2 a point when they are overweight, they gotta do some thing about it. cause it just kills me when I see overweight black women everywhere, who dont put forth an effort to lose weight. Unless they want to be that way … then I dont have a problem. Maybe comments about overweight women in hip-hop, is the motivation they need to lose weight.
    becuse if they would stop wasting their money on pills,bullshit diet plans,and surgery then they would be in better shape by eating healthy and exercising.

  • FU


  • Thank Goodness 4 Jill

    Q. If Black women are bitches, why do you care how much they weigh?

    Cos I know If thought someone was a bitch, why on earth would I then care about how much they weighed?? or their about how much they have been educated?? that just doesn’t make any sense.

    All you are doing is finding faults in Black women to help give u excuses fake reasons as to why you want to continue marrying and have children White women, Mixed Raced women and Asian women (any colour women just not a Black one). The real reason is that u have issues with your Blackness.
    My advice would be leave all the (what u call ‘Bitches’) Black women in the UK alone and go marry as much skinny white women u want….but remember it wont make all those issues you have with blackness go away, plus it wont stop u from secretly hating yourself (plus if u marry a girl for a wrong reason and she’ll take half of whatever u got whether it be money or your self-respect-(which in your case isn’t very much Bol) so be carefl out there)

    Self-hatred is a terrible thing (big issue), it really it causes nothin but drama. All you guys that agree with Bol ever wonder why all the girlfriends u have are so crazy or just doormats those are the only girls u will ever attract.

    All I can say is the existance of Black People in this country will soon cease to be.

    Questions for Bol
    *Do you have a Mother Bol? or a Father?
    *You should work for the BNP Bol,
    *Do you work for the BNP??


    ps Bol you might as well change the title of your article to… Black Women Are Fat And Bitches So Lets All Of Us Black Dudes Use This As An Excuse As To Why We Want To Marry More And More White Women (or Mixed Raced Ones or Asian ones) ….I suppose ‘Is rap misogynistic enough?’ is tad more catchy eh Bol

  • cool biz

    Yeah the best solution to fix the 30%-70% college graduate problem is to put them down so much that they stop eating and get depressed. That will surely help the over 50% mothers who are single parents trying to raise kids in government neglected, poor school system, crime-infested communities. That makes sense.

  • gfd

    you stupid uncle tom negro! Why dont you go ahead and genocide our race until we have a buch of tiger woods negros… sell out uncle tom!

  • Tamil Man Dem



  • Cuban Link Says:

    May 16th, 2006 at 2:18 pm
    yeah, but on the other hand anorexic chicks arent good either.

    that said however, ive personally never had the unfortunate circumstance in which i was forced to bang a fat chick (or an anorexic one, for that matter), so i guess i cant really relate.

    although either way, i guess at the end of the day

    anorexic bitches > fat bitches

    no no, fat bitches>anoexic bitches

    if their fat, the only problem u got is they might roll over and have a heart attack, in which case u won’t get blamed for her death, and you can even brag to your friends, “I give it so hard I gave a bitch a heart attack and killed her!”

    If u have an anorexic chica, she could turn around and just die while ur at dinner for the lack of food, in which case ud get blamed from her family and friends for not giving her good enough food.Also, theres nothing to hit on dem’ anorexic girls

  • Yo Fats

    Bol is Gay

  • Kisha

    oh my. that’s wack. you say “black women” like we’re the enemy. all that space you had to write something and you wrote a bunch of mess with no reasonable solution. ooo, i got it, date white women! now that’s the solution. wow.
    you should sit on your words for a minute … kinda f’ed up.

  • Rob

    Surely you jest: this has gotta be some sort of A Modest Proposal move, right? Because otherwise, well, my God, you’re wrong.

  • RK

    Anybody mad at this post musta never hearda a li’l ditty called “A Modest Proposal.” Good job, Pol.

  • annoyed

    soooo…we should all be anorexic? haha get a life. some black women choose to be thick…some of us cant be like monica and nicole richie… :/

  • gtsdnfg


  • BklynBandette

    And Look At Where We Are NOW!

  • Ilza

    If black men weren’t such ugly apes, maybe their women would go on diets.

  • I’m just sayin’…

    bol is a sellout… and i think closeted homo. he said jennifer hudson was ugly previously… i really think he’s either gay or a pinktoe (white girl) lover. i’m just sayin’…

  • Madis

    Bol… your kind of reasoning makes it hard for you to be addressed in a meaningful way. you’re just trying too hard to be different. i mean, is this blog really the result of genuine thought process. i really don’t think so. shameful waste.

  • TooMany Shady

    hahahahaha!!!!! Bitches are wildin!!! oh no you didnt, bol:)

  • Maya

    I actually can’t believe this post. Your reasoning is that black single mothers are to blame for the failures of young black men?
    How about the failures of todays young black men are due to absentee FATHERS?
    Also, I don’t think lyrics like “bitches ain’t shit” are going to make women make healthy choices about their bodies.
    I honestly hope this post was just written for shock value, and you actually don’t think like this.. If you do, you’re just a sick jackass.