Wiz Khalifa stood up for Young Thug and thinks he probably didn't have anything to do with "1017 Thug 2" cover. Watch the interview with Vlad TV above.

UPDATE: It looks like Wiz Khalifa noticed also


In just about every artist interview the question is asked "Who were your inspirations?" And since Young Thug's latest street album cover hit the internets, its going to be tough for the ATL rapper to deny Wiz Khalifa's influence. For reasons yet unexplained Young Thug's 1017 Thug 2 has a picture that clearly appears to be YT's face photoshopped onto Taylor Gang boss's body. With the exception of some shading it remains the same pic, even down to the tattoos. No word from either camp on their thoughts about this gift to the meme creating gods of the internet.