Apparently, somebody was a fan of Shaq's rapping ability. After dropping a quick freestyle for Pharrell in hopes of getting on the soundtrack for NBA 2K15, it appears that the Diesel still has some fans, more notably, Russell Simmons. TMZ spotted Simmons and asked which athlete he would have worked with back in the day.

"I wished I worked with Shaquille [O'Neal] earlier on as a rapper," said Simmons walking out in New York City.

When asked if he would of signed the big man, the Co-founder of Def Jam  said yes.

If you remember, Shaq used to get busy back in the day on the mic. He even laced a track with the Notorious B.I.G, entitled, "Can't Stop the Reign." Shaq did finish his career with one platinum and one gold album. Maybe he could have been special under the tutelage of Simmons.