Joe Budden, "N.B.A. (Never Ballin' Again)"

Rapper: French Montana
Lyric: "Deuce beats my shades/Clear ice they skate/LeBron James on that break/Real estate with that lake"

Normally, a lot of artists releases duds as singles. French Montana was honest enough to admit his blunder, when he released his second single, "Freaks", which featured Nicki Minaj on his his first album, Excuse My French. During his interview with Billboard, he spoke on his mistake, and how he learned from it.

"When you go to the club and every record they’re playing is yours, you try to go left, and I made that mistake," he said regarding the reggae-inspired single "Freaks." "Jay Z told me he once made that same mistake too. Your first album you never know what’s going on with the business and labels. The second one you’re like, ‘F— this.’ You get the ball in your own court," said French.

Montana is currently mapping out his sophomore endeavor, Mac & Cheese, which spawns the DJ-Mustard single, "Don't Panic."