10 Crazy Things Rappers Have Posted Online

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  • Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.50.02 PM
    When Chief Keef said his new mixtape would "raise the murder rate" on Instagram.
  • Insta8_05 6.30.00 PM
    When 50 Cent called SBOE a bunch or rats on Instagram.
  • Kanye-Kimmel-Rant
    When Kanye went in on Jimmy Kimmel in an infuriated Twitter rant.
  • Gucci_Rant
    When Gucci called out basically everyone in the music industry then gave this bizarre apology.
  • Hopsin-Rant
    When Hopsin threatened suicide due to problems with his label.
  • Kanye-Dick-Pick
    When Kanye's infamous "dic-pic" popped up on the net.
  • Chris-Brown-Green-Costume
    When Chris Brown posted the ill fitted green Halloween costume.
  • Nicki-Minaj-Costume
    When Nicki Minaj showed off her overly sexy 2013 Halloween Costume
  • wyclef-bike
    When Wyclef's infamous Bike Pic popped up on the web.
  • soulja-boy-e1363979158976
    When Soulja Boy petitioned to keep Lean on the market.

From nude pics to unexpected rants, you never know what exactly a day will hold in the online realm of hip-hop. Check out “10 Crazy Things Rappers Have Posted Online.”

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