While rap is a form of expression, a lot of artists of have been tapping into a different forms of art as of late. A few weeks ago, Tyga revealed his love for painting. Now, Macklemore is the next artist to showcase his appreciation for the arts through graffiti.

Before Macklemore performed in front of his biggest crowd to date—37,000 to be exact—in Dublin, he was given the opportunity by The Bernard Shaw to tag up their walls with some graffiti. Many of his fans gushed over his artistic savvy and even compared his work to the great Picasso (stretch?). Take a gander and determine that for yourself. His fans realized the correlation because the nose of the person he painted mirrored Picasso's cubist subjects.

To finish his piece, Macklemore spray painted "Macklemore, 37,000, Marlay Park, Dublin 2014."