As we all know, Bubba Sparxxx’s “Ms. New Booty” is catching hell right now. Here’s some thoughts on the single (check the remix)—which is climbing up the Billboard pop charts and may well break the Top 10—plus the video, the website, and the whole damn controversy.

1. With “Ms. Fat Booty,” Mos created one of the warmest, sexiest, most honest songs about attraction of the last decade. The new Ms. Booty joint is crass…and catchy as hell. A sign of the times?

2. Bubba Sparxxx recently told “I never ever stirred up the female world as much as I have with ‘Ms. New Booty.’ We got the Ms. New Booty website going on, and the women are going ape-shit about it. I just performed the song for a radio show in Memphis the other night, and it was just pandemonium.” As I told you all yesterday, some females seriously dig this sort of thing.

3. Why do most of the chicks in “The New Ms. Booty” have tiny asses? And how come the magic box just makes them do the stripper shake? Why doesn’t it make their booties fatter?

4. On a total tangent, I’d like to take a moment to thank hip-hop for banishing the starved-heroin-chic look and making it cool to have curves. Muchos gracias.

5. The Ying Yang twins need to dead that whisper shit. It’s very, very annoying. I read somewhere that the style is supposed to symbolize how dudes spit game at the club, which makes no sense at all since clubs are notoriously loud and hectic. And anyway, if some dude tried to holler at me like that—all up in my ear—he would get no play.

6. Apparently dudes are really feeling the whole sexy librarian thing.

7. The video is par for the course and I wouldn’t have much to say about it if the marketing campaign didn’t cross the line. The campaign features a web contest where chicks post flicks of their backsides and potentially get chosen to be Bubba’s next video chick. Here’s why it goes too far: the contest is being hyped on the radio during prime listening time for 12-17 year-olds. I don’t give a Eff what grown women chose to do with their digital cameras—or what any adult decides to do with other adults on the Internet, for that matter—but someone should really be looking out for the babies. Let the girls be girls, they have their whole lives to women. (I’m betting the folks out there who have daughters will agree.)

8. I came across this quote on Hip-Hop DX from Paul Porter of Industry Ears, the watchdog group that’s waging war on Sparxxx, Virgin Records, and mainstream radio: “I’m all for freedom of speech, but there’s such an imbalance out here. I’d hate to be eight years old listening to the radio, the only thing I’d be thinking about is fuckin’ and cutting a pound of blow up.” The man has a point.

9. If you’re mad at “Ms. New Booty,” it’s worth remembering that we’re all partially to blame—since Deliverance was a stirring, soul-searching work of art and no one bothered to buy it.