New Rule: If black women want their complaints about misgogyny in hip-hop taken seriously, they should go on a diet.

In all of the talk about how horribly misogynistic hip-hop is, rarely do you see any discussion of the actual effects all of this misogyny is having on black women. To hear the Essence magazines of the world tell it, black women should hardly be able to walk out of their front doors without being raped or beat up.

Meanwhile, according to that noted expert on education Bill Cosby, in his recent commencement address at Spelman College, 70% of all blacks graduating from college this year are black women. Indeed, it's black men who should worry about getting either beat up or raped, since as the Cos notes, most of them are in prison.

Furthermore, if rap music is as awful as these bitches say it is, it obviously hasn't done much for their self-image. When a white woman is greeted with images that portray women as objects, she takes that as an opportunity to eat less and work out more, so as to fit the standard of beauty put forth by magazines, TV commercials and what have you.

Meanwhile, I don't think I need to pull out any statistics here to illustrate the fact that black women have been doing nothing of the sort. Indeed an argument can be made that if black women were objectified more often, maybe they'd be that much more motivated to hit a treadmill or eat a salad.

And not one of those salads from Wendys that's basically a bowl of fried chicken, either.

If anything, I wonder if hip-hop isn't going hard enough on black women. Numerous awful rap songs have been made about the dedication and sacrifices made by black single mothers, but not a one has been made blaming black single mothers for the myriad issues currently facing the black community, and especially black men.

After all, if most black men these days are either unemployed or in jail, and most black men these days were raised by black women exclusively, I don't think it takes a Rhodes Scholar to put one and two together.