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Photography By: Lauren Gesswein

Juicy J came to NYC looking for a turn up and created one of his own at Terminal 5 in New York City last night (July 22). Performing hits from his days with Three 6 Mafia, as well as his own records off his album Stay Trippy, Juicy had the hall crunk even after he left the stage.

Juicy wasn’t alone in creating the “turnt up” vibes last night. Jamaica Queens native Grafh took the stage and left a very good first impression. With a few quotables from “Don’t Know How to Act” and “Like Me” featuring Wiz Khalifa, those who never heard his music surely downloaded a tape or two after the show.

New York was in the building heavy last night, especially when Vinny Cha$e and Kid Art hit the stage along with their crew. “How many of y’all like kicks,” asked V. Cha$e as he began throwing sneakers into the crowd. Along with Kid Art, they kicked off the set with “Belong to the City,” and kept the crowd going with “5 Star Hotel” and their recent track, “Facetime”.

Moving along with the show, Juicy J came out and gave a more than solid performance. Starting the set with “Holy Ghost,” “You Don’t Know” and “Word on the Town,” Juicy made it very clear he came to party. Throughout the entire show he was yelling for the crowd to make noise and get louder. With all the love in the air, he felt right at home when “Smokin Rollin” and “All I Blow is Loud” kicked off. Ten minutes into the show Juicy decided to introduce himself, telling all those who bang with him to make themselves known.

With the background music on low, Juicy gave the crowd a chance to rap along with him as he performed his verse on Katy Perry's smash hit “Dark Horse.” That served as the cue to turn up, as “Bandz” and “Scholarship” followed.

“How many people know the history of Juicy J?" said Juicy. "What y’all know about that Three 6 Mafia?” From that moment on Juicy took us back to the 2000s, with “Poppin My Collar,” “Sippin’ on Some Syrup,” “Slob on My Knob” and of course “Stay Fly.”

For the entire set—which was much longer than one would have expected—Juicy had the crowd hype as he took everyone down memory lane. For over two decades he has seen success with Three 6 Mafia and as an individual artist. He even took a moment to ask the crowd if he should quit. That thought was quickly put to rest, as he ended his performance with “We in this Bxtch” and “Show Out.”

I mean, if he did retire, who would supply the world with ratchet music?Aicha Forbes-Diaby