Soulja Boy might have gotten caught. The Atlanta rapper posted a video of himself in a luxurious penthouse, which he claimed to have bought for $6 million. As it turns out, he is simply renting the Hollywood home from AirBnB, according to TMZ.

The "Crank Dat" rapper even exaggerated about the price. Soulja Boy said he dropped $6 million on it, but the penthouse is actually listed for $3.2 million. Although he may have lied about purchasing the place, he is living there. The rapper is planning to live there for the next year while the owners attempt to sell it.

In a Twitter video, Soulja rebuked the claim, saying he put up the crib for rent. Watch his response below.

Soulja Boy's been taking some hits of late, most notably in his feud with Lil Yachty. Soulja Boy tried to squash the beef, but Lil Boat aired his new rival out by posting a phone conversation between the two.

“As you can see, this nigga’s fried," Lil Yachty said of the audio. "I don’t want anything to do with it. I’m not gonna say nothing. I never apologized, bro, I didn’t have a reason to, I didn’t do anything wrong. He called me last night out the blue, apologized to me. I didn’t call him, he called me. Liar. C'mon bruh. You a joke. I guess when you get washed up you gotta go to desperate measures. I will never know what that’s like.”

It seems like Soulja Boy can't catch a break. The rapper is also getting sued for threatening to kill a man.

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