1. Cam doesn't like Koch Records anymore.

2. Dipsetmixtapes.com makes a lot of money.

3. The Dips are guaranteed 8 dollars a record from Asylum.

4. Cam got tired of fighting Koch Records CEO Alan Grumblatt for his money.

5. Def Jam is his partner.

6. Warner Bros is his partner.

7. Koch is under Dip Set's arm pit

8. Cam can say "Ya dig" like Jim Jones.

9. Hustlers hustle. Grinders grind. And bitches is bitches.

10. Cam is allowed to pop shit.

11. Cam flies G4's, he rides Lamborghinis and Ferraris and he hasn't even had an album sell multi-platinum yet.

12. Cam's got five million dollars in jewelry.

13. Cam gets moonneeey.

14. Cam ain't got to sell records to get his moonneeey. He gets it how he gets it.

15. Freaky Zekey is doing 3 years.

16. The authorities believe Zeke ran an ecstacy ring.

17. Cam doesn't walk to talk about that.

18. Cam reads NY's Daily News.

19. Cam reads the Buffalo Times.

20. Cam is surrounded by money.

21. Cam still believes in slapping kufis off or stepping on some bunions.

22. Cam has a lot of love and respect for Dame Dash and Biggs.

23. Jay-Z and Nas are "clown niggas."

24. Cam likens a reunited Jay and Nas to old soul groups like the Supremes or the Four Tops.

25. Cam is still disgusted by Nas' inability to control the actions of his baby's mom.

26. Cam's friends tote guns.

27. Cam made a drug connect 30 million back when 30 a gram was the price of coke. That was in 1992.

28. Cam has been indicted.

29. Cam has a paid lawyer.

30. Cam has been told he's got a "psychic/sniper" flow (That's dangerous.).

31. Cam is the shit so much so that he should rock a diaper (No homo, of course.).

32. Dip Set rock foreign cars, spaceships, and modern tanks.

33. Dip Set has the bluest chains.

34. Dip Set pull techs against those who disrespect.

35. Cam will smack you with a C-note since you keep it a hundred (That's a good line.).

36. Cam would still like you to refer to him as King Jaffe Joe.

37. This chick singing the hook here is clearly tone deaf.

38. Cam and Jim Jones sold more sizzurp than Aunt Jemina (That's another good line.).

39. Cam cops army jackets and owns army ratchets.

40. Cam owns a lot of guns.

41. Cam controls the baddest bitties.

42. Cam has frequented Strokers and Magic City.

43. Cam enjoys VIP treatment.

44. Cam switches up his jewelry a lot.

45. Cam is on that Kryptonite.

46. Dick-sucking groupies need to be clear: Cam likes to share with his friends.

47. Cam is well-respected around the world.

48. Cam is loved in London.

49. They dig him in Germany.

50. They like him in Paris.

51. Ohio is Cam's playground.

52. Cam and his crew are young and hungry.

53. Like most rappers, Cam likes the dialogue from the movie Scarface.

54. Cam still reps 140th and Lennox to the fullest.

55. Killa Season has begun.

P.S. Word is Cam is in jail. At Riker's Island right next to Lil Cease. But you didn't hear it from me.

Cam'ron "Ya'll Can't Live My Life" (2006)