Well, damn. After calling out Soulja Boy for donning fake jewelry, Gillie Da Kid was hit with a barrage of shots on Twitter by Mr. "Crank That" for his online assault on the young rapper. Soulja Boy went on Twitter and said he would slap Gillie Da Kid for his remarks. This obviously didn't sit well with Gillie. In an interview with Forbez DVD, the rapper went on a vicious tirade and said he would put SB in a hospital for his reckless talking.

“Man came on Twitter and said he’d slap me. So I found that amusing, considering that if you slap me, what hospital’s going to put your f**king hands back on,” said Gillie. “But then he call up n***as behind closed doors and try and get n***gas to squash it.”

Gillie would then offer Soulja Boy a chance to escape his wrath, if he elected to give a public apology on Twitter.

When asked he thought perhaps that Soulja Boy was hacked, Gillie responded by saying: “He better. He better be hacked before I catch his ass and hack him. I already know that was cocaine, so if he apologize Ima let it go.”

Check out the video above. In the meantime, for you Gillie fans, check out his newest video with Jadakiss off his King Of Philly 3 mixtape.