YG will be on the cover of The Fader's upcoming issue, providing insight on his sophomore album Still Krazy for the magazine's cover story. But more notably, the Compton rapper went into detail about the night he was shot with writer Matthew Trammell. YG explained that he felt the shooting was an "inside" job scenario.

“That was some inside type, somebody-was-really-coming-to-get-me type shit,” YG said. “It was like n---s knew where we was at, and they was coming to do what they was supposed to do.”

Later on in the story, YG discussed how many of the people in the Los Angeles area are envious of his position.

“We ain’t gon’ speak on ‘em, we ain’t go give ‘em no fame. I ain’t gon’ shed no light on they careers, or they life, or whatever the fuck they doing,” YG said. “I feel like this: Los Angeles County is sick right now. It’s bad. Everybody mad out here right now. All the young motherfuckers, they getting money, they motivated. We had something to do with that because we came up. It brought opportunity for motherfuckers and shed more light on the West Coast. The music shit start popping again out here. We got strip clubs now, you feel me? It’s a lot of motherfuckers doing music now. It’s a lot of females becoming models and shit now. We got something to do with that. But at the same time, it’s a lot of motherfuckers that’s mad because they see what I’m doing, and they want my spot so bad.”

The YG story can be read here or when The Fader hits newsstands on Dec. 15.