Soon You’ll Understand

1. Cam doesn’t like Koch Records anymore.

2. makes a lot of money.

3. The Dips are guaranteed 8 dollars a record from Asylum.

4. Cam got tired of fighting Koch Records CEO Alan Grumblatt for his money.

5. Def Jam is his partner.

6. Warner Bros is his partner.

7. Koch is under Dip Set’s arm pit

8. Cam can say “Ya dig” like Jim Jones.

9. Hustlers hustle. Grinders grind. And bitches is bitches.

10. Cam is allowed to pop shit.

11. Cam flies G4′s, he rides Lamborghinis and Ferraris and he hasn’t even had an album sell multi-platinum yet.

12. Cam’s got five million dollars in jewelry.

13. Cam gets moonneeey.

14. Cam ain’t got to sell records to get his moonneeey. He gets it how he gets it.

15. Freaky Zekey is doing 3 years.

16. The authorities believe Zeke ran an ecstacy ring.

17. Cam doesn’t walk to talk about that.

18. Cam reads NY’s Daily News.

19. Cam reads the Buffalo Times.

20. Cam is surrounded by money.

21. Cam still believes in slapping kufis off or stepping on some bunions.

22. Cam has a lot of love and respect for Dame Dash and Biggs.

23. Jay-Z and Nas are “clown niggas.”

24. Cam likens a reunited Jay and Nas to old soul groups like the Supremes or the Four Tops.

25. Cam is still disgusted by Nas’ inability to control the actions of his baby’s mom.

26. Cam’s friends tote guns.

27. Cam made a drug connect 30 million back when 30 a gram was the price of coke. That was in 1992.

28. Cam has been indicted.

29. Cam has a paid lawyer.

30. Cam has been told he’s got a “psychic/sniper” flow (That’s dangerous.).

31. Cam is the shit so much so that he should rock a diaper (No homo, of course.).

32. Dip Set rock foreign cars, spaceships, and modern tanks.

33. Dip Set has the bluest chains.

34. Dip Set pull techs against those who disrespect.

35. Cam will smack you with a C-note since you keep it a hundred (That’s a good line.).

36. Cam would still like you to refer to him as King Jaffe Joe.

37. This chick singing the hook here is clearly tone deaf.

38. Cam and Jim Jones sold more sizzurp than Aunt Jemina (That’s another good line.).

39. Cam cops army jackets and owns army ratchets.

40. Cam owns a lot of guns.

41. Cam controls the baddest bitties.

42. Cam has frequented Strokers and Magic City.

43. Cam enjoys VIP treatment.

44. Cam switches up his jewelry a lot.

45. Cam is on that Kryptonite.

46. Dick-sucking groupies need to be clear: Cam likes to share with his friends.

47. Cam is well-respected around the world.

48. Cam is loved in London.

49. They dig him in Germany.

50. They like him in Paris.

51. Ohio is Cam’s playground.

52. Cam and his crew are young and hungry.

53. Like most rappers, Cam likes the dialogue from the movie Scarface.

54. Cam still reps 140th and Lennox to the fullest.

55. Killa Season has begun.

P.S. Word is Cam is in jail. At Riker’s Island right next to Lil Cease. But you didn’t hear it from me.

Cam’ron “Ya’ll Can’t Live My Life” (2006)

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  • G Off

    Ha ha!!! 8 dollars a record from Asylum… get the fuck out of here!

    Good piece.

  • Roc the Trashman

    Wow, prime example of talking and not saying anything.

  • khal

    asylum does koch type deals now? i wonder what mike jones gets per lp…

  • lamont614

    cam is that nigga
    dipset all day

  • Casey

    LMFAO!! That’s funny to read while listening to that!

  • Therapist

    wow at this girl singing

    woooooow thats bad

    the shit popping is hilarious tho

  • Zilla

    A few things come to mind when listening to this song:
    1. Cam has not and will never appeal to anyone outside of America, regardless of his so-called in London, Germany and France.
    2. He needs to give 5% of all his earnings to Ghostface for imitating him poorly over the past 4 years.
    3. Jay-Z and Nas look at Cam with as much respect and fear as a runny nose.
    4. Cam is running out of movie soundtracks to sample for all of his beats.
    5. Cam must be contractually obligated to record every worthless singer who is related to someone in Dipset. How can Camron, CEO of Diplomat Records, listen to that chick on the chorus and not pour hot coffee on his eyeballs?

  • janice

    Why would you put that “singer” on your track?????

  • Djeli

    Cam is clearly wack.

  • AD

    Cam is awful, he sucks. How can people fix their face to say that dude can rhyme. Hov should put dude in his place and black ball his azz for disrespecting him.

  • SweetP

    WHO is that girl singing?

    hahahahahahaha… That’s the funniest shit I’ve heard all day!!!

  • Cardy

    Ayo Im tired about hearin this niggah cam’ron pop off like he some type of lyrical god or sumthin, he sound like a Dr.Seus book on tape, we gonna see the fall of the Dips when my niggah Hov drop that “Takeover” on them lame ass niggahs

  • lone Nigerian

    he can’t be serious…
    but he is

  • BlackBoy

    Longest. Intro. Ever.

  • Ian

    He’s actually a smart black man. History for those 2 lazy to look it up. 1.He came in the game when Mase was hot and Mase tried to help him sell by working on his album and giving him shout outs on songs.(So much for that you got on and didn’t try to help us get out the hood BS.)
    2. Went to Jay-z sold 1 million and started the dipset movement. Disses Mase while there.
    3. Gets three seperate deals with Dipset, Julez, and himself while at The roc.
    4. Leaves the Roc and gets new deal. Disses Jay-z for attention.
    5. Gets $5 off every album sold with the Jay-z diss on it. Dipset will respond through Kotch, $8 off that. All that means is that he’ll get a boost in sales and more money in his pocket. He says MASE is going to hell, but he and his crew needs to go with those 1st grade lyrics.

  • adam

    what does “keep it a hundred” mean? i’ve heard it in two songs lately.

  • Doc Flav

    Keep It 100 % Real @ Adam. Good Writing Elliot.

  • 79cent

    Are you serious, this sucks.

  • notes from underground

    That is the funniest thing I have ever read! Someone forward this to Cam. Hopefully he’ll realize how wack he truly is. I’m sorry but I had to turn the song off after about three seconds of hearing that cat being murdered. What? That was a women singing. Oh My God!

  • 110 street

    Im from 110 and 1st ave eastside harlem,And i repect the gift of gab,if you dont feel yourself who is?

  • SY Young

    27. Cam made a drug connect 30 million back when 30 a gram was the price of coke. That was in 1992.

    cam would have been 14 in 92

  • littleblacksexy10

    cam is a hatin as nigga wit lil boy bread comparded to jay

  • rec

    Wow Elliott…you and Bol are the only two bringin’it…lol

  • Jim Jones

    Quit Cock Riding Cam. Have You Not Seen The Video Of Jim Jones Getting His Ass Whooped At The Ruckers & Cam Just Walking Away While His Dipset Partner Gets The Shit Stomped Out Of Him. Them Niggaz Are Bitches. Straight Up Faggots Ass Niggaz. Have We Forgot The Faggot Put Out That Horrible Album Confessions Of Fire Looking Like A Gay Steel Worker. And Now Ya’ll Worship The Ground He Walks On. Fuck Cam. Fuck Dipset. Do Ya Research Them Niggaz Are Fake As A Dollar Store Weave. Go To & Do A Search For Jim Jones Ruckers For A Good Laugh.

  • Amazing

    AMAZING. Your name is Jim Jones, but you diss Dipset. Kill yourself. Now. And why the fuck are you talking in all caps? Dumb faggot…on the OTHER hand

    If you want to have a laugh, search for Cam’Ron at a concert where his homeboys get their ass beat by the crowd. Too funny.