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  • suckitmarshall

    Thank god! Ell, I still have nightmares about this video….it STAYED on the box every day. Jesus. What about MOP and LFO collabo title track from the Boston group’s second album, “My Life”? Also, how about the Slim Kid Tre produced Brian Austin Greene album?

  • ras

    oh my

  • janice

    Oh I remember this….. It was awful.. what were Nice & Smooth thinking????

  • Therapist

    thinking about that royalty check…. what else…

    you’s a dirty dawg for this one YN

  • iw11

    dude u don’t write anymore?

  • Danja29

    yeah… this is one of them things where dudes made a fuuuuukked-up decision. And on top of that, this wasn’t even when NKOTB were relevant to anybody. So not only was Nice & Smooth takin’ part in a lame-ass song, but takin’ part in a lame-ass song that was gonna do nothin’ but make ‘em look like clowns.

    *goes to Youtube to see if the vid is there. I need a good laugh.

  • Zilla

    I like that New Kids on the Block did a new jack swing song in 1994 featuring rappers who were out of the business by ’95. Plus they rip off “Atomic Dog” which is one of the most sampled tracks of all time. This is failure in all aspects.

  • Zilla

    And they also rip off the whistle from Prince’s “Get Off!” BRAVO!

  • Antonio DePietro

    This is when Donny was still reppin the “streets”.

  • H-Man

    Yo, not even 1 night in Paris??? Come On…How about a weekend??? hmmm I just got a movie idea, We’ll call it A Weekend in Paris. Guess who’s gonna star?? I could bring big thangs on da set on dis movie. If ya know what I mean!!

  • Holla

    What ar u talking about????Paris hilton?