Roscoe Dash knows things that other people don’t, and he’s made a living off of most of it. We recognized it first with 2010's "All the Way Turnt Up," when he had the foresight to popularize a terminology that became ubiquitous not just in rap, but in pop culture at large. Next we saw it with his penchant for a songwriting ability that our favorite rappers coveted. Another thing he knew that other people didn’t, were his writing credits, which he was more than happy air out on Twitter (just ask Meek Mill).

Though extremely divisive in appeal, Roscoe was followed by a buzz that was building to a cacophony. He was at The Mercer with Kanye West, on the 2012 XXL Freshmen cover, and he was hip-hop's go-to hooksmith. And then? Silence. He left his fans, and plenty of haters, with a question that once again only he knew the answers to: “Where is Roscoe Dash?”

It’s a sentiment that’s been so universally expressed that Roscoe recently turned #WHERESROSCOE into not only an interactive marketing campaign, but the basis for his next tour. Back this time as Roscoe 2.0 (consider him the new software after the reboot), he’s again making a move to capitalize off of the knowledge he has and that others want. He dropped his self-produced single “Right Now” earlier this month, and he’s poised to release a dual documentary/mixtape project that sheds light on his role in the game. The question then becomes how exactly he’ll be received in an unforgiving industry that values consistent output as a core tenant.

We spoke to Roscoe 2.0 about why thinks he’s finally ready to do what he set out to do years ago.—Rachel Chesbrough