Two star struck Los Angeles police officers may find themselves in hot water after a photo op with Ray J triggered an internal investigation into the lawmen's actions. According to TMZ, Ray was cruising the San Fernando Valley in his Bentley on Wednesday (August 6) when he was pulled over and accused by the officers of texting while driving and not having proper tags. After giving him a warning, the officers allegedly asked if Ray was an entertainer then requested to pose for pics (seen above). Because of the sidewalk photo shoot, the LAPD has launched an internal investigation into what went down. According to policy, officers are not permitted to take pictures with citizens who they have given a pass to.

This recent encounter with the fuzz pales in comparison to Brandy's little brother's last run in with the law. Ray reportedly kicked out the window of a squad car after being taken into custody following allegations that he inappropriately touched a woman at a Beverly Hills hotel.

[via TMZ]