Photo Credit: Lauren Gesswein


After cashing on an epic deal with Epic—all pun intended—Bobby Shmurda is ready to prove that he isn't simply a one hit wonder. Arguably the hottest rapper in New York, Bobby Shmurda has people mesmerized with his single "Hot N***a" and his Schmoney Dance. He has received co-signs from a slew of big name artists including Jay Z, Beyonce, Meek Mill and more, Now, he wants to continue to give his fans more music to bop to and enjoy. He sat down with the Village Voice and explained his desire to be the people's champ in music.

"When I made $3000 off rap in a week doing shows. My fans show the love. I do it for the people. Last year, I ain't really care about it at first. I kept doing for the people because they said, 'We need more songs.' I be on the block and they be giving money, 'Go to the studio. Go to the studio.'"