With Jeezy on a heavy promo run for his upcoming album, Seen It All, the questions surrounding his relationship wtih Freddie Gibbs have been abundant. Jeezy has not shied away from the questions and claims that he no longer wanted to invest in Gangsta Gibbs because he wasn't seeing a return on the investment. The Snowman also went as far as blaming Gibbs for messing up his relationship with Eminem.

Early this morning, Gibbs went up to Hot 97 to sit down with the "Ebro In The Morning Show" and spoke his peace on everything Jeezy has been saying about him.

"I have a respect for Young Jeezy," Gibbs started. "But the reason things didn't work out for me and Young Jeezy was because our approach to the industry...My approach to the industry was a tad bit different than his. I wanted to approach my career a different way, he wanted to go a different way...The reason I lashed out with the records and words I said was truly because of what was said yesterday....He made it seem like he saved some little poor Gary boy to the rap game. That wasn't the case. Before I got with Young Jeezy I was on the cover of XXL. Before I got with Young Jeezy I was on tour."

In response to Jeezy's claim that he put up between 300 and 400 thousand dollars to support Gibbs, Freddie responded, "I didn't take a dollar from Young Jeezy. That 300k, 400k thing, that's a total lie. I never took a dollar from Young Jeezy. No advance, nothing."

Gibbs also addressed the Eminem situation, "How did I mark your relationship with Eminem? I didn't do anything of the sort. I wasn't involved in that whole process. [Jeezy] brought a song to me and asked me to get on it, and I got on it...I actually, honestly, was against it. I didn't want to get on the Eminem song because that isn't the approach I wanted...For one, I didn't like the song. I didn't want to get on it...I told him I didn't want to get on it. I'm not really comfortable with being on songs with cats I don't really know. To me, it looked kind of thirsty, like I was reaching...I didn't want to take that approach with my career."

The former XXL Freshman continued to address everything Jeezy has said about him, his hometown of Gary, Indiana and spit a vicious freestyle around the 20-minute mark.