Maino performed at Ottawa's Sentral Nightclub over the weekend, posting the above flyer to Instagram on Saturday (Aug. 13). Later that evening, the Ottawa Citizen reports, Omar Rashid-Ghader, an aspiring rapper and original member of the south-end Ledbury-Banff Crips, was shot and killed. Known to local police as "Esco," Rashid-Ghader was 33 and pronounced dead at the scene.

The Citizen spoke to an unidentified employee at Sentral who said that the club does not use metal detectors, but performs pat-downs on all guests as a security measure. While the publication mentions that Maino was only scheduled to perform at the club, the rapper posted the below video to Instagram, writing "Live in Ottawa Canada" and tagging Sentral.

Mustafa Ahmed, 28, has been identified as the lead suspect and is wanted for second-degree murder. A friend of Rashid-Ghader's said that she was at the club with the victim, but left early. She tried to have a last word with Rashid-Ghader but couldn't grab his attention.

“I was there, I was with him — he can’t be dead,” she said, asking that her last name not be used, fearing for her own safety. “This is so unfair. I’m still registering. They need to put guns in control — they need to do something.”

Looking at Maino's Twitter, it appears the rapper has yet to comment on the incident. For further details and quotes, visit the Ottawa Citizenwho are continuing to update their coverage of the incident.

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