Not that I follow these things, but I was rather surprised to read the other day that the new Cam'ron album, Killa Season, would be coming out next week. Maybe this was when he planned to release the album all along, but it still strikes me as an inopportune moment. Whatever little bit of hype he was able to generate with the Jay-Z dis, the XXL cover, and the Killa Season movie has all but dissipated at this point.

Which is not to suggest that Cam'ron was ever poised to make much of a splash with this album, say two months ago. "You Gotta Love It," or whatever it's called, had the Internets buzzing for like a day and a half. But as I mentioned way back when I first heard it, I thought it was pretty weak as far as dis records go. Aside from the chancletas thing, which I still find amusing, there was really nothing about it that would warrant a response from Jay-Z. I mean, it's not like he fucked Beyonce in Jay's car or anything.

I've yet to see Killa Season the movie, but from what I understand, it's just awful. Which makes me wonder why he even bothered in the first place. If you do a movie that's at least decent enough for a wide release, like ATL, then at least you get to go on the Today Show to promote it, and then maybe if you're lucky, you get to have the number one album in the country for one week. But if you do a movie that just sucks balls, then you're just known as a guy who did a movie that sucks balls. I don't know that there's any promotional value in that.

It also doesn't help matters that the album kinda sucks. Most of you will have to wait until next week or whenever to check it out, but I managed to finagle a copy early. Because I'm the kind of person a record company respects, not just some guy you send a thousand spam emails about the awful new Stills album and then threaten to sue over some bullshit. I imagine Dipset fans will enjoy Killa Season just fine, but I doubt it'll go over nearly as well with the hipster community, which embraced his last album, Purple Haze.

You can check out my review of the album at my own site:

I'm not sure what Cam'ron's situation is with Atlantic Records, but it'll be interesting to see what happens if and when this album goes triple wood. I know they already have a tendency to send their lackluster New York MCs back to Def Jam once they brick, but obviously that's not about to happen with Cam. He could very well end up on Koch Records with the rest of his crew making $8 per album sold, i.e. $16.