The NBA finals have rolled around and like the majority of the US, hip-hop is all the way tuned in. The Bay Area rappers are especially lucky though, because so many of them seem to have access to the Warriors' games. E-40 has attended nearly every game in his hometown this season decked out in Golden State gear from head-to-toe. Mistah F.A.B. is also a court-side regular with humorous commentary often posted to his IG page. Let's not forget that G-Eazy recently performed during the halftime show too.

On June 2, the "When It’s Dark Out" rapper performed at Game 1 to assist in kicking off the Warriors and Cavaliers throw down to win the championship. This isn't the first time the G-Eazy has connected with his hometown team either. In December, G-Eazy teamed up with ESPN for the "Warriors Remix" of "Random." The Oakland spitter additionally premiered the new version of the song on Sports Center and shot the video with ESPN, officially gifting the team a theme song.

Other Bay Area MCs have also been at the games. From the veterans to the newbies, it seems like the finals are unifying the city. MC Hammer has attended a game or two, Marty Grimes and who can forget Lil B even showed up.

Check out a gallery of rappers supporting the Golden State Warriors above.