While Iggy Azalea and Nick Young may have agreed to tie the knot back in June of 2015, it seems the couple is at odds on the particulars of the ceremony.

In a video captured by TMZ (below), the couple discuss their ongoing wedding plans, with the Lakers guard saying he'd like to get married in a courthouse while his fiancée would like something more extravagant. At that point, Iggy chimed in saying, "He doesn’t want to pay for shit, okay?" with Young doing very little to dispute the notion.

When Young proposed, he did so with a 8.15 carat yellow diamond reportedly worth $500,000. The Lakers swingman is currently under contract with the team through 2018, making over $5 million in each of the next three seasons. While that's far from a major contract by NBA standards, it certainly can afford the couple more than a bare bones ceremony.

Later in the clip, the cameraman asks Iggy about a beach wedding, and the rapper shoots the idea down, saying, "Hell no. People have to wear shoes." It would appear that the two have a good deal of sorting out to do if even the wedding concept is still being sorted out. One thing is for sure though, Iggy and Young are not likely to get married in secret like J. Cole did recently. The rapper's husband status was revealed inadvertently during an interview with Creed director Ryan Coogler.

Perhaps Young is waiting on a Lakers turnaround to feel better about a big ceremony. The team is currently in last place in the Western Conference with a 9-41 record.

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