There are some style items that have become universal emblems in the rap world: the gold chain, the grill, the fitted hat and more.

But when a rapper's tax bracket starts to increase and higher priced items become within reach, some rhymers will begin to include that item in their raps. This hilarious lyric off Future's smash hit album, Dirty Sprite 2, is a perfect example: "I just fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip-flops."

This fairly simple sandals are made in Italy and almost all flip-flops feature Gucci's signature green and red stripe detail. Ranging from anywhere from $160 to nearly $2,000, these babies allow any rapper to stunt in comfort.

Over the years, hip-hop stars have expressed their love for the simple yet expensive footwear. Thus, XXL rounded up some of the best "Gucci flip-flop" references. Check 'em out.


"Thought It Was A Drought"

Artist: Future
Lyric: "I just fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip-flops/I just had some bitches and I made 'em lip lock"


"Jigga That Nigga"

Artist: Jay Z
Lyric: "Yellow wrist watch, Gucci flip-flops/Six top model chicks, who is this hot?"


"Flip Flop Rock"

Artist: OutKast feat. Jay Z and Killer Mike
Lyric: "When I'm in the mood I rock the S Dot tennis shoes/At the interlude, I got the Gucci flip-flops/And I, fix it up like gin and juice when I'm them interviews/Dudes wanna know what he copped."



Artist: King Fantastic feat. Truth in Fiction
Lyric: "All that underground hip hop, all these Gucci flip-flops/Squeezing blood out of pennies, nigga every drip drop"


"Nothin 2 A Bo$$"

Artist: Yukmouth
Lyric: "What you know about a hundred on a wrist watch/Twenty on ya chicks watch/Loungin Gucci flip-flops/And I bang in the club like Rick Rock"



Artist: Method Man feat. Ghostface Killah
Lyric: "Gucci flip-flops, I box my way to the kitchen/My keys is missin', my trees is missin'/No more parties, cuz Doc need to listen"


"Winner's Circle"

Artist: EstaBoN
Lyric: "Hoes up in my draws say they wanna get a sample/They tryna' steal my balls like my dribble mishandled/Gucci flip-flops or should I say sandals/That's all she had on when I marked her walls like a vandal"


"Addicted to Rubberbands"

Artist: 2 Chainz feat. J. Hard
Lyric: "Gucci flip-flops, I got bunyons on bunyons/Yellow ring look like a funyon, or somethin'"


"The Leak"

Artist: Lil Wayne feat. Lil Twist
Lyric: "I'm in tip-top shape and my flip-flops gucci/Drinkin Saki, eating sushi with a bunch of bad groupies"


"I Can't Feel My Face"

Artist: Lil Wayne
Lyric: "I'm illie, shirt softer than Gillie/In a pair of Gucci flops/Feeling freer than Willie"


"Parkin' Lot Pimpin"

Artist: Uno the Activist feat. ThouxanbandFauni
Lyric: "Designer my linen Gucci on my slipper, Louis on my hip/handkerchief when I hiccup"