Chief Keef's fast lifestyle has caught up to him once again. An arrest warrant was issued for the Chicago rapper, this time in reference to his $10K in back child support.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Judge Maureen P. Feerick issued the warrant for Keef after he did not show up for a hearing on alleged back child support. The Chi-town rapper reportedly owes over $10K to the mother of his 17-month-old daughter, Erica Early.

Early spoke to the The Chicago Tribune revealing that although Keef made payments at the beginning of the year, he has yet to catch up on the hefty amount. Blaming his lifestyle for the current situation, Early said, "“I guess since he’s living the lifestyle that he’s living, that you know, right now he probably don’t care about it too much."

Chief Keef is also currently in the middle of another child support battle with his second child's mother.