Gone Fishin’: All Samples Cleared (Except 2!)

Yellow Nigga, a beat digger? Not really, homie. I’m just a grown man who enjoys the sounds that provide the beautiful backdrops to some of your favorite rap tunes. You see ever since the blessed day, my mello, my man Chairman Mao hipped your boy to the sampled crazed, breakbeat world of hip-hop, I’ve become a certified addict—addicted to music. If a producer looped it, chopped it or screwed it—I want it. Whether on vinyl, CD or MP3. Give up the goods—just step. I’m a fiend.

And, as we all know by now, Ghostface has returned with that crack, as the kids say. Few MC’s have a finer taster’s choice of picking the proper beats to back-up their formidable flows. Ghost is truly a soul baby and anything he busts his larynx over I must possess. It’s the reason why I’ve feverishly over the past week been gathering all the songs that have been used in the creation of his latest incredible LP, Fishcale.

Enough talk already—listen to the music. Or play yourself and don’t. I don’t care. I got more records to buy on-line.

“The Return of Clyde Smith (Skit)”

Jack McDuff “Summer Dream” (1976)
(The idiots at Def Jam cleared the wrong song.)

“Shakey Dog”
(Produced by Lewis Parker)

The Dells “I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue” (1968)

“Kilo” featuring Raekwon
(Produced by MoSS)

Not Cleared. Ask O-Dub.

“9 Milli Bros.” feat. Wu Tang Clan
(Produced by Metal Fingerz DOOM)

MF Doom “Fenugreek” (2002)

“Beauty Jackson”
(Produced by J Dilla)

The Three Degrees “Maybe” (1970)

“Crack Spot”
(Produced by Crackval From The Soulmates)

Freda Payne “Master of Love” (1978) (Idiots at Def Jam cleared wrong song—again. Not snitching, though—A. Posey and J. Powell still get paid.)

“R.A.G.U.” feat. Raekwon
(Produced by Pete Rock)

The Delfonics “The Look of Love” (1968)

“Whip You With A Strap”
(Produced by J Dilla)

Luther Ingram “To the Other Man” (1972)

“Back Like That” feat. Ne-Yo
(Produced by Xtreme)

Willie Hutch “Baby Come Home” (1976)

“Be Easy” feat. Trife
(Produced by Pete Rock)

The Sylvers “Stay Away From Me” (1973)

“Jellyfish” feat. Theodore Unit
(Produced by Metal Fingerz DOOM)

Dennis Coffey “Never Can Say Goodbye” (1972)

Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On” (1973)

Ray, Goodman & Brown “Special Lady” (1979)

“Dogs of War” feat. Raekwon & Theodore Unit
(Produced by Pete Rock)

Sly & the Family Stone “Family Affair” (1971)

(Produced by The Studio Beatz)

The Manhattans “You’d Better Believe It” (1973)

“Big Girl”
(Produced by Ghostface)

Not cleared. Ask Cam’Ron.

The Stylistics “You’re A Big Girl Now” (1971)

(Produced by Metal Fingerz DOOM)

Bobbi Humphrey “Just A Love Child” (1973)

“Momma” feat. Megan Rochell
(Produced by Sean C & LV)

David Axelrod “Wandering Star” (1980)

P.S. My blog is better than yours. My mag is better than yours. I do both well and I’m still in charge. La la la la la. Sha from MTV. La la la la la. Don’t you ever get mad at me.

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  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Man, you bags are on fire today.

  • http://www.hiphop-blogs.com Hashim

    “anything he busts his larynx over I must possess.”

    No homo?

  • http://freehiphopnow.com Conscious

    Man.. Ghost is one of the sickest ever… Best story teller every…

  • http://www.myspace.com/geoffdilkes G Off

    Nice work… Interesting stuff.

  • http://www.uvmix.com DROID

    I have to give it up for this feature. Ghostface is my favorite MC, and as a DJ, I really appreciate hearing the original songs. Respect.

  • http://www.mindmusik.com/ Small Eyez

    props 4 life…4 this one..

  • lslelel

    so wtf happened to charlie brown…

  • steve

    yo, YN bless us with this online source you’ve tapped into. the itunes script lead is no good, nothing there. i need the classics!

  • http://myspace.com/2bill b/ill.

    the “kilos” sample is from “i weigh with kilos” by jimmy van & richard heironymous

    yes, soulsides posted it a while back

    great song

  • http://www.soulfullofthoughts.blogspot..com Soulfull

    Oooo weee! I really enjoyed this post! I’m feenin for more! :)

  • Ginsburger

    No idea what happened to Charlie Brown (it was my fav song on the sampler) but if you’re interested:
    Charlie Brown
    Caetano Veloso “Alfomega” (1969)

  • SummerZ

    I love if you could do the exact same shit for the alchemist samples, its always good to hear how they manipulated and cut the shit out of the sample.

  • http://www.earfuzz.com G147

    It’s getting cutty in here!

  • http://www.earfuzz.com G147

    It’s getting cutty in here!

  • Optizity

    I can’t wait for Ghost to pay you a visit. Nobody warned you before doing this? You don’t shit on the gods and get away with it. I’d be looking for some relocation programs right about now. Dipshit.

    • http://filthyhmms.com Young Nitley

      Hataz! Catch up with your kind! All yall in here bringin’ all that ana talking about “ghost paying a visit” and “snitching”…stop flaugin’!!! Nobody’s gettin’ screwed over because of this. Hell, the Rza included several of these original samples in the first track of The Rza Instrumental Experience, in addition to several others originals that the Wu sampled from. Would Rza do that if he didn’t want us to know these “secrets” that some of yall idiots is talkin about?

      I’m no legal scholar, so I can’t say the implications of a song “not being cleared”, but as for all the other tracks on here, it’s gotta be str8. At any rate, nobody is exposing secrets. It’s only a secret if you’re walking around with the brain of a crash dummy.

      To summarize, you need to stop flaugin, catch up with your kind, and get some money for your damn kids. And if you ain’t god kids then you got family. Stop flaugin.

  • sean paul

    yall are exposing secrets that should remain secret. now mafuckas gunna take some of the same songs and flip em sum whack way. yo guys are assholes.

  • http://www.mikenice.com/ Mike Nice

    Hey, can you do this with J Dilla’s “Donuts” too???

  • ray

    jellyfish sounds like a strait up coffey loop to me. i dont hear the other two

  • Marco

    You know what, some people are never happy! Wicked job EW, sould drenched beats from a top LP, murderation.

    Marco, London UK

  • khal

    I get the same way, YN… even going as far as making my own CDs with the original, then the track that sampled it… fun stuff. Keep up the good work… the site is lookin ILL!

  • http://www.earthborngrafx.com Chase_Network

    1st. Who I gotta merk to get a zip file of these songs so I can raise my kids on em.

    2nd. Thats a sick .swf of the media player

    3rd. If you can’t share, at least archive this page so I can bookmark it.

    Keep it Hoppin Homeboy

  • Po!nd3xTer

    from one beat digger to another…i’m glad you know your sh*t. but yo…why are you airin’ cats out on some “these 2 samples weren’t cleared” type isht ? and why are you droppin’ o-dubs name in it like “ask him” ? i mean, you DO realize that even *if*…on the off chance that your assumptions are correct…and the publishing holders won’t trip off of the fact that the wrong songs were cleared…if the information from this blog o’yours gets out and certain people start having thier lawyers contact def jams lawyers over the issue…that’s still money coming out ironman’s pockets…don’t you ? and lets not even consider the worst case scenario…they pull a biggie “ready to die” job on him and pull fishscale off the racks. that’s no bueno right there doggie…and i bet you any amount of money that there’ll be some people up and def jam (ghost and his folks included) who are gonna want some answers (from you).

    i’m just sayin’…..

  • Aurock

    Uno: A lot of this info is probably in the booklet anyhow–I’m sure some lawyers already done peep game

    Dos: Y’all niggas Captain kirkin’ like fools don’t have a rack more shit over at “The Breaks”…

  • ghostfan

    yo when ghostface pays you a visit could you pls tell us the details of how he hung you out the window upside down by your feet by snitching on him. lol thanks

  • Paul Brian

    A deep appreciation for the samples is rare today in the era of repetitive, non-sensical and non-indulging and uninspiring hip hop beats and songs.

  • http://www.sfrsh.biz JJ

    dude make this right clickable right cheah. flash is RETARDED

  • Gomez

    You are a snitch.
    Ghost will face legals over this.
    You dogged him.
    You are a snitch.
    XXL fire his ass.

  • Manny

    I think its a good blog…I don’t understand what people are cryin about…all of (well most of) the information is in the cd booklet…with the exception of like two…and then he added his own corrections and even on one of those..the people will still get paid…

    And as for those two that weren’t cleared..you’d be a fool to not know where that joint came from..the jint couldn’t have been clearer…perhaps he should have said “ask Camron and Kanye” I don’t know…but I think its a well done piece…and with that..


  • X

    Wooopty fucking wooo! This guy knows how to read the linear notes. I hate the following phrase BUT “STOP SNITCHING” you SELLOUT.

  • Daddy Dan

    How can I get a copy of all these samples? I collect old jawns…..

  • http://www.myspace.com/drumk319 drum

    Good looking on the finds. This album is a classic. “Big Girl” is my favorite cut–Ghost is like unfrozen caveman producer, just looping up some sections and rapping over other people singing. Who else does that shit? Nobody!

    And to all the people with their panties in a twist over this shit: get over it. The days when you could keep a sample secret forever are over, and have been for a long time. Information is meant to be shared. What good is it to be a sensei without any proteges?

  • damn

    if i was ghost i’d be pissed that doom gave him a recycled beat (milli bros. is the same beat from “1,2…1,2″ by the monsta island czars and featured in special herbs as pointed out in the post)…maybe its just another diss aimed at M.I.C. by doom, but a joint featuring a verse by the gza deserves only the freshest of original beats

    btw…listing “fenugreek” as the break for “milli bros.” does not count…it is the beat, not the source


    you a snitch about that uncleared shit

  • pimp b

    no beef at all,
    that’s was really dope to put the samples.I learned quite a lot and there’s so many records that haven’t been touched that it’s incredible.Yes that blog is the best…hahaha

  • http://myspace.com/shondellm Dell

    yo….I can’t believe I just stumbled on this…this is sick…crazy. and all I can say is good looking out…The Dell’s joint is my favorite

  • C. Mahoney

    Thanks, this is tight. Great work.

  • http://xxlmag erererer

    this was some nice shit right here.i hate yellow nigga bt i fucks with this rght here.props yellow nig.u still a bicth though.

  • Mikey C.

    Someone asked if you could do this for J Dilla’s “Donuts”. I second that. I have collected some off it already but can you help us out. Thanks.

  • Mozeek

    The samples are in the cd booklet for fishscale. Y’all say Stop Snitchin’? Well, I say STOP BITCHIN’!

  • deeZie

    want the donuts samples?

    2 word: GO DIG

  • Black

    lol @ you, YN. Good luck, nigga. You better hit up your husband 50 and ask him if you can borrow some of that security…

  • I Got The Tops

    YN gonna meet the same fate as M-A-Dolla Sign-E haha

    you better start stocking up on them Ensure’s now

  • Rising Star

    Very thorough! Good looking out with your research. It was very good to hear the orginals, as it makes me want to dig in some crates and hear some throw back music!

  • Jace

    This is a nice collection even to just have as a dj alone. Thanx for your dedication to the music.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dabee DaBee

    Thanx YN, I’ve dug and found some of the originals used by Ghost and mixed them ->


    FishSampleScale (Ghostface Fishey OG Vs Ghostface soulful joints):

    Part I :

    Shakey Dog (Produced by Lewis Parker)
    Kilo featuring Raekwon (Produced by MoSS)
    Crack Spot (Produced by Crackval From The Soulmates)
    R.A.G.U. feat. Raekwon (Produced by Pete Rock)
    Be Easy feat. Trife (Produced by Pete Rock)
    “The Champ” (Produced by Just Blaze)

    Part II (online tonite) :

    Jellyfish feat. Theodore Unit (Produced by Metal Fingerz DOOM)
    Dogs of War feat. Raekwon & Theodore Unit (Produced by Pete Rock)
    Barbershop (Produced by The Studio Beatz)
    Big Girl (Produced by Ghostface)

    Enjoy !

  • dabee

    To those of you who wanted the same for Donuts -> http://www.laid-back.be/download/dabee.htm

  • nawtyxes

    now if only these were d/l’able

  • Bobby

    I got half the og’s for Donuts, I love diggin’ for that stuff, some joints are driving me crazy tryin’ to figure out….

  • cripesalmighty

    These are great, and for all the fuckwits out there , it is so fuckin’ easy to download em I ain’t even gonna share

  • 12345678

    i can find the luther ingram track anywhere…i know its on his best of, but no one seems to have it. can anyone share?

  • http://gospoony.blogspot.com/ 701

    good stuff…thanx!!!

  • http://www.hot79.blogspot.com Wat3r

    good job. but what’s up with pointing out def jam cleared wrong samples. both the a&r and producer know that. $$$$$ could be an issue

  • http://www.myspace.com/babyboi95productions Babyboi95

    Props! On the lines of people exposing samples, all they have to do is check the credits. It’s no secret.

  • krazy da mowkicker

    yo yo, here is da frenchie with always good “vibes”!!! and wat i say is : to all the punk mwfuckaz who believe that this page isn’t a good idea, fuck ya’ll…
    to all the others : don’t try to copy, just appreciate it!!!

    krazyko del funky beat

  • Benny Blunts

    Samples are allllll fuckin’ disgusting. Ghost is simply the greatest. And he proves it, again,…and again. Fishscale is pretty much untouchable and better get the grammy.

  • k-pzzz

    What is the name of the sprung out sample? Thanks

  • http://TehBored.com TehBored.com

    great digs. too soulful

  • K boog

    man i got this sample that not one person has been able to tell me whay it is so i can try and get it cleared! Man any help would be appreciated!

  • Wussy Killa

    All the whining pussy’s that whine about snitching and not sharing information can fuck themselves. Since when does sharing information become illegal. i don’t agree with the excessive comments regarding what samples weren’t cleared but whether it’s news or no news it’s good press. Look at all the assholes on here talking and probaley bought or even downloaded the fishscale albulm for free.

    Music doesn’t even belong to the collectors or even the artist themselves 85% of the time. Keep the history alive for generations to come and maybe we’ll have something to look forward to as old farts from this fast-food generation at the present.

    Build bridges, not burn!

  • Curt McGirt

    As DJ Premier would’ve said…
    “Yall fagot ass muthafuckas is violatin’ straight up and down!”

    The beauty of beat diggin is when you come across a track that someone used by accident. When the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you get chills and goosebumps and shit, thats what it’s all about.

    I dont necessarily agree with cats putting the originals on blast like that. It’s cool to give a few treats to give a muthafucka a direction to go in but these muthafuckas givin the whole game away!

    Get your fingers dusty and have fun. You might find the next fat beat. If you did would you want cats in your crates? Fuck naw!

  • Microcosm

    I agree with the other cat, “STOP BITCHIN” One more time you blind bats, SAMPLES ARE IN THE BOOKLET! Good work crate diggin yo but come on surely you can dig deeper than Ghost tracks. Ill be interested in what you dig next or are you just a one note pony?

  • drewlife

    Wow. Amazing that most of Ghost’s tracks used the whole original song, without much rearrangement. Obviously, bigger studio produced beats were laid on top, samples magnified, sped up/slowed down and mixed for a bigger sound on the album. But this shows how strong those originals stand on their own. The arrangement and musicality are sick. I could listen to this stuff on its own. While jacking entire 70s soul tracks as samples keeps our traditions alive and reminds people of what that era produced, producers could put their energy on new arrangements and compositions, working on their musicality and creating now/present/future bangers. But as Ghost said he’s a 70′s baby and old soul so this fits him to a tee. Easy.

  • The Truth

    ** 10 Months later**

    Kanye West sampled “Sprung Out” for Cam’Ron’s “Down & Out”.

    He sampled the middle section where the song builds up.

  • raul casino

    do you know where nas ‘s dr.knockboots was sampled from? hit me back.

  • Paul Lepe

    What is the horns for the song 914 produced by Pete Rock?

  • Mike

    YO Those samples are fire but out of all of them dilla got it on lock hands down. Don’t forget about pete rock too.

  • rob h.

    Doom also used a different sample of that Bobbi Humphrey song for the John Robinson song “Outta Control”, though, I’ve only seen the video for that on YouTube and I don’t know if that song is out anywhere else… But, that’s the song he samples.

    Also, Edan as well as Prince Paul sampled The Dells song.

  • niggafrommemphis

    i need to know the song on the bad mouth kid skit track #11.that shit goes hard but it isn’t listed for shit,someone please slick tell it,to be as old school as i am and don’t know that song is fucked up.

  • http://DAVIDAXELRODMUSIC.COM Dana Axelrod

    “Ghost” did not use a “sample” of Axelrod’s “Wandering Star”! They used the entire fxxkin
    song and rapped over it. All of them can come over to my place to discuss this matter, then
    pay my father (who is 78) if they really believe in their freedoms and what they rap all about; while Axelrod continues to lay his
    entire soul out while writing (what’s a real
    artist to do?) then quite a few are so darn
    smart to steal as the Record Companies laugh to the bank; as they steal from their great talents.

    David Axelrod gave his soul to make this music!
    Can’t “Ghostface” at least give some of the “dough” as they have “sampled” enough of his work; this is not the only tune!
    At least those in the “know” are not surprised,
    as Axelrod has been sampled by over 300 artists!
    FYI- Great lawyers are extremely expensive.
    However, Lil Wayne (Dr. Carter), Dre (Next Episode), and a “few” others actually licensed
    Axelrod’s creations! Now, if he could just get paid for the legit ones first!!!!! What? Lil Wayne cannot tell his people pay this man his
    $.034 from my sales. When did the music artists turn to bizness thieves? Someone out in this Hip-Hop/MC/Beat/Rapping world MUST have a little decency or class, I would like to believe.

    As Axelrod has said, “I am flattered; but SHOW ME the money”! If it is so easy, sit down at a blank score pad and write for 30 instruments.

    And no B.S. about color, etc.. The ONLY color in music is the black and white of a keyboard!!
    (along with the “green” which must look nice in some one Else’s pocket).

    I will keep at it. May the most honorable truly win!

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