Drake had a long interview with Zane Lowe during the premiere of his Views album on OVO Sound Radio, and one of the things he addressed was the long-simmering tension with Tory Lanez. You can hear that short portion above.

In it, Drake speaks on the beef that's been building between these two for some time and criticizes Tory for speaking down on him.

"I encourage anybody to go out there and do the most damage that you possibly can. Do you things, get all the fruits, get everything," he begins. "Become the biggest artist you can possibly be. Just don't get up there finally and start talking down on me. Especially when we have no interaction. Don't get your first big shot to speak out and you think the right thing to do is to start trying to come for the don. It's not gonna work and I don't go for that.

"What's the point of that?" he continued. "Any time prior, ask me about anybody [in Toronto], I'm biggin' 'em up. It's our city, man. Why would you get up on a public platform and start being like 'aaaaahh!' Nah, man. And then what - just to come back and start backpedalling and begging it out?

He also spoke on how Tory could have a better approach to getting attention.

"The talk doesn't work is my point," said Drake. "The music speaks, man. It's such a transparent formula. The music speaks and it will take you as far as you want to go."

Tory's taken plenty of shots at Drake before, and though Drake jabbed him on "Summer Sixteen," he's pretty much stayed away from Tory. We'll see how this plays out now that Drake has finally addressed it.