On this day, Jan. 23 in hip-hop history…

The Bicycle Music Company

1989: Tone Lōc dropped his debut album, Lōc-ed After Dark on Jan. 23, 1989.

Lōc-ed After Dark was a huge critical and commercial success for the then 23-year-old L.A. rapper. The gravelly-voiced MC carved out a sound all his own thanks to the help of funk-infused bass lines and his clever art of storytelling. The record hit No. 1 on Billboard 200 in April of that year, went on to be one of the longest running No. 1 rap albums, and spawned memorable hits like “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina," songs that Tone can still perform today to a mass of fans.

After Lōc-ed After Dark was certified double platinum by RIAA, the Delicious Vinyl artist followed up with a second (and final) album in 1991, Cool Hand Lōc. Now a voice actor, fans can hear Tone’s distinct pipes as the voice behind various cartoon characters and movie theme songs like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,. But true hip-hop heads will always remember him as the Cali lyricist with a smooth style and pioneering sound.

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