UPDATE:  Migos will drop their album Y.R.N. 2  around Thanksgiving. The Atlanta trio stopped by XXL to share some information on the release date for their highly anticipated debut. "Y.R.N. 2 is going to come out around the winter time," says Quavo.  "As soon as the winter hit." Adds OffSet, "Around Thanksgiving."

Migos dropped their latest mixtape Streets On Lock 3, with frequent collaborator Rich The Kid in April and was featured on Justin Bieber new record "Looking For You.”

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Migos have tons of new material down the pipeline in 2014. "We got a studio in the mansion so we working non-stop," TakeOff boasts.

Speaking with XXL during Noisey's Brisk Bodega at SXSW, the Atlanta trio behind “Versace” are hard at work making sure that their fans have a steady supply of music. Slated for this year is Quality Control Music's Solid Foundation 2 compilation and what is shaping to be their debut album set to release this summer.

“It gonna be an album. We ain’t gonna drop no tape. We don’t need no major for it, nah mean?” OffSet says. “We gonna drop Y.R.N. 2, the album, and everything gonna be crazy. Just how we always do.” Quavo adds, “We like 10 songs in. But that’s all you need for an album these days. But, we are gonna take it back to the ‘90s. We might load up 20 songs like how we did with No Label 2.

Migos have worked with the likes of Drake, Meek Mill, French Montana on a number of mixtape cuts. On the follow-up to their explosive debut, they are implementing an open invitation for anyone who wants to get in the studio with them. “We willing to work with anybody that wants to work with us. It’s open arms. It ain’t no hating on no situation,” OffSet says. “We like to get money. Whoever wants to work with us and make some money, let’s do it.”

Look out for Y.R.N. 2 in the coming months.

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