Update (Sept. 24, 6:37 p.m.): Fashawn announced via Twitter that The Ecology release date is pushed back

The original release date was Sept. 30.

Before signing with Nas’ label Mass Appeal, Fashawn was once scouted by Def Jam. The rapper revealed to HipHopDX that he met with the label shortly before the dropping his debut album in 2009, only to be told not to sign with them.

“I went up to New York, flew up to New York, Boy Meets World era,” said Fash. “I think this is before the album came out. I was at the Def Jam offices, they invited me up to the Def Jam office. I’m walking through, I’m just looking at the history of Def Jam: LL Cool J, DMX, Hov, Nas, you name it. They invited me just to tell me that I shouldn’t sign with them, that I should not sign with Def Jam. I’m not gonna name any names specifically of who told me that but they invited me and said like, ‘You’re an artist of quality and you’re like a really innovative artist. We’re all big fans of you in the office, but don’t come over here,’ basically. That was just the weirdest thing ever to me. I don’t know.”

It seems as if things worked out for the best. Back in July he admitted that he had given up on rap until Nas called him. The 2010 XXL Freshman plans to drop his next LP, The Ecology on Sept. 30.