50 Cent can't even walk through the mall no more.

According to a report from TMZ, Fif and his bodyguard were walking through the Burbank Town Center on Sunday when Lazzeri Frazier and his son attempted to get cell phone video footage of the MC. 50 Cent's bodyguard allegedly grabbed the cellphone out of Frazier's hand and Frazier responded with a verbal confrontation. The bodyguard then apparently shoved Frazier and the two began to fight. When Frazier's 16 year-old-son intervened to break up the fight, Fif's bodyguard punched the teenager in the face.

The report says that the bodyguard fled the scene by the time the police showed up. 50 Cent refused to speak to the cops but witnesses in the area gave the police the full story. The case is being sent over to prosecutors but 50 cent is not a suspect.