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“Just Have Fun”


Song: Drake "Own It"
Lyric: "Niggas talk more than bitches these days/And the new drugs got a nigga trippy these days!"


Drake is having a little fun before kicking off Houston Appreciation Weekend. After showing off his comic skills on SNL, he allowed himself to be the center of a good laugh by linking back up with cast member Vanessa Bayer to gain some not so helpful career tips.

On the latest episode of the Above Average webseries Sound Advice Bayer (playing media coach Janessa Slater) offers up Drake some interesting guidance by asking a series of randomly akwkard questions in reference to some of his lyrics.

Bayer's funny interview included her suggesting that the OVO head change his stage name to “Graham Cracka” and suggesting he get on "J-Date." In addition the comedian asked him if he had really brought "whole team" with him to the top (as he suggests in "Started From the Bottom") and makes an awkwardly attempt to define "YOLO." (As Drake notes, the acronym doesn't stand for "You Are Lying Always.")

Watch below as Bayer give Drake some "sound advice" on dating, music and more.