Young Scooter was arrested on Apr. 8, 2013 on a probation violation during a traffic stop and locked up for six months, at one point serving as Gucci Mane's bunkmate behind bars. Since his release from prison that October he's been a workaholic, releasing four mixtapes and counting. What's his motivation? Money. That's evident when listening to his latest project, Jug Season, which dropped in January of this year. Jug Season is a term which stands for hustlin' or for anyone about getting their money. That's a recurring theme in all of Scooter's music: Money is aways the number one objective.

It's also a focus that hasn't changed since his release; a week after he got out prison in 2013 we asked Scooter about what drives him. "My kids and all the people I got to take care of; I got to take care of a lot of people though," he said. "That’s how it is, that’s how it always been. I can’t complain or turn my back on them. I just got to go with the flow. As long as money is involved, I ain’t going to get tired."

While he was in NYC last month, Scooter sat down with XXL to discuss the meaning of Jug Season, what to expect from Married To The Streets 2 and whether or not there is such a thing as too much money. —Emmanuel C.M.


XXL: Tell me about making Jug Season. What was the meaning behind that project?
Young Scooter: I dropped that just to follow up 80’s Baby. Jug Season is year-round though. That’s just the topic of the mixtape. It’s like hustling, working; it ain’t got to be just strictly streets. You just juggling and working a nine to five and making money honestly.

When does Married To The Streets 2 drop?
That comes in May. That’s why I want to drop it the second week of May. I think that’s just going to be big for the summer. It’s that type of music. Everybody outside, everybody wants to hustle and get some money. By me dropping that close to the summer I feel like [the project] is going to ride through the summer something crazy. Every song about money.

I talked to you before right when you got out of prison at the end of 2013. I feel like money is the focus for you, money is the motive.
Yeah, money is the focus. Everybody who wants some money is going to love my music. I know everybody want money, so... [Laughs] My daughter name is Monei.

Seriously? Like Money?
Yeah, it’s a term to it but that’s what it's about.

Why the fixation on money?
Because that’s what makes the world go round. With no money there would be a lot of fucked up shit going around. The murder rate would be times the worse it ever was. Money solves a lot of shit. You’re going to need money to survive. It can never be a thing as too much money, no kind of way. That’s a question you not even supposed to ask. [Laughs] It got to be money.

I had a conversation about this recently where the notion came up about, after high-eight, nine figures; do you need any more money? Is there such a thing as this? Where money is actually a problem?
Hell yeah. You make a $100 million—I'm not saying no names but you know how many people I know that had $300 million but now don’t have $10 or a $1,000? I just put it like this: A lot of people, not rappers but athletes, get shitloads, mostly. They get the crazy checks, but they are broke as hell later. See what I’m saying? I don’t get that shit.

You think money equals happiness?
It equals happiness, but you just have to maintain it. You can’t live above your means. Even if you do got $50 million, that means your every month bills is going to be way higher. So you got to watch how you spend that money.


So tell me about the new project. Who’s on it? Who’s producing?
I don’t want to say no names, but you have Chophouze, Zaytoven, 808 Mafia, StackboyTwaun.

When did you start making that? Did that coincide with Jug Season?
I don’t even make songs and say, I’m doing this song for Jug Season or Married To The Streets 2. I just do it and whichever fits whichever mixtape then that’s how we pick the songs. I make songs every day, at least like three, four songs every day, because I don’t write no music. So it's easy for me to go into a booth and do a song. When you writing you thinking about too much shit. In the studio my mind thinks faster; I’m not trying to think about too much shit. I’m just rapping my life and what I see.

How do you think you've grown from “Columbia” to now?
Just interacting with the fans and dropping music, plus interviews and marketing myself different. Right now I feel like everything is going real good. Jug Season got my buzz up. I’m finna drop the “Pot And Stove” video I have with Boosie Badazz. I’m finna drop that in two weeks.

How'd you link with Boosie?
Just in the streets. If you’re in the streets forreal you just find another person in the streets forreal. A lot of rappers rap about the streets but they ain’t in the streets. But at the end of day it’s an entertainment business and a lot of respected rappers are entertaining.

Boosie go hard. He’s a legend in this shit. I grew up listening to Boosie, Boosie and Gucci. Just for me now being in the studio, he goes hard. He just goes to keep it real. Any Boosie verse you hear he really going to be rapping that pain and that struggle. That’s just how it goes.

How can you tell when a rapper isn’t what they rap about?
You can tell by their demeanor and the shit they say. I don’t want to get into too much detail, but that shit sound stupid. A lot of rap, you’re going to put a twist on anything, but like, these people, you know that they ain't step one foot into the trenches or around the streets. It ain’t like you got to be there. You ain't got to be from the streets to make it big.

What have you learned since your recent jail stint?
Not to mess with the court system. [Laughs]

So what’s next?
I’m doing The Streets On Life Support and I’m doing the Hector movie. I already started on the Hector movie. The first episode and commercial, I put that out already.

Did you always have an interest in films?
Not really, but being in this world, it makes you want to do that. It makes you want to keep going and not do just one thing. At the same time I can get bigger, make my stock go up. I’m acting and directing the whole thing.

Which movie is coming first?
Streets On Life Support, I want that to lead into Hector. [SONS is] just the struggle and me translating my life from then 'til now. At the end of the Streets On Life Support there will be a credit saying, "To be continued" and Hector will take over. It’s crazy. It’s partially being shot in Mexico right now.

Have you spoken to Gucci Mane recently?
I haven’t talked to Gucci recently, just through email, but he’s good, though. He’s chilling. He just writes; he's putting a lot of thoughts together. He still is dropping music. It’s like he's not locked up. He a legend out when it comes to rap.

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