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Dame Dash has never been one to hold his tongue throughout his long, illustrious career in the music industry, but even as the former Roc-A-Fella co-founder moves into his 40s, he still hasn't mellowed out. In 2014 alone, he's been in the headlines plenty of times for having no mercy and taking shots at those who he feels have wronged him, his associates, or the culture he represents. Whether it's the tabloid media in New York City, high-ranking executives within the music industry, the public faces of NYC hip-hop radio or even Jay Z, here are 14 times Dame Dash has thrown shade around in the first six months of 2014. It's gonna be a hot summer.

Jay Z Dame Dash

Jan. 8
Targets: Jay Z, Lyor Cohen and John Meneilly
In an interview with Details magazine, Dame is asked about Jay Z's new lifestyle, and he criticizes both Jay and the people who are around him. Comparing Jay to a hypothetical girl in a relationship, Dame said, "It’s like saying, I used to mess with a girl, and before I used to mess with her, she was mediocre. But because she started messing with me, I taught her things. I dressed her, and then I taught her how to have a career." Later, going at Hov's business associates, Dash said, "Those people are corny. You think I’m rolling to a club with Lyor Cohen or John Meneilly?" later adding, “No disrespect to Jay—but every single person I see hanging around him is making money off him. They all conform so they can eat off him.’”

dame dash

Mar. 17
Target: New York Daily News
After a hearing in his court case, Dame loses his cool with a reporter from the New York Daily News, calling the paper a "racist Republican paper" that never writes positive stories about black men. "I know it’s killing you that Obama’s in office," he told the reporter. "I know it’s killing you and I know it’s killing you that you went to a college to write for a paper that’s not credible. Period."

dame dash rapfix

Apr. 3
Target: Former Roc-A-Fella associates
Speaking with Sway on MTV's Rapfix, Dame sprayed shots that weren't directed at any one individual, but more for some of his old unnamed Roc-A-Fella associates, claiming that not enough people support his old business partner Kareem "Biggs" Burke, one of the three founders of the Roc in addition to Dame and Jay Z. Biggs has been in prison since 2012 after being sentenced to five years for conspiracy to distribute over 100 kilos of marijuana. “I’m not too satisfied with the support of other people that he’s looked out for over the years," Dame said. "I’m not happy with that…I’m really disappointed in the core of people." Later, when asked if his shots were directed at Jay, Dame said, "If I have an issue with Jay, I’ll step to Jay about it. But my point is overall, it ain’t Jay; it’s a lot of people that I saw him look out for."

50 cent steve stoute

Apr. 21
Steve Stoute
Over a month after 50 Cent and Steve Stoute traded verbal barbs over an interview Stoute gave in February, Dash took to Instagram to side with 50 and to warn rappers about Stoute's reputation. “Ha!…Steve Stoute stays getting punked," Dash wrote. "But I have to agree with 50 on this one…he is one of the most dangerous people in our culture…he makes artist from our culture make themselves corny by working for corperate so he can personally gain…he’s wack and he makes everyone around him look wack…beware.”

solange dame atrak

May 12
Jay Z
Shortly after the video of Jay Z's fight with Solange came to light, Dame posted a photo on Instagram of his daughter, A-Trak and Solange with the caption, "Forgot about this one @ava_dash @atrak and solange …I am actually impressed with her independent spirit… She seems like a fighter #festivallife." Two weeks later, he gave an interview where he described the fight as "funny." "Jay is the kind of guy you don’t see moving like that," Dame said. "So when it’s not that cool looking, it’s going to be kicks. I also feel like nobody teases Jay except me."

lyor cohen

May 17
Lyor Cohen
Yet another Instagram shot, this one at Lyor Cohen, who Dame called out for robbing the culture once again. "There are a list of dudes that make money off our culture and can't make money off of there own," Dash wrote in his post. "I think it's time for them to get called out...I've watched them Rob creatives for years and have that nerve not to pay are culture any respect... And nobody says a word because of fear... And I have none of him and never have."

barry accountant

May 29
Target: Accountant Barry Klarberg
Dame's old accountant, Klarberg was put on blast as the man in charge of Dash's money when he was audited by the IRS in 2011, which led to his nearly $3 million tax debt. "This is Barry klarberg...he was my accountant when all those taxes didn't get paid," Dash wrote on Instagram. "The funny thing is I was paying him 250 grand a year to watch my money...oh also he took a million dollars out of my account from the Rocwear deal without telling me...he's been robbing our culture for years." He then took another dig at the Daily News, saying, "Ive been suing [Klarberg] and company for 5 years but the post and daily news never talk about that..."

joie manda

June 3
Target: Joie Manda
Again using his favorite mode of shade-tossing, Instagram, Dame posted a lengthy caption underneath a photo of former Def Jam President and current exec at Interscope, Joie Manda, calling him a "culture vulture." "I’m not even going to give him the respect of calling him any type of ceo," Dash wrote. "Hes is like the culture vultures Dimwitted assistant that does what he’s told [sic]… I’m putting him on blast because I’ve personally witness him start war between two creatives from the same culture so he could benifit… Which is what they always do… Divide and conquer… You would think when 2 young guys have a problem with each other the older guy would sit them in a room and squash it… These guys promote it and make money of the winner… They could care less if somebody dies or get hurt.. As long as they make money off it..." He also blamed Manda for the schism that led to the $1.5 million lawsuit between Dash and Curren$y over Spitta's music that was not supposed to be released.

funkmaster flex instagram

June 5
Funkmaster Flex, Joie Manda and Lyor Cohen
Two days after calling out Manda on Instagram, Dame directed his onslaught towards Funkmaster Flex, claiming the DJ won't speak to him in person but will speak on him on the air after Flex defended Manda on Hot 97. He then expanded the jabs to Manda and Lyor Cohen, saying, "You nerds have been making money from rap beef for years which makes our culture look stupid so why not engage in #ceobeef?… Pause …because all three of you know I will expose your intellect and the whole world will see exactly how smart you lames really are#dontgetscared.”

That same day, Flex addressed some of what he thought was wrong with Dash, including refusing to pay Curren$y and allegedly owing Beanie Sigel $11 million, and saying Dash is blackballed from the industry.

funkmaster flex joie manda

June 6
Target: Ebro Darden of Hot 97 and Todd Moscowitz
After Flex had his say, Dash brought up his Program Director Ebro in a conversation with Combat Jack, calling him "safe" and saying that Ebro and Flex are trying to protect Hot 97 when they have no stake in its future since it's owned by a company separate from the culture. "[Ebro]'s told what to do," Dame said. "He’s told to protect something that he doesn’t own. His mentality is completely different than Chuck D’s. Chuck D is a man that fights for freedom. He fights for what he believes in." The same day, Dame called out Todd Moscowitz, another music executive who works closely with Lyor Cohen, and added him to the list of people he doesn't respect.

ebro instagram

June 9
Target: Hot 97 and Ebro
Dame puts Ebro's face on blast on his Instagram, saying he's going to call out whoever tells Ebro what to do and offering to do an interview on Hot 97 to clear the air if Ebro would return the favor on Dame's own Poppington TV. "This is @djfunkflex boss @ebroski I guess since @djfunkflex won't be man enough to just have a public discussion and @ebroski seems to have a opinion I'm calling you out," Dame wrote. "I think you guys are scared... Stop letting your publicist tell y'all what to do...man up... Keep it intelligent for the cultures sake...A lot of people are watching."

joie manda combat jack

June 17
Combat Jack and Joie Manda
Less than two weeks after his lengthy interview with Combat Jack, Dame called out Jack for having Manda on his show, calling him "a victim of a culture vulture" and saying he'll never give Jack an interview again. "So disappointed in @combatjackshow for this lame interview but hearing this culture vulture lie was pretty funny they only spent 5 min of the whole interview addressing my concerns which was the only reason he was up there in the first place," Dame wrote on Instagram. "Such a lame thing to do to your fans @combatjackshow hope you enjoyed our interview cause it won't ever happen again...your now a victim of a culture vulture...look how cool they look by the way...I'm done with this lame whoever has to work under him should be laughing at him in front of him....he deserves to be treated like a liar... He cant remember is to funny to me he had the nerve to say that with a straight face."

dame dash vlad tv

June 23
Target: Joie Manda and Ebro
Dame gave another interview to VladTV where he said that he's buried his beef with Funk Flex, but egged on two of his other frequent targets, calling Joie Manda a "herb" and expressing his disappointment in Ebro. “It always was good,” Dame said about his conflict with Ebro. ”I just wanted to have a conversation. I was looking forward to having an intellectual debate with Ebro, but he just quit. He threw the white flag out.”

dame dash vlad tv

June 30
Lyor Cohen
Though he dropped his beef with Funk Flex, Dame is keeping his sights set on Lyor Cohen, whose new company 300 is beginning to make bigger and bigger waves in the hip-hop world. “My beef was with Lyor 'cause I think he’s a fake CEO and he’s fronting on my culture,” Dame told VladTV. “But he can’t front on anybody else. And I’m calling him out publicly. And I want him to stop trying to rape my culture. Go make some money with some other people. Like stop having your agenda be hip hop.” But Dame wasn't done there; he continued to go at Cohen, pinning the collapse of Roc-A-Fella squarely on the music exec's shoulders. ”I’ve never had beef with Jay," Dame said. "[It] was always with Lyor and his whole crew. He’s on the one that ruined Roc-A-Fella.”

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