Last night as the world watched to the fourth day of protests in Ferguson, MO in reaction to the death of unarmed teenager Mike Brown, Twitter was alive with people sharing their views. Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) was among them. In one of the more interesting responses Glover launched into a Twitter rant that reads almost like a poem. He seemed to subtly attack the underlying racism that many believe to be the root of the unrest by saying he wanted to be a white rapper.

"I want to be so white and so big that I get (to) eat dinner with the koch brothers" he wrote. "I wanna be so white that i can have a number one song with cursing and parents are fine with it."

He continued on "i want to be so big and white that people are scared. “what if this spreads? what if everyone starts to get big and white? what if this works for everyone and everyone can experience this whiteness and this bigness?” i hope i become too big and too white. but i am just a black male. i am a nigga."

He ended the series of tweets saying "twitter activism is wack. marches don't work anymore. police need to wear recording devices."

Glover is not alone when it comes to speaking out about the Brown case. Recently rapper/producer David Banner to discuss it as a part of a panel on CNN.

Check out his timeline below: