What's done in the dark will eventually come to light. If you are a battle rapper, chances are your ill deeds will be illuminated in the middle of the rap ring. Case in point, Loaded Lux, who was put on front street during his recent Total Slaughter battle by Murda Mook who let the crowd hear a snippet of an unreleased song where Lux dissed Busta Rhymes and Meek Mill. The ploy won over the crowd and Busta, who was in attendance, even though the audio was difficult to hear. An HD quality version of the snippet Mook played during the battle recently hit the Internet. In the song, reportedly titled "Burning Bridges," Lux raps “Tell Busta bust it,” Loaded Lux says on the track. “Your rhyme’s busted/ As far as busters, I just seen a knock out artist/ You ain’t on the upper-cut in it.”

Mook recently teamed up with Busta for his single "I Aint One Of Them N-gg-z.

Check out the snippet of Lux's unearthed diss, above.

[via ForbezDVD]